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  1. Siemens HMI tp1200 smart server activate

    I'm not sure that you can activate Smart Server without the original project file, because the selection is in the hardware config of the HMI, in the project.
  2. Siemens HMI tp1200 smart server activate

    Update the HMI project to TIA v15 then you don't need a license for the Smart Server, you just activate it and it works.
  3. How do I enter value into Dint tag?

    Depends what version of TIA you are using. From v16 -> you can just double click on the monitor value and it opens a box where you can change the value. You can also use the VAT table to write the individual bits of the tag.
  4. Error 288:47 Fail to online monitor s7 400 CPU

    If you are using a PC Adapter, it's not only a "MPI Cable" is't a lot more. Test with those settings, the are the standard setting for Profibus. You can check the setting of the PROFIBUS: Master system, and see what the transmission rate is, so you can select the same from PG/PC interface.
  5. Error 288:47 Fail to online monitor s7 400 CPU

    You CPU has a Profibus network, and you are trying to use MPI to connect. Choose PC Adapter DP (Profibus) for the interface. The transmission rate, start with 1,5mb,
  6. Siemens Logo PLC

    Page 75 of this PDF, you can find the info.   LOGO!Soft Comfort Online Help
  7. Siemens Logo PLC

    The Logo manual will give you all the info you need.
  8. Siemens Logo PLC

    LOGO! Soft Comfort V8.2 SP1 (download, notes, instructions)
  9. Global DB to output string

    I would try to create the visualization by BYTES, so one BYTE tag for each character place in the string. Seems like that HMI can't use String directly, because you need to use absolute addressing. If you use DBD extensio, that occupies 4 Bytes, so 4 characters only.   Btw, if you don't define a maximum lenght for the string in Siemens, it will be 255 characters.
  10. Global DB to output string

    I have no idea what HMI that is, so hard to help. In a Siemens HMI, you just drag-and-drop the PLC tag to the HMI, and you're all done. Might be that you need to show the string as Bytes of character on that HMI, if it doesn't support String format. Siemens String has the first 2 bytes ( byte 0 and 1) informin the lenght of the string and how many character there are. So byte 2 -> is the actual characters of the String.
  11. Global DB to output string

    I don't follow what you are trying to do. If you have a string in a DB, you can directly use it your HMI. You can't move a String to a Memory tag.
  12. Siemens TIA Portal 16 Graph Language

    You need to have a 1500 series PLC, to use GRAPH
  13. Here's a screenshot of one of the parameter pages, look what i have marked there.
  14. Are you using the DGB to commission the drive? I would suggest you to use Movitools software from SEW do to commissioning of the drive. It's a lot easyer to commission with that software. Disable the fieldbus from parameters. Here's a complete manual for the device: MOVIDRIVE® compact System Manual
  15. Read the manual, the control types are explained there, and what parameters you need to set to control it through the terminals.