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  1. FX1N

    So it is a timing issue. You could try the "Pulse Catch" function see image.
  2. FX1N

    It sounds more like a load problem on the 5th output not allowing it to operate correctly! Can you connect a temporary load to it as well as to your PLC input to test? (You may need to connect a "free wheel" diode across the load as well) Or an oscilloscope on the 5th output to see the time of the pulse?
  3. FX1N

    So its a reverse jet cleaning system. There may not be enough "load" on the PLC input for the 5th solenoid output to operate correctly OR the pulse is too short. Can you not use the relay alarm contacts??  
  4. FX1N

    Are you using the same PLC at home as at work (with exact same program)? What creates the pulse on the input X0 at work? If from a seperate system make sure the 0V is common to both.
  5. FX1N

    One thing to consider is the time between X0 turning on. If the delay between operations of X0 turning on is less than your T0 Timer value then the timer would never time out. (as it restarts every time X0 (M1) turns on and then off)
  6. FX1N

    How long is the input X0 on for, during normal operation? Have you connected the S/S terminal correctly for Sink or Source input connections?
  7. FX1N

    Download a simple program to test the hardware, something like X0 = Y0. If this works ok then it is your program, Like Goran said - can you post your program?
  8. TP 700 WT

    Have you a picture of the back of the TP ??
  9. TP 700 WT

    Have you tried a factory reset? Look here -

    Have you any screen shots of this software? Have you have any files that have the extension .S5D ?
  11. E1101

    What software and cable is required to upload from a E1101 HMI? E designer 7 ?? Thanks
  12. S7-200 programming/replacement

    Correct.   FYI - here is a link to the S7 200 manual with details of all the cards etc. S7-200 Programmable Controller ( Page 416 for details of the EM231 showing DIP switches that may need adjusting on any replacement module. As Joe E said - it is worrying why anyone would be looking at a digital output module if the problem is with an analog input module?
  13. S7-200 programming/replacement

    Ah ok - as per Joe E this makes sense now. Yes I would change the EM 231 module first and see what happens. as already stated you cannot just move the wiring to a spare analog input without changing the program,
  14. S7-200 programming/replacement

    Is this the correct part number? I cannot find it on the Siemens web site or in the S7 200 manual. The nearest I can find is 6ES7 222-1BF22-0XA0 The EM 222 is a digital output module. How is the atmospheric pressure connected and displayed??
  15. S7-200 programming/replacement

    So he did not actually go online to check the values being seen at the analog input by the CPU? (and everything else works ok?)