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  1. SIMATIC S7-300 training kit STOP LED blinking

    Have you carried out a reset as described in this link??  
  2. S5 Program

    It would have been better to start a new topic. However here is the description of first part, hope it helps? C DB 61          Open Data Block 61 L PW 160          Load PW 160 L KF +4096        Load 4096 Into Accumulator -F                      Take away 4096 from PW 160 T DW 1              Transfer result to DW1 L KF +14600      Load 14600 Into accumulator memory >F                       and compare DW 1 for greater than 14600 = F 115.2            If it is turn on F 115.2 A F 115.2            AND F115.2 L KT 015.2        Load timer value 015.2 into T92 SD T 92            Start T92 A T 92                When timer 92 times out S F 105.3           Set F105.3 A F 105.3        And F105.3 = Q 11.2         Turn on Q11.2 L DW 1                 Load DW 1 L KF +10000        Load 10000 <F                        If DW 1 is less than 10000 R F 105.3             Reset F105.3 So if the analog input is greater than 14600 start timer T92. If timer T92 times out SET F105.2 and turn on output Q11.2
  3. Tia Portal Program Upload Error

    Have a look at this, it might help  
  4. Global DB to output string

    hati posted the above, which means -  From your screen shot your "base address" is DB1.DBW0 So Byte 0 AND Byte1 (DB1.DBW0) will be the String length and number of characters. Your address in the HMI should start with DB1.DBW2 (Start of string).
  5. Global DB to output string

    Db1.DBB 0 = Byte 0 DB1.DBB 1 = Byte 1 DB1.dbw0 = Byte 1 AND Byte 1 DB1.DBW2 = Byte 2 AND Byte 3 In your screenshot you show the address as DBxDBW10001 which (in Siemens notation) = DB1.DBW1, which is DB1.DBB1 AND DB1.DBB2
  6. Global DB to output string

    What software is this?? Also try DB1.DBW2. The (so called) help file says shift 2 bytes, you have only moved 1 byte !!!
  7. Global DB to output string

    From your screen shots it looks like you are using "Optimised" DB for your strings where it looks like the HMI is looking for "physical addresses" in the DB - ie non optimised blocks. Right click on your DB, select Properties then select Attributes. You will see a tick box for optimised block access.
  8. Try the attached (V15 Archive). (No Guarantee)  Test_Ramp_1_1.zap15 Ramp.pdf
  9. S135U R Processor QVZ Fault

    The value that is in the parameter =ADPR is incremented by 11 to give the end address of the indirect transfer. Yes it could be the backplane.   Can you go online and check that the inputs from the cards can be seen??
  10. S135U R Processor QVZ Fault

    The QVZ error bit is usually a Timeout during data exchange with I/Os STP-BEF Stop operation: - stop mode caused by STEP 5 operation "STP" -stop mode after stop command from system program, if error -organization block is not programmed NEUZU COLD RESTART  permitted (STOP) or COLD RESTART was permitted when the last RESTART took place (RESTART/RUN) MWA-ZUL MANUAL WARM RESTART permitted (STOP) or COLD RESTART was permitted when the last RESTART took place (RESTART/RUN) OB1GEL Organization block OB 1 is loaded in the user memory. Cyclic program execution is determined by OB 1 OBWECK Time interrupt organization block loaded, i.e. time-driven program execution is possible EPROM User memory submodule is an EPROM The stop error is caused by QVZ - ie - no data exchange with i/o's, possibly a programmed i/o that does not exist? - faulty i/o  card? power supply problem on i/o cards? - check all the i/o cards for data exchange, power supplies etc. In the FB 5 there is some "indirect" addressing transfers going on - LW =ADPR I 11 (Increment by 11, ( end address of the source area) L KH EEF8 (end address of destination area) TNB 7 (Transfer 7 Bytes of data. (I think - it has been a long time since I have used S5).
  11. I normally program Siemens but have to modify a Compactlogix soon, what software is required please? See image for part number. (1769-L18ER-BB1B) Thanks  
  12. S7 Modbus with Nicotra Gebhardt fans

    What is the value in the "Status" tag?
  13. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    Just remember that if you modify the monitor value and then YOU re-initialize the DB then the "START VALUE" will becomes active again. ie the "Start value" is moved into the "Monitor value".
  14. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    This is the DB shown "OFFLINE", now go online and monitor the values.   Now right click on the monitor value and select modify operand In this example I entered 15 As you can see the actual value is now 15, but the start value is still 10 - as it is its "initial value" The program will use 15 (ie the monitor value).  
  15. Data Block storage in simulation mode

    Have you re-initialised the DB ?