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  1. Siemens FB900 ModbusPN

    Whilst using the Siemens ModbusPN and associated Modbus_Param DB how do you get the 8 different modbus Data Areas (Data_Typ, DB, Start_addr, End_Addr) "to connect" to FB900    
  2. FX3U (le3u) countdown timer?

    This may help- However you may have to create a 1 minute pulse and count up to your required time - 13hrs = 780 minutes etc
  3. S7-200 Smart Analaog input problem

    All the information is contained  in the S7-200 Smart System manual. Possible faults are = loss of 24V DC, Overflow or undeflow ?? But checkout the manual sections C & D for diagnostic information.  
  4. Non siemens hardware commuincation over profibus

    I cannot say without the manual for your particular device - but in most cases yes it should. Can you post a link for the manual?
  5. Non siemens hardware commuincation over profibus

    Have you set the profibus address on the gauge? The user manual will show what bits/bytes/words etc are for reading and writting to the device
  6. FX
  7. Janitza UMG96RM RS485 Bus

    Here is the link to the manual Page 30 deals with grounding the shield. Page 29 deals with the terminating resistors. Page 14 deals with the supply voltage.
  8. S7 Classic SCL

    I needed a shift register for S7 Classic and after a lot of searching I wrote my own in SCL. First time writing SCL Code - so would someone like to test ("to destruction" )the attached SCL Code for me? Hopefully the comments make sense and it does seem to do what I want. The zip file contains a S7 libary of the block (FB207) as well as the SCL Code and a text document Thanks in advance
  9. DB vs PLC Tags

    this may help - (for use in a "class" on the differences but may be worth a read?)
  10. S7-1200 timer

    Do not use "Local Data" use "Global Memory instead" - ie use %M1.0
  11. CP 343-1

    What HMI ? What version of S7
  12. Can someone please help me finding this tag?

    The "tag" you have indicated is only used within the FC (internal Parameter). have a look at where your FC is used (FC207) and you will see the actual parameter that is passed to the "internal parameter"
  13. Vipa CPU 315SB-2AG12

    Has anyone experience connecting to a Vipa  315SB 2AG12 CPU with Simatic Manager? I have tried the Siemens USB PC adaptor and cannot connect - any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.  
  14. TIA TP1500

    Normally ## will appear if there is no communication OR the configured field is not long enough to display the variable. (ie the field is configured for 3 "places" but the value is 4 "places" long)
  15. Hundreds of Discrete Alarms - Simplest method?

    I had the same problem recently swapping from Omron to S7 - still fresh in my mind.