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  1. Update TXT List using external software

    Does this help?    
  2. Simatic TP 1200 Comfort

    I tried everything recommended by Siemens and nothing worked. I sent it to a specialist repair company and they had two goes and getting it to work - I have no idea what they did to make it work though. I now use it as a test unit - I would not use it for a customer as I do not trust it. This does seem to be a common problem with these HMI's  
  3. Connect Siemens HMI 6AV2 124-0MC01-0AX0 with PC/Laptop

    The TP is connected to the PLC via Profinet. (look at the back of your TP to see the connections) So you can connect the laptop to the PLC via Ethernet interface. You will require TIA Portal / WinCC runtime software and the TP Project. The laptop will need an IP address in the same range as the TP & PLC
  4. Simatic TP 1200 Comfort

    Thanks for the reply, The original application was written in TIA 13 - I upgraded the application to V16, the HMI was updated to the latest firmware, with the same result. The Start Center" never appears (either before or after the upgrade)  I can see the MAC address and the software says its doing an OS update with Factory reset but after the HMI reboots the application does not Auto start, the Start Center never appears. If I go to \Flash\Simatic\ "folder" I can see the HmiRTm.exe file but when I try and start it directly it does not start.   Strangely I can start the application via pdata.fwc but not all functions are available and the simatic memory card is not seen by the application.  I have checked the "wait time" by going to control panel and then transfer settings tab "directories" - the wait time is set to 3. Searching the internet this seems to be a common problem with the TP Comfort panels.
  5. Simatic TP 1200 Comfort

    Has anyone ever had any luck in carrying out a factory reset or OS Update of a TP 1200 Comfort panel? I have a TP 1200where the "Start Center" does not show when the panel is rebooted, nor does the application auto start. This seems to be a common problem with the TP 1200 & TP 1500 comfort panels. Tech support answer is to to carry out a OS Update & Factory reset. Tried - it is still the same!! I now have a very expensive "brick"
  6. STL

    In Simatic Manager - write a small LAD program then click View and you can select STL to convert your LAD Program. You can switch between LAD and STL to compare the formats.
  7. op320-a communication

    Try the following -  1. Reset the PLC to "factory settings"  2. Connect to the PLC with Microwin and check the port settings - see chapter 7 of the S7 200 manual - use the default settings. 3. Enter the these settings into the OP320 software and save the project. 4. Download your PLC Program and the OP320 configuration 5. Check the OP to S7 200 cable for correct connections (as per your first post) 6. Check Hardware version of Op is being used with correct version of software (from the manual) -  Hardware V3.6 requires Software ver 3.6 Hardware V4.0 to V6.xx requires software version V6.5 Hardware bversion V7.0 to V7.xx requires software version V6.5/V7.0/V8.0 Hardware version V8.0+ requires software version V8.0 7. Power down PLC & HMI 8.connect Op to S7 Cable 9.Power Up PLC & HMI and test  
  8. op320-a communication

    In the configuration software of the hMI have you selected the correct PLC from the available lsit of PLC's ?? Can you post screen shots of the selection
  9. op320-a communication

    What port have you connected to?
  10. Siemens FB900 ModbusPN

    Whilst using the Siemens ModbusPN and associated Modbus_Param DB how do you get the 8 different modbus Data Areas (Data_Typ, DB, Start_addr, End_Addr) "to connect" to FB900    
  11. FX3U (le3u) countdown timer?

    This may help- However you may have to create a 1 minute pulse and count up to your required time - 13hrs = 780 minutes etc
  12. S7-200 Smart Analaog input problem

    All the information is contained  in the S7-200 Smart System manual. Possible faults are = loss of 24V DC, Overflow or undeflow ?? But checkout the manual sections C & D for diagnostic information.  
  13. Non siemens hardware commuincation over profibus

    I cannot say without the manual for your particular device - but in most cases yes it should. Can you post a link for the manual?
  14. Non siemens hardware commuincation over profibus

    Have you set the profibus address on the gauge? The user manual will show what bits/bytes/words etc are for reading and writting to the device
  15. FX