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  1. STUDIO 5000

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if someone can advise me about studio5000 courses in order to improve my skills. thanks in advance
  2. STUDIO 5000

    i think you can't see the document that I attached
  3. STUDIO 5000

    can some one tell me if it is correct or not
  4. STUDIO 5000

    B. A Motor and Fan assembly will be put into a run condition via a control relay using Start_1. The motor will be able to be stopped using Stop_1. When Start_1 is pressed the motor is started and the status is indicated by L1. The motor and fan assembly will activate an air flow switch. The movement of the air will cause the switch turn on and this will turn on indicator L2. If this switch does not turn on within 10 seconds, the fan must shut off as there could be an issue with the fan or motor not causing the air to move.
  5. STUDIO 5000

    I am building this program in studio 5000  
  6. 4. A warehouse has two conveyors to move freight from the material section to the shipping section. Two conveyors are required to work together to do this. (Lite_1 will be Conveyor 1 and Lite_2 will be Conveyor 2.) 5. When Start_1 is pressed, both Conveyor 1 and Conveyor 2 are to start together. However, when Stop_1 is pressed, only Conveyor 1 will stop immediately and Conveyor2 will continue to run. 6. Conveyor 2 must run anywhere from 8 to 30 seconds after Stop_1 is pressed. The reason for this is because we want to make sure that all of the freight is off of Conveyor 2 before it stops. 7. The set point for the delay on Conveyor 2 is entered manually by using the Thumbwheel located on the PLC Control Console. 8. The digital display beside the Thumbwheel is to show the time remaining before Conveyor 2 shuts off. The display must count from the set point to zero. 9. If the set point is not within the range of 8 to 30 seconds, then a warning light (Lite_3) will come on and none of the conveyors will run. 10. When there is 10 seconds remaining for Conveyor 2 to run Lite_4 will begin to flash, and then stay on steady when Conveyor 2 comes to a stop. 11. Build the required logic to operate the Lights on the Control Console, as per the above description