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  1. Hello,  I have two pressure transmitters connected to a tank. One at the top and one at the bottom. How can I calculate the level of the tank ? I know the height and Specific gravity of the materials.    Thank You  Pratik Jain
  2. Kinetix 5500 lost power

    i checked the fuses in the bus and power. the first two drives are getting power but the third one is not. we also tried swapping connectors but no success. 
  3. Kinetix 5500 lost power

    Also is 2198-H015-ERS different than 2198-H015-ERS 2 ? 
  4. Kinetix 5500 lost power

    is there are sharing the power shouldn't it also have some ? 
  5. Kinetix 5500 lost power

    Is the 24V power connector the thin blue wire with the red connector ? 
  6. Hello all,    I have 3 kinetix 5500 drives connected in series but some how the 3rd drive lost power. all the fuses in the cabinet look good. nothing else is tripped either.    any advice is appreciated.  thank you   
  7. Clamping PID in Compact Logix

    @BobLfoot - I cannot run the PID in manual as the output is different when 1,2 or 3 pumps are running.   
  8. Hello all,  There are two pressure gauges in a line with a flow of water. The flow is controlled by the pumps which is controlled by the PID whose control variable is pressure gague -2 . In ideal condition the pressure gauge -2 remains at 55 psi and pressure gauge -1 stays at 82 PSI. But in the line if someone opens a manual valve then pressure gauge - 1 reads 100 psi because the pump is running as per pressure gauge 2 . Is is possible to clamp the PID so that pressure gauge 1 remains at 82 psi.    FYI: Pressure gauge 1 is right after the pumps and pressure gauge 2 is at the end of the line. 
  9. Did you setup the Input and output data bits correctly ? Also i would check all the input tags in the PLC to make sure you see each character ? Try sending 2 or 3 characters and check if you see them. 
  10. Hello all,  I have a temperature sensor with a reading range of 10F to 212 . The input card I am using is an Allen Bradley 1734 IE8C 8 Channel Analog current input. The current input values are 4-20 mA. Currently I have my raw low at 4000 and raw high at 20000. Can anyone explain how do we go about selection of this values ? I found these values in the configuration tag of the input card properties.  Thank You 
  11. Thank You for the reply ! What do you mean my Move the network connection to the processor ?  My PLC and EN2T are on two different network.  The EN2t is used for TCP/IP communication and SCADA data collection.   
  12. Hello all, I have a L82 having ethernet connection with 3 HAAS CNCs and other ethernet device. The ethernet card EN2T is at 19% capacity. But my Controller MESSAGE CORE is at 100%. How do it get it down so that we can have faster and better communication ?    I have attached the picture of the Tasks:   
  13. Hello I am trying to get for HAAS CNC variables eeg. 10800,10801 etc into the PLC. Does anyone know of any ADD ON instructions ?    Thank You 
  14. Rslogix Array Search

    I have never programmed in Structured Text. Can someone give me an example for the above image? Thank you 
  15. Hello,  I have 30 recipes(g_Blend_Recipes) and want to search for an item number in the recipes and compare it with what the operator enters on the HMI. The recipes itself is an array and there are 5 item numbers in each recipe. I read about the FSC instruction but did not figure a way out yet. I am attaching a picture of the recipe. Any help would be appreciated.