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  1. Device Types, where are they?

    You can probably get it here
  2. Update CX-One and it works fine. Been using it since Windoze 10 came out.
  3. Omron CJ1W-ETN21 Redundant

    No - Modbus only has one master. I have managed to organise 2 Modbus masters in a Red Lion protocol translator though - not the same.
  4. Your previous post about this has been answered.
  5. And people wonder why I will not use the new ones! Sticking with CJ2 and CS1 - oh and CP1. I program on the keyboard using numbers - symbols are stupidly slow! I have a job to program with Schneider - symbols - painful - if you want to use the keyboard %I. then rack number - then slot number - then bit number! Studio is not much better!
  6. Scale Encoder Reading to 0 to 359

    OK - it is just that the last encoders I used were scaleable in the encoder - made it easy.
  7. Scale Encoder Reading to 0 to 359

    In the encoder?
  8. Fatal Error?

    Perhaps the peripheral port is dead. Check the manual - you can set the serial port to a default value and try again with a serial cable? Just be careful - the Omron serial cable is not standard. cable is 2-3, 3-2, 4 & 5 tied together at the computer end and 9-9 if I remember correctly - check and make sure - I have not used a serial cable for many years.  
  9. Fatal Error?

    You need CX-Programmer. You will have have to re-create the I/O table.
  10. CX-Spervisor Dev V3 WANTED TO BUY

    Contact Omron or a distributor.
  11. When will I use CIO and Work bits?

    W or work bits are just non retentive internal bits - known as M bits in other PLCs. CIO is common I/O bits and are used as inputs, outputs, and non retentive work bits as well. I rarely use W bits but just use CIO for most of my programming. You can also use the W area as non retentive words, as you can with the CIO area. The ability to access the D area as bits is only fairly recent - CJ2M if my memory is correct. D and H areas are both memory retentive.

    I believe you can get it here. or here not sure which version is is though.
  13. Counter and Divide

    ? Makes no sense.
  14. Set multiple non-sequential bits in an array?

    Have a look at BSET - should do it for you. @BSET for a one shot.
  15. Alarm history in NB Designer

    Yep innoaloe - rubbish! And that is from a huge Omron fan! Sysmac Studio is rubbish for mine as well! Sticking with the old stuff - saves me heaps of time. I program by way of I/O numbers not useless, stupid symbols. Takes way too long - fast and furious here. Can make or lose a lot of money writing software - CX-One is brilliant - write software really quickly. I program via keyboard not drop down rubbish. Grew up with PLCs in the 1980s when there was a keyboard on the front of the Omron sequencer! Way back. And then there were very expensive EPROM burners and the like and even a very expensive printer interface module. The new stuff is hard to work with - getting like Schneider - impossible. Must be getting old - the new stuff is just too hard.