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  1. Dound the problem - blown up input card - very rare.
  2. Have a CJ1M PLC with 64 bit input cards. The inputs are all flashing - cannot find anything in the manual yet. Any thoughts?
  3. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    In CX-Programmer open options - PLCs and tick the box to let you know there are forced bits on when exiting - then you will not forget.
  4. Description Entry

    Thanks Michael - just back last night from a hard week programming a pile of tricky stuff for NASA - all online - live site. We have to deal with a site wide UPS, rotary converter, mains and 8 generators and not turn the radio telescopes off. Challenging sometimes. There is no N+1 for the UPSs so if something goes wrong with one or more of them we start generators and co-generate with the UPS - or rotary converter if it is in action. I was very mentally tired - 9 hours a day for 4 days - Friday was good they were testing what I programmed. No blackouts and worked perfectly thankfully.
  5. ZCP Instruction

    Hangover from older PLCs where symbol inline instructions were not available.
  6. Description Entry

    Copy from the I/O table - Ctrl C - Ctrl V into excel. The I/O number column will need to be formatted to number. Then just copy oiut of Excel into your symbol table. No need for import and export.
  7. 2 CSJ5 controllers in mirror mode?

    You could possibly set up dual Device Net masters through a Red Lion protocol converter - I set up dual Modbus TCP masters a few years ago.
  8. NB Designer

    Have looked right through the manual and cannot find anything. Finish up with a scrolling line. Ideally I would like to have an alarm page and alarm history page like the one in the NS screens. Any thoughts please?
  9. Conversion

    DBLL is 32 bit to 64 bit float - DBL is 16 bit to 64 bit float.
  10. No. That is why there is a CPU backplane.
  11. Difference between RUN and MONITOR modes

    Monitor mode allows online program changes - run does not. I start all mine in monitor mode anyway.
  12. DT function for month and year comparison

    That is why the suggestion to do it on 1st at 00:00:00 - does not matter how many days then.
  13. Sysmac Studio won't load

    Yes - just the update program. Still not working - have to reinstall I guess.
  14. Is anyone having issues with the latest version of Sysmac Studio (1.24)? Updated today and it will not load.
  15. Add Fonts to Sysmac Studio

    Thanks Woody - I am not using the NA screens so did not know that. Maybe an improvement request?