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  1. NB Designer V1.4

    Serial I am afraid. The PLC is a CJ2M-CPU12.
  2. Don e when the sequence finishes and use it to start again.
  3. You could set a done bit to restart the sequence. I do not have loops like this in my programs - perhaps someone else may be better to advise you than me here. Prviously I have set a done bit and used that to restart.
  4. CX-Programmer Comment Language Translation

    Open the symbol editor and just highlight all symbols, addresses and comments - ctrl c - then go to excel and ctrl v - all done.
  5. CX-Programmer Comment Language Translation

    You can just highlight all the comments and copy and paste into Excel. Then use a translator.
  6. Do not use them - hate the bloody things! Find another way is my advice - I have.
  7. FinsGateway

    You have to buy them from Omron.
  8. How to start NS HMI with inserted CF card

    Do not format in Windows - it will not work. Either buy a new card or format in an old camera.
  9. NB Designer V1.4

    I found NB Designer really struggled running on Windoze 10 Pro x 64 bit - bloody painful to be honest - on both the massively fast desktop and very fast laptop - no time to wait around - likes my horse power. Selected it to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode - way better - quite nippy actually. Highly recommended - it appears the NB Designer team may have not quite caught up with the latest Windoze OS.
  10. Thanks to a member here I downloaded an iso of the latest version. It installed as expected without any issues at all. Very interesting.
  11. Aaargh - new PC - rocket ship - SSDs - still will not install!!!!!
  12. CJ2M Expansion IC101

    Works the same with a CJ2M
  13. CJ2M Expansion IC101

    You also need an II101 on the expansion rack.
  14. CQM1 and memory 80F1 error

    Have a look in the manual for the PLC for what the error code means. My suspicions are that it has lost memory but the PLC has been dead for years and should have been replaced years ago with a newer model. I have not used one of these for over 10 years - parts are no longer available and they cannot be repaired.
  15. Connect CJ1M to PC using RS422

    You can use RS422 - bi-directional and best way for Host Link. The wiring is in the diagram above - a 422 PC card is not hard to obtain. Crossover cable with send and receive - make sure polarity is correct. Also turn the terminator on at both ends and select 4 wire for the port in the SCU.