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  1. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    Battery? These values are stored in DMs that are battery backed up.
  2. CJ1W_AD081_V1 Fault after power reboot

    Model number of PLC and cards?
  3. Cqm1

    CQM1 was discontinued years ago. Due to go in the bin.
  4. Have you tried this mob?
  5. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    Interesting - you never know what is going to cause a problem. We always blame the application - lesson learned for all of us I guess.
  6. Online edit - Insert Section

    Also not possible to online program in a blank section - has to have something in it when downloaded to the PLC such as always off - out 200.00. Can then online edit.
  7. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    OUCH! That is weird.
  8. Sysmac Studio 1.29.1 crashing

    All good here.
  9. Posts

    Who is this idiot posting Viagra crap etcetera? Under different names as well. Has the website been busted?
  10. How about a cable connector with an auxiliary contact?
  11. Converting C200H to CS1G

    You have to set up the serial card to communicate with the HMI - the conversion is very good but will not do that for you.
  12. CP1L-M

    Try auto online and select USB.
  13. OMRON CP1E-E10DR-A

    Buy CX-One from Omron and update it to the latest version.
  14. CP1E-E10Dr-A

    The E10 appears in my list. When you select CP1E it defaults to E20 - roll up the selection box and you should find it.
  15. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Cannot help you there. I did not write the protocol macro. I guess when sending to a slave look for a response back and if you do not get one flag it. I am no good at writing macros.