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  1. Converting C200H to CS1G

    You have to set up the serial card to communicate with the HMI - the conversion is very good but will not do that for you.
  2. CP1L-M

    Try auto online and select USB.

    Buy CX-One from Omron and update it to the latest version.
  4. CP1E-E10Dr-A

    The E10 appears in my list. When you select CP1E it defaults to E20 - roll up the selection box and you should find it.
  5. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Cannot help you there. I did not write the protocol macro. I guess when sending to a slave look for a response back and if you do not get one flag it. I am no good at writing macros.
  6. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    SCU card for mine.
  7. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Here is some sample PLC code for reading from three different register areas in a Caterpillar engine. You can also include error bits and the like if you wish. Please read the manual that comes with the file. Untitled.cxp
  8. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    There are instructions on how to set up the code in the PLC - you just download the CX-Protocol file to the serial card - everything is done in the PLC.
  9. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Yes - I use a counter that is triggered by the busy flag to go onto the next read or write. Sometimes even the reads are sprayed all over the place and if you try to read too many registers there is something in the slave that stops the process. Also many slave devices have a limit as to how many registers can be read. Woodward controllers used to have a 30 word limit - now 100 - much better. Black Magic is comms mate! LOL
  10. Memory area

    Look up a manual for the PLC you require - they are all different.  Basic memory areas are the same though.
  11. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    If you have a look in the download section the source code is there - pull it apart.
  12. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    For Citect SCADA use the OMFINS driver included with Citect. Make sure it is the latest driver. Details for setting up come with the driver. Here is a link for Protocol Macro code for Modbus RTU.
  13. CX-One Programmer Start up error_OCX

    PITA but sometimes has to be done - I had to do it after a Sysmac Studio update crapped itself. Feel your pain.
  14. write a program on a memory cassette

    It is an electrically erasable PROM - the program is written to battery backed RAM and then can be written to the EEPROM for backup purposes only. Read the manual.
  15. Dound the problem - blown up input card - very rare.