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  1. Unsigned Integer Addition and Subtraction

    Yep - CHANNEL is a throw back to older Omron PLCs. There are a number of throw backs in the software to cater for the old tigers. The attached snip shows how you can view data onlie. Integer, signed integer and HEX. Also in the watch window you can look at everything including REAL. At the end of the day there is no conversion that I am aware of. UINT to DUINT is not necessary - the lower word will be the original UINT and the upper word make up the DUINT. for SINT to DINT a bit more difficult. As bit 15 of the SINT is the sign bit just use MOVB to move the sign bit to bit 15 of the upper word I guess - cannot really see a use for it.
  2. Unsigned Integer Addition and Subtraction

    At the end of the day the data is the same - it is just interpretation of the data. If you list a word as a UINT and get get a warning that it should be an INT it does not matter - how you use it is the only things that matters. The word types are standard - not just Omron. You can interpret a word as INT, UINT, CHANNEL, HEX - still the same data in the word.
  3. How to Change Screen Model?

    Tools - Convert - Version/Model LOL.
  4. Network Number Problem

    Just curious - try disabling the serial port and see if it works. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
  5. Network Number Problem

    The other one. This just works for me. Have you disabled the serial port?
  6. Network Number Problem

    In CX-D as follows. And sorry - I missed it.
  7. Network Number Problem

    Select Ethernet I/P as the protocol in the screen.
  8. Can the school save as a .cxt for you?
  9. If you click on Save As the drop down box has a .cxt option.
  10. OMRON CJ2M-AD08V1 - AD data fluctuation

    Inputs going negative - below 4ma if you are using 4-20ma devices. The input devices need calibrating up or the analogue card calibrating down.
  11. CX designer or Sysmac studio

    For the NS15 you use CX-Designer.
  12. You can - I would just replace the processors with CJ2M-CPU31 - probably cheaper and the CJ1M is getting older now. You would need CJ1W-EIP21 cards. They are needed on a big network due to the amount of data they can transmit but the EIP module in the CJ2M processor is fine for what you require.
  13. No - built in Ethernet port. Just configure the data links. Say 10 CIO words each way starting at channel 600. 600-609 will be with IP address and 610-619 will be with IP address I use the default - and
  14. Use Network Configurator - a part of CX-One.