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  1. Enumerations in Recipes

    Just use a button to turn on a momentary bit and select the numbers in the PLC. When the bit is on use it to show which speed is selected on the screen. To change numbers in the PLC use a number box and put a password on it. Or you could use a string into a DM area in the PLC - they enter the words - push a button and use a table compare function or something in the PLC to determine what has been typed in - match - turn a bit on.
  2. Update it - updates are free - you just have to register your software.
  3. 7 is used in 10 as far as I am aware.
  4. I do not use these but with the older PLCs I always set up the Ethernet card first with the USB cable. Then all is good.

    The manual reveals all!
  6. sysmac studio 1.17

    No cracks - you have to buy it.
  7. Cx one software

    You will have to check with your local Omron distributor.
  8. Turn 8 inputs into a number?

    MOVB if in the processor. You do not specify the PLC type you are using.
  9. Application Failed to Open

    Just looking - will probably have to go there one day! Got it for NX I/O initially then there put the new configurator in CX-One Chelton! I guess it will happen eventually - hard work for mine so far.
  10. Application Failed to Open

    Have not had that issue at all - opens up straight away and I have the latest updates for Studio and Windoze installed - running in Windoze 10 64 bit Pro. Sometimes when something is installing I have to turn the Internet condoms off though - using ESET - mostly lets things happen OK.
  11. outputs cards in remote rack not working

    Old and has not been supported for many years. My suspicions are that the remote receiver has failed - have seen it before many times. Seeing the I/O in the program means nothing - it is not possible to see the actual remote receivers online. I guess the remote receiver is an old RT201 or RT202?
  12. Omron C200H - CPU01 Error

    No end instruction is significant - is there an end instruction in the program you downloaded to the PLC? Also you may have to generate an I/O table from the information you provided and check it against the real I/O. sounds like a dead battery perhaps?
  13. Timer datatype in cx programmer

    Yep - use the BOOL - it works.
  14. I still; use the NS series - much better than the NB but more expensive. Have resisted using the NA!
  15. Alternative to SET/RSET

    If you have all your SETS in contigious blocks (say channel 200 to 220) you can use BSET #0000 200 230 will write 0 to all bits in all those channels.