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  1. Go online with the network and upload to find what is there. Allocate words (CIO and DM) for data exchange. Read the help files.
  2. Ethernet IP cards or CPU31/3 and Network Configurator - easy.
  3. CX-Designer

    No possible - CX-Designer rejects the same address twice. That being said I wish there was a way to specify NOT 2.01 to say a light - have to revers the bit in the PLC and use it as a separate alarm or status point. Or is there a way? Always annoyed me - I do quite a lot of Citect SCADA and NOT is quite a normal function.
  4. CJ2M ports are identical to CJ1M except USB for programming rather than that PITA of a small connection.  
  5. The USB driver has not installed properly. Go into Device Manager - the device should have a question mark - click install/update driver - you can find it in the Omron directory - look for drivers.
  6. Modbus communication CJ2M-CPU34, SCU31-V1

    This one has 2 & 4. Looking through the download section here for Omron you will find lots of solutions.
  7. Modbus communication CJ2M-CPU34, SCU31-V1

    Functions blocks and manuals here for comms.
  8. NB Designer V1.4

    Serial I am afraid. The PLC is a CJ2M-CPU12.
  9. Don e when the sequence finishes and use it to start again.
  10. You could set a done bit to restart the sequence. I do not have loops like this in my programs - perhaps someone else may be better to advise you than me here. Prviously I have set a done bit and used that to restart.
  11. CX-Programmer Comment Language Translation

    Open the symbol editor and just highlight all symbols, addresses and comments - ctrl c - then go to excel and ctrl v - all done.
  12. CX-Programmer Comment Language Translation

    You can just highlight all the comments and copy and paste into Excel. Then use a translator.
  13. Do not use them - hate the bloody things! Find another way is my advice - I have.
  14. FinsGateway

    You have to buy them from Omron.