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  1. Turn 8 inputs into a number?

    MOVB if in the processor. You do not specify the PLC type you are using.
  2. Application Failed to Open

    Just looking - will probably have to go there one day! Got it for NX I/O initially then there put the new configurator in CX-One Chelton! I guess it will happen eventually - hard work for mine so far.
  3. Application Failed to Open

    Have not had that issue at all - opens up straight away and I have the latest updates for Studio and Windoze installed - running in Windoze 10 64 bit Pro. Sometimes when something is installing I have to turn the Internet condoms off though - using ESET - mostly lets things happen OK.
  4. outputs cards in remote rack not working

    Old and has not been supported for many years. My suspicions are that the remote receiver has failed - have seen it before many times. Seeing the I/O in the program means nothing - it is not possible to see the actual remote receivers online. I guess the remote receiver is an old RT201 or RT202?
  5. Omron C200H - CPU01 Error

    No end instruction is significant - is there an end instruction in the program you downloaded to the PLC? Also you may have to generate an I/O table from the information you provided and check it against the real I/O. sounds like a dead battery perhaps?
  6. Timer datatype in cx programmer

    Yep - use the BOOL - it works.
  7. I still; use the NS series - much better than the NB but more expensive. Have resisted using the NA!
  8. Alternative to SET/RSET

    If you have all your SETS in contigious blocks (say channel 200 to 220) you can use BSET #0000 200 230 will write 0 to all bits in all those channels.
  9. Alternative to SET/RSET

    You could also use KEEP.  
  10. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    Why not give them an acknowledge button that writes back to the PLC? That is what I do. Some alarms will then self reset when they go away - others latch and have to be reset by a reset button on the screen.
  11. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    It will take the alarm out of the alarm page but it will remain in the alarm history page. Events are different to alarms - there is the provision to select event and that can be set up in an event screen as well - modified alarm history screen but separate. Events are never alarms. PM me your email address and I will send you a project incorporating all these things. Customers invariably come up with a lot of impossible crap to be honest.
  12. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    60 alarms are chicken feed for these - I have one job with over 500 alarms. Set up an alarm page and an alarm history page. When setting up the alarms tick 'delete when alarm/event is cancelled'. That way the alarm screen will only show current alarms and alarm history will show history. I also set alarm history page to show day/time occurred and time cancelled. I also enable and set the ring buffer for history to 1000 events - then they can scroll down and see what has happened. You will also need to enable the vertical scroll bar so that you can scroll down pages in alarm history.
  13. multi-screen alarm check/deleting

    Write the acknowledge bit to the PLC from either panel? I would think once acknowledged the alarm bit would be transferred to alarm history in each panel as it is reset in the PLC.
  14. PLC Memory & Pop-ups

    Both D and H areas are memory retentive - W and CIO are not. Battery needs to be in place though. Global symbol required - that is all I use. Have not had to do pop ups.
  15. GP2401H to Omron CJ2H

    Omron RS232 ports are not standard - check the wiring. Also make sure the Proface has the right driver.