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  1. Thanks!  haven't seen you on the forum lately.  I appreciate the contribution.
  2. Sysmac Studio Function Block Guide/Manual

    Its not as good, but its something... W504-E1-09_SysmacStudio_Ver1_Op_Man.pdf
  3. OD212 Card Outputs not powered

    This a PNP Output Module.  It will need both sides of the 24VDC.  Watch the precaution about reverse polarity.  The load may still operate.  
  4. CJ FINS command question

    Have a Look at this discussion... http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/35777-omron-force-bit-cancel-via-fins/#comment-171235 It can be done but you would have to write a program to look at all bits in an area and examine for forced status. Suggest you dig through this document especially section 4.1 VARIABLE AREA ACCESS.pdf
  5. Many likes

    We havie been deleting inappropriate posts all weekend.  Could be related as it started Friday.
  6. Online edit - Insert Section

    Not possible...
  7. From PM today: Sysmac C60P

    There is a serial Hostlink 3G2C7-LK201 although it will be hard to find and be expensive.  Search the internet for Syswin programming software.
  8. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    If your NS application is a read only type application, you should be OK.
  9. Hello Jay,

    I could see you're an Omron Expert and I am in quite a pressing situation. I though I might be better commenting on here.

    Im quite new to working with Omron. I am struggling very much to get online with an Omron CPM2C-S110C. It has a CIF01 card also. I hear this PLC is quite an old one.

    I have referenced the manual on 'connecting a computer running support software' and double checked I have the correct cables.

    The ones I am using and the way I am connecting is:-   

    PLC Peripheral port >> CS1W-CN118 >> XW2Z-200S-CV >> serial to USB >> Laptop


    CIF01 Peripheral port >> CS1W-CN118 >> XW2Z-200S-CV >> serial to USB >> Laptop

    I have also tried RS232 to UBS in replacement for the Serial to USB.

    Checking on Device Manager, I have all the drivers installed, the comms ports are correctly numbered yet I still cannot connect. There are 4 dip switches on the top right hand side of the CPU and all are swiched off. I have called Omron Tech Support and they said to ignore them in this instance.

    The RS232C port on the CIF01 is used by a barcode scanner so there is no means to connect through that (I have been told)

    I feel that I have been through setting and checked in CX-Programmer and nothing looks obscure.

    Please offer me any ideas you may have. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

  10. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    I suspect your test uses momentary conditions.  That's why it works on both units.  If for some reason you need to continually activate a bit in the CP1L in one NS, there may be a conflict with the other NS trying to turn it off.  Please check this condition and report back.
  11. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    FINS Macro Scripting 111304.pdf
  12. Omron CQM1H PLC Online

    Switch 5 On.  Set Port settings to 9600, E,7,2
  13. HMI global variable become invalid

    Thanks. I had no idsea  how to help him. 
  14. Dear Jay Anthony, I am adding FTP address in HMI and linked with global variable from HMI to PLC. The At is invalid.
  15. HI Jay Good Morning My name is Paresh and need some help, I just came across the very old forum about BCD to Integer that you have replied, I have Similar Problems and can not find a proper way to workaround, I have some data stored in UNIT_BCD format in OMRON PLC and want to display exact same values (without converting) to Indusoft scada. The problem I cannot select data type to UNIT_BCD in Indusoft so I tried HexaDecimal, Decimal but it reads converted value from UNIT_BCD, Please help me , Let me know if you need any more details,Thanks