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  1. Looks like you have some heavy duty work to do 


  2. HC-SRO4 an arduino Sensor

    I will pas this on to the original poster...
  3. HC-SRO4 an arduino Sensor

    From PM this morning:   I'm working on FATEK PLC and I've to interface a Ultrasonic level sensor namely HC-SRO4 an arduinor Sensor for level measurement with PLC. This sensor gives a PWM output 0-5V. I need to read these PWM values on FATEK PLC although there is no Function Key for reading this kind of Output.How we can take the values of this sensor on  PLC by using any mode.
  4. cpm1a and ns5

    You need a CPM1A-CIF01 adapter.
  5. From PM this morning

    I'll pass that along to the poster.
  6. From PM this morning

    I want to get values from PLC Omron CJ2M-CPU13 with distance about 100m. PLC has RS232 and USB port, RS232 used to connect to HMI and USB port cant connect with distance 100m. I think i will buy Ethernet module, its ok ? How can i get values from Plc to VBA with Excel ?
  7. Devicenet Error flags

     Check out 3-3-8 Slave Detailed Status in this manual. It is talking about the Data Memories that are assigned to your Devicenet Master. W380-E1-05 CJ1-CS1_DeviceNet_Master_Unit.pdf
  8. Hi Jay,

    I've put up a few links on the site for your visitors. 
    CP1H tutorial
    CLICK PLC tutorial
    Horner XL4 tutorial




    any plc area
  10. FUNÇÃO AVG(195)

    Good morning, could you help me in the AVG function (195). I can not get significant results. THANK YOU.
  11. NT Support Tool Ver 4.87

    That looks like the answer...  Worth a try...
  12. Omron C20H,C40H,C60H.

      Monitor Mode.doc
  13. Upgrade to Version 4.3

    Sorry.  It's not that easy.  You need an install DVD for the new computer.
  14. Upload file using CF card

    Ask the manufacturer for the project directory.  He may have to zip the directory
  15. NS15 CX-Designer Ethernet Upload / Download Issue

    Try Data Linc. I have used them before. http://data-linc.com/plr6130-serial/