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  1. C200 hs .

    I would like to connect Rapidscada.org with c200hs . Comunication protocol must be Modbus .

    Can you give me some hints how to do it?

    Thanks for help in advance.

  2. C40K to be replaced with CP1E

    The CP1E has an analog adjuster. (3) Analog adjuster Rotate to adjust the value for auxiliary area A642CH (CP1E: A642CH/ A643CH) to within the 0 to 255 range. Use to change timer and counter settings without using a programming tool (software).
  3. CJ2M Expansion IC101

    You also need a CJ1W-TER01 end cap on the second rack.
  4. Did you check the first word of the PT Control Area?  If it is zero, then this will happen no matter what the initial screen is.
  5. C40K to be replaced with CP1E

    Don't know.  Why don't you try changing it manually?
  6. Sounds like you have zero in the first word of the PT Control Area.  It needs to have the number of the screen you want to display.
  7. C40K to be replaced with CP1E

    You will notice that this function block is in red. Also Group 2 belongs to C200H family.  I suspect you have selected C200H as the project's PLC.  Go back and change the model to CxxK.  Also Function 61 is High Speed Drum Counter in C40K PLC.
  8. [Demo Software] - NTSS233

    This is very old software.  I would try WinXP or DOS machine.
  9. But can the average technician troubleshoot it??
  10. Omron Support tool

    NT Support Software for Omron M and S Touchscreens
  11. fresher need help for change screen

    v073-e1-07 ns-touch-screens-programming-manual

    What is the model number of the load cell?

    You might want to post the load cell documentation.
  14. CJ1M CPU23 with SCU41-V1

    Me too???
  15. CJ1M CPU23 with SCU41-V1

    Your wiring is correct,  I don't know why you are having problems with CN226.