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  1. Help understanding old Sysmac C20

    The PLC runs on either RAM or ROM but not both.  There is no transfer from ROM to RAM.  You need a 3G2A5-PRW04 PROM writer to change the ROM.   W66-E1-1 3G2A5-PRW04-E (Prom Writer).pdf
  2. Need help with programming instruction

    Good way to handle this, Innaloe.Maybe NewKid77 will learn something.
  3. Help plz cqm1h cpu 51

    Sorry, I meant upload,
  4. Help plz cqm1h cpu 51

    7seg is an expansion instruction which its instruction number can be used for a needed instruction.  (Operation Window| Expansion Instructions) I suspect the original program substituted a needed instruction for 7seg, Can you download the program again? If you can, then check all the boxes including Expansion Instructions before you download.
  5. Help plz cqm1h cpu 51

    Open the output window. (View| Windows| Output Window).   What is the compile error?
  6. CQM1

    DM660-DM6655 can only be written to in the program mode...  
  7. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/31966-e5cc-temperature-controller/#comment-150246
  8. CQM1

    If you do the above the addresses will change...
  9. CQM1

    Change the PLC mode from Run to Monitor.
  10. CQM1

    Please clarify further...
  11. CJ1M plc and NT31 are they compatible?

    Use CJ1M serial port and the cable below:   C200H-CN510-EU.pdf
  12. Hello Jay:

    I have a plc omron sysmac sp10, I need the pinout of the cable, could you tell me how I could do one?


    Best regards


  13. Your cable is wrong. Should be: pc d-sub9 female---------plc d-sub9 male housing---screen----housing 2----------------2 3----------------3 4-6                     4-5  7-8 5----------------9