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  1. Not able to run simulator (CP1L)

    Thank you imblink.  Good info!
  2. You must have a Rs232 to RS422 adapter to connect USB CIF31 to SCU31-V1. Check B&B Electronics website for a converter.
  3. SCU31-V1 is a dual RS422 card whereas the CIF31 is an RS232 connection.  These two are not compatible.
  4. Help with Analog Input (AD081-V1)

    No worries, man.  Don't let ebay get you down...
  5. Help with Analog Input (AD081-V1)

    Check the following manually using the memory utility: DM 20100=#0001 DM 20101=#0010 Sometimes the I/O setup utility does not setup the values correctly...  
  6. Help with Analog Input (AD081-V1)

    No, that is for shielded inputs.
  7. Congratulations AB!

    Congratulations to the AB PLC forum for achieving 50,000 posts!
  8. Omron FH-L550 Camera controller

    What PLC?  What cam controller?
  9. Omron Learning Curve - DATA TYPES

    The takeaway from above:  
  10. How to read analog expansion inputs

    This is your example.
  11. AD041-V1 CJ2 Special I/O Issue

    Please post your CJ1M program.  Several of us can take a look at it.

    What is MagicK packet?
  13. Does the vfd support ethernet??
  14. FUSE Protection for Sinking Input and Ouputs

    consulting-resources: Please refrain from posting to topics that are more than one year old.
  15. omron cx-programmer version

    No problem communicating CJ1M with upgrade to CX Programmer 9.6