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  1. CX-Programmer and CQM1H-CPU51

    Couldn't find it fast enough universal-cable-for-omron-9-pin-port/
  2. CX-Programmer and CQM1H-CPU51

    Use DB9 RS232C port and the attached cable pin-out.
  3. The default setting is Hostlink.
  4. There are no TXD and RXD commands in the program.  Therefore the RS232 display is driven by Hostlink protocol which is a master-slave command-response type format.  You need to be looking at all ASC commands for clues to how the display is driven (typically from DM's.)
  5. Hi..... Jay Anthony

    I am using CJ1W-NC281 Position Controller with R88-1S servo drive with absolute encoder(23bit) ,In my application, I want to  move servo linear from 0mm to 15000mm  and In axis parameter, dispaly unit parameter ,value set -mm and command pulse count per motor rotation ,value set -8388608 and work travel distance per motor rotation, value set -204mm and using absolute command bit, I give command to servo drive run 14000mm  then alarm come and alarm code 6700, absolute movement position error, what should I do to solve this problem

  6. Desperation

    I think he just needs to understand how the HDM works.  He does not want to replace the S6. I am at the  doctors office and will get back on it when I get home. I have got the ladder halfway done.  Syswin is better for converting this one.
  7. Desperation

    Did you get your problem solved and are you trying  to translate to CX Programmer? ?
  8. Desperation

    Let me get some sleep and I will do it for you.
  9. Connecting CPM1 to KEPServerEX5

    C200H PLC does not support FINS Serial.  Use Host Link Driver.
  10. Need Manual for CS1W-CTS21 SSI Interface

    This is absolutely the instruction sheet for CJ1W-CTS21.  Please read my comments from above. 1634330-1A CJ1W-CTS21 HSC (SSI) Unit Instruction Sheet .pdf
  11. Start with these programs.  Change Operand 2 of TXD to #1000   TXD-RXD Quickstart Programs TXD_RXD_corrected (2)
  12. CQM1H-51

    I sent you the manual above.  Here is the Chapter 3 out of the manual.  To activate the system menu, touch any two corners of the screen at the same time.   NT20S System Maintenance Menu.pdf
  13. CQM1H-51

    Start with  these and then ask questions. CQM1H-MAB42 Instruction Sheet.pdf V020-E1-4 NT20S Touchscreen.pdf
  14. Need Manual for CS1W-CTS21 SSI Interface

    Ehat DIP switches?  I don't see any on the module. Here is the instruction sheet.   1634330-1A CJ1W-CTS21 HSC (SSI) Unit Instruction Sheet .pdf
  15. CP1H Communication HElp

    I think he is asking how to setup the new CX Supervisor PLC setup.   CX Supervisor PLC Setup.pdf