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  1. Fx5u Servo(jog Program)

    Can you show what you have done untill now? what the servo you are using?
  2. FX5 or Q Series Step Motor Control

    If you have FX5 CPU you can use transistor expansion, but not all transistor model will work, need to be the FX5-16ET/ES-H or ESS-H, the H mean high speed. this expansion isn’t cheap, almost the same price of the CPU unit and here in Japan take 2 weeks to receive, the CPU take 1 day.   another option is to use FX3U-1PG, half the price of the FX5 CPU but isn’t straightforward to setup the position control, youll need to write all... FX5 you just choose machine unit in mm, cm, inch or degrees or use pulse... JOG, OPR, acceleration, deceleration is is just a matter of choose parameters. deceleration is something very important into motion system, wrong deceleration the system tend to wears fast...    Take a look into the 1PG manual at the program examples to see the difference between  the FX5 FNC12 when you see it just ignore, this is for when you use the handheld programmer unit so just start typing from MOV for example. another point you cant simulate it ti check if you want GX2 and GX3 show too you what you can simulate into your program, I don’t remember where you need too choose but its there lol  Next time dude, before buy come here and ask we are here to exchange ideias's%20Manual%20JY997D47301-C%20(03.19).pdf
  3. Unable to read comments

    Try install the japanese version of GX Developer inside VM using Windows in japanese. windows 10 you can select the system language easily, no need reboot
  4. FX5 or Q Series Step Motor Control

    Transistor type, don’t forget!  
  5. FX5 or Q Series Step Motor Control

    The manual its clear about the use of controller, driver or amplifier(whatever the term used all mean the same) including wire and program examples,High-speed%20pulse%20IO%20module).pdf if you don’t understand some term used by mitsubishi in the manual just ask but all you already asked is akready there un the manual
  6. scale instruction in Q series PLC?

    Dude, when you reply to some tread you need to pay attention in the date, this tread is 12 years old.
  7. GX Developer

    I dont think the problem is be beginners or not but just lazy people dont do the homework to read the manual. If don’t understand the manual just ask it but at least RTFM
  8. GX Developer

    Read the hardware manual for your model, they provide the wire diagram, specs etc. read the programming manual too. mitsubishi have great documentation, you just need to read it 
  9. GX Developer

    Its a trial, i dont think you can open after tge period expire. if you reinstall usually trial version dont run again but its just my guess... you wanna learn and thats why you need more time? if you wanna learn at the site look for FX-TRN-BEG. Its a simulator for free
  10. GX Developer

    You need sign at mitsubishi site to have access to download trial version
  11. Mitsubishi PLC low cost

    Its a shame Mitsubishi dont offer training center at Spain. Here in Japan GX Works 2 version cost US$ 140 for 2 days of training. The equipment used is very nice and if someone buy the same thing will be very expensive to learn at home; the offer the introductory course for US$100 (just 1 day), just few buttons, 1 relay, PL, some wires, very basic... maybe im wrong and they offer courses in Spain, i checked UK and the same course is very expensive 2 days coast  £500 , shame on. Here in Japan usually the employer pay for courses, Omron offer training class for reasonable prices too. IMHO is better buy one Arduino kit to learn at home electronics, for  28,64 € you can buy one kit with many sensors, LCD, BCD, PB, Buzzer, servo etc, off couse its C++ but who know C++ IMHO will learn Ladder very quickly Mitsubishi offer for free  FX-TRN-BEG (Beginner) its a simulator like Its a shame they dont made english versions off;  FX-TRN-DATA (numerical value / data) FX-TRN-POS (Positioning)
  12. FX3U (le3u) countdown timer?

    You need to read the manual at least.  i dont know if what you have is FX3U but its pretty easy to do what you telling using it. timer can count from 0.001 to 3276.7 fx3 have real time clock too. about your LCD you need to read the manual to know how is the proper way to setup communication between the LCD and your clone. at least you can show hello word, have connection? Next time before you buy something search about the specs or ask here for example to not waste money in the future!
  13. MX Component Question

    Smart TV you can use for it,  iQF have embedded webserver and FTP server. The webserver accept JavaScript
  14. FX3GE40M, FX2N48ER-ES, FX2N8EYR, FX3G232BD

    Its automatic assigned. the FX3GE40M (main unit) lets say the I/O is: X0 to X20 Y0 to Y 20 The first expansion unit connect to the main unit will be: Lets say in your case using FX2N48ER-ES: X21 to X44 Y21 to Y44 if the FX2N8EYR is connected in right side of your FX2N48ER-ES will be: X45 to X48 Y45 to Y48 But the main unit have limit of I/O (expansions) you need check the main unit spec. maybe im wrong and you can assignee the I/O address, im pretty new too using PLC just write simple code using X21 and Y21 and check the unit led status of the respective I/O if dont work the X22 and Y22 is the correspondent, and check all one by one if is the case to make sure