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  1. GX Works 2 Analogue

    Good morning I trust you are doing well Below is a link for GOT training videos and a manual you can download. Part 3 covers the GOT You can also go to the link below for some additional training  
  2. sinwave signal conversion with analog input

    Good day Sir I trust you are doing well The analog module you are using cannot work with sinewave signals. The module is rated -10VDC to 10VDC Please see attached manual for the module 12433.pdf
  3. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Good day You will have to save the Program on your local machine.
  4. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    No problem Have a good day too
  5. R08CPU Modbus TCP FX5CPU communication Mitsubishi

    Good morning I trust you are well Please see link below with programming samples for Modbus TCP for IQ-F and IQ-R PLC's
  6. GX Works 2 Analogue

    Good morning Please see attached manual and ladder sample for using greater or equal function. To access the function you need to type and<= and then your variable and then your setpoint. When you use a GOT to change the setpoint you can use a register. When you use a constant then you put K18000 as per example. K18000 will be a fixed value.  
  7. GX Works 2 Analogue

    So below is a sample of the Greater and Equal than function M8000 is a always on bit in the PLC. As long as the PLC is in run mode this bit will be on. D1 in my example will be from you analog D0 is your setpoint M5 is your output So when D1 is equal or greater than D0, M5 will be high. When D1's value goes below D0 setpoint value, M5 will be low
  8. GX Works 2 Analogue

    Good morning. I trust you are doing well What model of FX PLC do you have?  I will quickly write you some sample code on the comparison to switch on bit M5. Once I know what FX PLC you are using ill send you the relevant documents on the analog
  9. Storing device values after reset

    Good morning Just some thoughtful notes regarding this problem. 1. PLC will need a battery installed to be able to store the values. 2. You will need to assign registers to the Latch 2 area to be able to have values available after a reset. Latch 1 will keep the values for a power failure but will clear when doing a reset. Latch 2 will keep the value till its cleared or over written. All Mitsubishi PLC's except for the Alpha range and FX5UJ has the same latch functionality. To access and setup the latch settings you need to go to the CPU parameter settings in the navigation bar. 
  10. GX Developer

    Fully agree with you. I come across a lot of installations that is scary dangerous. It sometimes makes me think that somehow a system needs to be implemented same like you need a wireman licence for instrumentation too. But companies are also at fault as they don't even know what the regulations is. It makes me sick to think I studied for 6 years and every second guy of the street is my competition.
  11. GX Developer

    Good Morning I would suggest installing a fuse on your supply to the PLC. If you are using the power supply of the PLC for your 24VDC please install a fuse there too. I often see beginners damaging PLC's due to there lack of electrical knowledge. Please see the installation manual for your PLC.
  12. Support Required in Using SPD function

    Good morning I trust you are well.  I would suggest shortening your time. Please see attached picture on how to calculate the time  
  13. Memory _GX Works 2

    Good morning Sir I trust you are doing well. In GX Works 2 you can go to the Tool tab and from the dropdown you can confirm memory size. In the memory capacity calculation result screen you can chance your display option to steps. This will then show how many steps you have used and what is remaining in the device memory.  
  14. PLC FX1N Modbus

    Good morning Sir.  I trust you are doing well.  The FX1N does not support Modbus communication. I have attached a link for you with the Mitsubishi documentation. This documents contain all the serial communication.
  15. Good day Sir You can check the battery status by using the I/O monitoring in MR Configurator 2 The Bit BWNG is a battery warning bit.  Another test you can do is to leave the machine on overnight, if the servo have not lost position then you know the battery is faulty.