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  1. exchange devices

    Need some more info. What PLC are you using? Whenever I have added I/O expansion modules (FX series) The additional I/O points are automatically added and don't require being assigned new device IDs.  
  2. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Yes.  M8000 is always on when PLC is in RUN mode.  If that is the trigger for the read/adjust it will do so every time the program scans. 
  3. FX3U-ENET-ADP how to connect and read strings?

    FX Configurator is the software you need.  I think it is free if you have a license for GXWorks.   That is the extent of help I can offer.  I'm pretty green in the networking department myself.
  4. Your power supply may be overloaded or failing.  I ran into this when installing a new camera system in a machine.  Cold start and the machine 24v psu would  power cycle repeatedly.  If you powered the camera on after the rest of the machine, no problem.  Our machine builders had used a psu with half the capacity that had been spec'ed.
  5. M Bits in GXWorks 2 with SFC

    Check to make sure the PLC is in RUN mode.  If it's in STOP, none of the outputs will function.  I have caught GXW2 a few times telling me it was going to move back into RUN after an online change was made and not doing so.
  6. Shihlin AX2N-32mr Prog light blinks!

    No experience with that particular PLC, but the Mitsubishi's I've worked with will commonly lose random chunks of the program and/or parameter settings when the battery dies.  If you scroll through the ladder, you will likely find big blank blocks marked out in yellow.  If you have a copy of the original program, you may just be able to reload it.  

    Thank you Theuns, Having a working example helps a lot.
  8. Hi All. I could use some help with a problem I've been fighting for a while.  Question(s) first, then a bit of back story in case it might help. I'm trying to share data between 2 FX3u PLCs both with ENET modules installed.  Using GXwoks2 and FXconfigurator EN,  I've managed to figure out some of the basic configuration (installed, connected to the network, devices can ping each other, both (PLCs and modules) are accessible by PC over network, etc).  I can send / retrieve data from each local module (TO/FROM) buffer memory with its plc.  I cannot seem to move the data from one module to the other.  It may be as simple as I just don't know where I'm supposed to look for it or in my protocol selection.  On a previous project I programmed a small ModbusTCP network and had a table of holding registers so I knew where to go for the data I needed, is there something similar for this application?  I've been reading through Enet  and FX programming manuals as well as Mitsu's eLearning stuff (geared toward Q series and minimally helpful).   I'm fairly new to networking, we don't use much of it on my end of the shop, and the areas that do use it generally end up calling in outside support for problems of this nature.    Our machines are initially setup and programmed in Japan.  We do not have an industrial network person in house or easily accessible.  The 4 machines we have that were networked in my area ran on a single network and were supposed to communicate with each other.  In reality only set pairs did so.  The machine vendor (USA for these )did not have a Mitsubishi programmer in house so contracted to a guy who was not well versed in it either but learned how.  This is evident from the way the rest of the programming looked so I'm thinking that a lot of the networking portions he used are superfluous as they seem to conflict with each other and with the module configuration. (short version, the "working" examples I have are likely not good examples).  So, I've got that going for me. Thank you for taking time to read, and for any suggestions / advice you can give.