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Mitsubishi PLC low cost

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Its a shame Mitsubishi dont offer training center at Spain.
Here in Japan GX Works 2 version cost US$ 140 for 2 days of training. The equipment used is very nice and if someone buy the same thing will be very expensive to learn at home;

the offer the introductory course for US$100 (just 1 day), just few buttons, 1 relay, PL, some wires, very basic...

maybe im wrong and they offer courses in Spain, i checked UK and the same course is very expensive 2 days coast  £500 , shame on.

Here in Japan usually the employer pay for courses, Omron offer training class for reasonable prices too.

IMHO is better buy one Arduino kit to learn at home electronics, for  28,64 € you can buy one kit with many sensors, LCD, BCD, PB, Buzzer, servo etc, off couse its C++ but who know C++ IMHO will learn Ladder very quickly

Mitsubishi offer for free  FX-TRN-BEG (Beginner) its a simulator like
Its a shame they dont made english versions off;
 FX-TRN-DATA (numerical value / data)

FX-TRN-POS (Positioning)

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