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  1. Doesn't Labview POLL the PLC for data?
  2. FX2N CPU-E LED Problem

    Run with either an FX3u-48MR (or MT).  They are a good physical replacement for the FX2n range and the programming software is the same.  So when you do find your original software you will be able to easily program it into the FX3u.  
  3. How do you make panel door cutouts?

    Yep, I agree.  Four holes in each corner widened using a step drill to the size that I want (about 12mm).  2" duct tape (not masking tape)  along all four sides to the outer edge of the step holes giving me the cut line.  Then just cut along four straight lines and the centre piece drops away. The trick for me though comes before this.  I always have a panel template engraving manufactured.  They are not expensive typically only £40.00 UK price.  I use Pantograph Services (http://www.pantograph.co.uk/).  They work from a dimensioned PDF (see attached example).  As an extra this gives you text engraving around your buttons and indicators.  it is well worth doing. With the panel engraving as a template you mark out the position of the cutout easily getting perfect HMI line up with your buttons and indicators.   Drill your four holes, widen them, add the duct tape, get cutting.  A Bosche hacksaw blade in a mains powered jig saw works for me. I pull the 22.5mm holes through with a circular hole puller, driven with a 1/2" impact driver.  Works well up to and including 1.0 x 0.8m door panel sizes. Not sure if it would handle stainless though.  Never tried. J552-PanelTemplate.pdf
  4. Mapping one PLC into another.

    Thank you Gambit.  That gives me a good leg up.
  5. GOT FX3U connection

    RS422 would do the distance it just depends on how fast you need to run the serial speed link to the GOT.
  6. Mapping one PLC into another.

    Really?  I know you can get LAN modules for the FX2n so they must only be for slave operation via the MC protocol.  My plan was to always have an FX3u in the system so that it could act as master and map the FX2n.  A pretty simple requirement I would have thought, although I admit I have yet to get to the bottom of it.  
  7. Mapping one PLC into another.

    Thanks Gambit - I will look into that.    
  8. Mapping one PLC into another.

    Sorted.  Going to use a LAN solution using fixed buffers to share data between PLC's
  9. I am looking to map an FX2n's I/O into a second FX3u PLC on a local PLC to PLC link.  I was wondering which interface unit I could use to make this happen.  Would it be a LAN link, RS485 or Fieldbus of some sort?   I have no preference at this stage. Thanks in advance.
  10. Delete Attachments in Profile Area

    The little dustbin works a teat.  If it was there before my apologies for missing it.
  11. Analog Wiring

    If you don't use screening you can always twist the two cables tightly together.  It helps minimise pickup.  Obviously not as good as full screening though.  
  12. Save on development time by having a copy of your target system on your bench.  Develop the target code in a local environment (coffee handy of course)  then deploy with high confidence.  Systems built to order.  
  13. subroutine programme

    Which PLC are you using and what software are you using to interface to it?  
  14. E200 Salvage

    Diamond.  Thank you Theo.  Please accept the like with my thanks.
  15. Celsius to Fahrenheit

    Agreed. Buttons are too scarce to waste especially on the smaller HMI's