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  1. Q series basic motion control of 3 axes

    M codes are just machine functions like M03 Spindle forward, M05 Spindle reverse and S2000 = 2000 RPM. There are quite a few of them for coolant and vacuum etc etc. Thanks for the software os reference  number. The Q172DCPU has a fibre optic interface that I am keen to use. If anyone knows the cat number for the cable I would appreciate that as I have not found it in the manuals yet. Already the specs are dictating to use a JR3-B type servo amplifier. I have a home built CNC machine that I want to rebuild into a stand alone high accuracy real time system. Also post processors are just software to calculate optimum tool paths to the machine from cam software some are good some are not so good. Edit: The fiber optic SSCIII net cables cat number is MR-J3BUS05M ( half metre long).
  2. PLC Law

    I read manuals until I know them.
  3. Q series basic motion control of 3 axes

    I have a Q172DCPU on it way to me now. I believe I can interface this with my current setup. I will use the Mitsubishi MR-J2 B or MR-J3 B type drives and 100 watt AC Servos also Mitsubishi K13's. The Q173NCCPU is that the one in Mazaks? The best machines have 1 micron resolution I only need 10 micron. Yes I should have realized the CNC servo motors would be application specific. I have some dual shaft nema 23 motors and 100ppr encoders 2phase. I am considering stepper motor first now. Thank you
  4. Q series basic motion control of 3 axes

    Thanks for your input Wasan. I checked it out looks ok but I want to build a Mitsubishi based system. I have a few cpu to choose from and many peripherals, enough to build a full CNC system. Cheers
  5. Q series basic motion control of 3 axes

    Thank you glavanov   1. I definitely need G-code support. Can you suggest what hardware I might need in Q or A series PLC? 2.  3 axes helical interpolation is also an absolute necessity. 3. I need up to 10,000 lines per program with full HMI The Yurtaev Linux card looks good it can run with MR-J2B servo drives. The Q172DCP is built for SSC net should I use this motion controller cpu instead? Cheers
  6. Q series basic motion control of 3 axes

    Yes thank you I now understand the QD75MH4 is more suitable for low control system such as repetitive servos on conveyors etc. I will try it out and let you know how I go. Regarding what I want to do is build a plc/motion controlled CNC 3 axis machine that can read G-code and perform in real time. Servo options are DC stepper type with closed loop control or Mitsubishi MR-J2B type AC servos with power in the 100 to 200 watt range. The projected work area is 600mm x 800mm
  7. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    I am using GX developer Inntele. My personal thoughts are ROM bios image parameters changed or corrupted like memory error. I just wanted stepper motor control. So now I must go down the A or Q series path.
  8. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    I am giving up on the FX2N-48MT and accept it is faulty and will now concentrate on Mitsubishi A and Q series PLC.  Thanks for all your input  I learned some new stuff cheers.
  9. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    I agree 100%, time is precious don't waste it.
  10. Hi people OG58 here (old guy 58 years) I am looking for some suggestions for my training project that involves controlling a 3 axis CNC machine (router table) using a Q02HCPU with a QD75MH4 to control the three axes. I am thinking an analog card to control the spindle speed would also be a nice addition., Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
  11. Mitsubishi HMI (F940GOT-LWD-E)

    Thanks I have the same problem with a small 7" HMI KINCO screen.
  12. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    By this post I am in tears.  
  13. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    Great work with the diagram. I have many cables with 6 and 8 pin mini din type connectors and I suggest to people that they should label their cables. This will save frustration when you have identical looking cables that are wired differently.
  14. Connect PC through QJ71E71-100

    Thanks for the POST Paolo_911 I have this card and your post gives me some good info to set it up...Cheers
  15. How good are Mitsubishi plc's

    Personally I rate Mitsubishi PLC's  very highly for a number of reasons. PDF format manuals are readily available for download online for free. Modules and components are easily obtained both new and second hand at reasonable prices. Mitsubishi PLC's are very reliable and also very easy to expand to suit almost every situation. They are very easy to learn and program. There are many online tutorials and examples. The above comments refer to AnS series, Q series and Fx series Mitsubishi PLC's as these are what  work with.