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  1. FX3U-485ADP-MB fake modules

    Hello everyone. I don't have questions this time, but i want to share some information, maybe someone (because i haven't found any info except - will find it helpful. In attached pic 3 different FX3U-485ADP-MB modules, that one of our client has. Module on the left is original 2013 release, it works as indeed (supports 115200 baud rate). In the middle module 2017 release. It is supposed to have 38400+ baud rate, but it hasn't. I did billions of tests (changing code/plc (all of them 2.40+)/gx works 2 versions, cnv-bd<->485-bd). It works until you change H1091->H10D1 or higher. The idea that the module was not original was prompted by bold text on the module in comparison with the original one. It also has a larger hole next to the connector. I also found the 3rd module (on the right in the photo) 2019 release. His text, on the contrary, is thinner than the original, besides, it is uneven. Plus, the brightness of the LEDs (RD / LED) is very low. But it supports 115200 (seems China has mastered the technology). Please be careful when purchasing this module. Or you will have to accept the lack of speed above 19200.
  2. QJ71MB91 - 232 value freezes

    Hello everyone. I have the system: RS232 Master (QJ71MB91) <-> AC3-M 232-485 (Owen) <-> Four Slave RS485 (Micom P116 Terminals). Modbus RTU protocol. The length of the 485th line is 20m. Speed 19200. Station numbers and parameters are correct. PLC reads the value of current, and doesnt write anything. The system has been in operation since January 2017, until that moment there were no problems. Recently, problems have begun. With an unpredictable frequency, the values of current freezes (it can work properly for 3 days or a week or can freeze 10 times every day). System bits of the QJ71MB91 (BFM 3104) at this moment of freeze indicate the loss of communication with all 4 stations. It freezes all the time for a different period. From 30 secs to 27 hours. We cannot reboot the module / station, because object in operation (continuous production). The indication of currents does not directly affect the operation of the object, but problem must be solved. There were many versions, but one very important remark is that at the moment of values freeze there is an indication on the module, as well as the SD and RD LEDs, therefore, the module receives something, but the information is incorrect. If you pull out the cable, there will be no RD indication, because no response from stations. Therefore, the cable is most likely good. One version that one of the terminals sends garbage to the network and puts it down. This version also fits the fact that one of the terminals was changed in 2019 and the firmware was changed on another, but from what moment the problem arose is not clear (the cells have not been used since 2019 and were put into operation back only now). There is also a suspicion that communication with all 4 terminals is lost - the problem with converter - AC3-M. Since this is a continuous production, you will not try much on the go, but the plan is to disconnect one station at a time and look at the behavior of the network, but if it does not help, we will change the AC3-M at a planned stop. I am writing with a view to, maybe someone share their experience with a similar problem.
  3. MX OPC

    Mitsubishi representative has answered to me: "There is no such restriction in MX OPC Server DA and the program allows you to create more than 10 connections."  I am not sure that "allows" equals "works reliably". I don't have so many PLCs right now to test it. Hope someone from here already has experience with this question and will share it.
  4. MX OPC

    Hello everyone.  Quote from "MELSOFT MX OPC Server UA Version 3 Operating Manual": That means i won't be able to connect more than 10 PLC to this OPC? If so, why that number so low? Do MX OPC DA has same restriction (in manual no word about this).
  5. GOT and OPC

     Yeah, but it leads to the first question of my topic about how to connect GOT and OPC 
  6. GOT and OPC

    I will repeat, that factory equipment at maintance, so there are not that much signals changing at the time and many steps is skipped in program, but result: Actual Scan Time: 152.9 ms Minimum Scan Time: 143.3 ms Maximum Scan Time: 214.2 ms But with all of this Channel Diagnosis shows me that latency about 6s (1 GOT, 2 SCADAs). I will repeat test tommorow, when all equpment will be in work so maybe some of numbers will change.
  7. GOT and OPC

    I have 2 cases.  1. FX3U-ENET have 2 GOT (Melsoft Connection) + 2 SCADA connection (TCP/Unpassive/Send/Procedure exist(MC)/Disable/Confirm/Port Number). That case is working not that bad, latency is about 750ms-1.5s (I watching in channel diagnosis in WinCC, but latency in WinCC and on GOT almost same). Latency not that bad mostly because not huge amount of data sending. Delay time is not set in GT Designer (0 ms). 2. FX3U-ENET have 1 GOT (Melsoft Connection)+ 2 SCADA connection (TCP/Unpassive/Send/Procedure exist(MC)/Disable/Confirm/Port Number). That case pretty bad. Latency about 3-6s. There are a lot of data and soon will be another GOT (so another Melsoft connection). Delay time is not set in GT Designer (0 ms). Right now plan to make MX OPC UA/DA (whatever) and put SCADA connection here. But i had idea to add GOT there too. But i am open to another solutions 
  8. GOT and OPC

    SoftGOT isn't the thing i needed, sadly. I already have working project with FX3U-ENET and multiple GOT panels that occupied almost all of available Melsoft Connections. And i was thinking what if i would connect FX3U-ENET to OPC and then connect OPC to multiple GOT. Because of a lot of GOTs requests - module is working quite slow and with the idea i described before i want to solve that problem.
  9. GOT and OPC

    Hello everyone. Is it possible for GOT(for example 1695-X) to take data from MX OPC UA or DA? I havent found anything on that topic in manual, maybe someone have experience in that case. As far i know it possible to take data from GOT to OPC (OPC have driver for it), but i never tried it and i need opposite data flow .
  10. FX5U - High-speed counter+encoder

    I didnt control a servo with encoder in mentioned post. In my case it was just encoder+plc for measuring. For servo you need positioning module (like FX5-40SSC-S), but you must check compatibility between servo and module.  
  11. Reading from FX3U error message

    Haha, i almost wrote you answer when i got same error (while testing your case) as you. So why do you have this error. When you working with FX3U and GX Works 2 you can download "Symbolic Information" into PLC. That means you can upload project in same "view" as you have in "Structured" or "Simple with labels" project (with all labels/FBs and etc). With Symbolic information you also downloading "Program File" ( ) that contains "Simple Ladder" code. And if you download Structured or Simple Ladder with labels in PLC and after download only "Program File" from any other project over it, and after you will try to upload from PLC you will get with message. This means "Program File" and "Symbolic information" dont match.  One thing is bothering me. You dont have selection "Program File" (like here  when i got this message - ) in upload window. Which version of GX Works 2 do you have (i have 1.577B)? To upload actual program that works in PLC you should download "Program File". And its impossible to download "Symbolic Information" without "Program file" and PLC cant work without "Program File" so it must be there.  
  12. MX OPC Server DA/UA

    Problem is configuration tool of mx opc it self cant connect to opc.
  13. MX OPC Server DA/UA

    I am trying OPC servers from mitsu (never worked with them before). With UA version i have no problem. When i configured connection in DA server and start "Monitor view". I always got "Cant connect to OPC server". Reinstalled. Installed another version (7.02, 6.10). But problem the same.  I've installed on another laptop with the same system (7 x64), but without many plc soft here (only gx works 2 and gx developer) and it works without problem. I thinking some soft is blocking it. Maybe someone faced this problem before. p.s. Already second topic in one week with asking for a help, god....
  14. High speed counters

    As far as i know - you cant simulate high speed counter. At least when i tried - i failed. P.s. A little bit hard task for first plc project.
  15. FX5U and Encoder project

    Your post made me think all evening after work. I got it. And it seems moving encoder on motors shaft in first project helps in that way - more pulses on 1mm of production - scan time delay affects less on error, cause if i wrong count 250-500 pulses, its only 1-2mm, but if i use the wheel - 250-500 pulses - its already 75-150mm.  Next time i will fill mitsu servos, amps and that module into that type of project. And make this sh*t work without error in distance. Really thank you for your effort in this question.