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  1. GX IEC Developer 7.04 connecting problem

    Hello Bukov, I had a similar problem before with Com ports. I just tried all of them, Com1, Com2....Com16. Eventually Com8 worked.
  2. Problem reading analog output value from Q64AD

    Hello Valsidalv, please check D12. I think you need D11 and D12 for this. Just make sure D12 is not used for something else. Jurgen
  3. CRC-8 calculation

    Hello Inntele, I must appologise. I've been on holiday and only got back to my computer with GX Works2 on it yesterday. I'll send you an e-mail tonight. Thanks for your understanding, Jurgen
  4. CRC-8 calculation

    Hello, I've been asked to do a CRC-8 calculation. I'm using GX Works2 on a FX3G. Will this be possible with the FX3G or will I need a FX3U? Is there a FB available for this calculation? Thank you very much for your help.
  5. FX3G-60MR pin layout

    Sorry Crossbow, I will read the manuals more careful in future. Have a nice Christmas.
  6. FX3G-60MR pin layout

    Thank you very much
  7. FX3G-60MR pin layout

    Hello, where can I find the pin layout (external output wiring) for the FX3G-60MR? I know several outputs share one COM port, but I can't find the layout showing which COM port belongs to which Y-output. I checked the document JY997D31301. Thank you.
  8. Hello, I'm using GT Designer 3 V1.106L. I've transfered data from the HMI memory card to the PC many times before but now an error code (801f410b) comes up. Does someone know what this error code means? I've not found it in the documentation. Thank you
  9. FX2N-8AD and Thermocouple

    I'm trying to connect a K-type thermocouple to the FX2N-8AD but cannot get an output. I've set used the TO instruction to set K-type (9) up. How is the thermocouple powered? Should I be able to measure a voltage across V+ and Com?
  10. SECOND function to convert time

    Thanks for your help. It works now, not sure what I did wrong the first time round.
  11. SECOND function to convert time

    Hello Delbert, I'm using Works2 version 1.501X and a Q00JCPU. I've copied the help file programming but no luck. Thanks, Jurgen
  12. Hello, I'm trying to convert time into seconds using the SECOND function. I use Word(signed) array 0..2 but get an error message saying "wrong input data type". What data type do I need? Thank you, Jurgen
  13. E1101 hmi uploading program thorugh ethernet problem.

    Hello Satjam, are you trying to upload the HMI program or the PLC program through Ethernet? My PLC Q00J... did not work via Ethernet and I had to revert to the serial cable direct into the PLC. Jurgen
  14. Hello Letranlong, which program are you using (GX Developer, GX Works, Navigator)? Jurgen
  15. HMI on CC-link network

    Thank you all for your help. Hello Edwin, your link opens a japanese website on my PC. What does it say in english? Thank you, Jurgen