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  1. FX5u

    Yes that is the encoder , and yes it wont work if connected to the inputs , had it connected with the 1.5k resistors and it doesnt make a difference if S/S is connected to 0v or 24v . also i have checked the Rs-422/485 settings and i do not see any settings for this .  Thank you for your reply , taught i was overlooking something on the settings.  
  2. FX5u

    hi ... its the KUBLER-8.5873.5320.B301.S003 encoder , i dont have much more info on this unit ,i was told i can connect it to the FX5 built in rs-485 connection .
  3. FX5u

    has anyone tried connecting a encoder (Kubler) to a FX5u PLC before , apparently this is possible , i myself have never done this . any help?
  4. GS2107WTB rs-422 comms

    Hi , i am trying to get my GS2107 HMi to communicate with a FX3u-64M CPU through the rs-422 connection on the HMi's and the DM8m connector on the PLC side . i struggled with this until finally getting a connection , but now for example , when the E-stop is healthy then it will display in green , and when E-stop is pressed it should display red ...... now all that is happening once comms is made my E-stop lamp stays green .(also if i remove the rs-422 cable the HMI still shows that the comms is connected .( PLC alive lamp and E-stop lamp stays green .)