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  1. Hi everyoneWe have a DKC11.3-040-7-FW with FWA-ECODR3-SGP-01VRS-MS firmware on programming module.Whenever we try to calculate commutation offset via DriveTop software, face with a D301: drive not ready for commutation command.According to user manual the remedy is to activate torque mode, but we have activated torque mode already.Is this something about the firmware version, or we need something more?Best regards
  2. CompactLogix

    Dear VFD Guy There is absolutely no sign of Ethernet connection, not in my PC, not in the controller, not in the linx based software. The PC do not go to even "unrecognized network" stage when I see network and sharing center. I assume in order to set an IP, first PC should recognize an unrecognized network, Is that right? 
  3. CompactLogix

    elfrider Actually your tip is what I did it in some occasions. Yes, I think the flash is completed in "polling ... up", But when I unplug the USB cable and re-insert it, the controller goes back to mother born day, I mean it become with no firmware at all, so no USB connection can be made, except you do a stage 2 reset, (powering on while pushing the reset button till appears DEFAULT on the LED, resulted to firmware 1.6..) I think this problem has nothing to do with memory card. and I did it several times with SD card and without. How did you exactly get rid off from this? Just by unplugging and re-inserting the cable? Is there any need to get rid off VM? Thanks.
  4. CompactLogix

    VFD Guy Thanks I tried to do as you said I connect via USB and RSlinx recognized the controller. But again no sign of unrecognized Ethernet connectivity, then connected the controller to other PC's with different network card, again not a tiny sign like activity of green and orange small led's on interface (no sign in both side of the cable) Is it necessary to setting IP before flashing process? Asking this because I tried to flash it via USB (without SD-card) and every time the communication aborted after final stage, (I mean 20 of 20 stage) The message says "Polling for power-up ... time left until abort: 180 seconds." Then waiting to 0 second and here is what is happening every time: the controller goes down for the birth day and need a stage 2 reset to RS based software can recognize it. Yours
  5. CompactLogix

    And what is NVRAM Bad appearing in front of connected USB in RSlinx software?You know I put a SD card from my own in the cotroller (SONY SD card 4 Gig)
  6. CompactLogix

    BobLfoot Thanks for recommendation about document I have done stage 2 reset to my Compactlogix, Now the RSlinx can recognize the Compactlogix, but just via from USB cable. I think before to flash it according to my installed Studio 5000, I need set an IP address to it, and here the problem begins: I can not connect to it via Ethernet, and even there is no sign of a connected device on my laptop (nothing connected) How can I fix it? I tired to update to update firmware via USB to V30 in CF software, several times, but failed in all cases. The flashing process goes to last stage and suddenly there is an error about interrupting communication. Thanks in advance  
  7. HiI have just bought a new AB CompactLogix 5380 (5069-L306ER) labeled "FACTORY SEAL".When I trying to connect via USB or Ethernet on studio 5000 softwares, no matter RSlinks or BOOT-DHCP tool, there is no responding at all.I know these PLC shipped row and there must be flash before using for first time, But I think when I turned it on via MOD Power, while connected to PC, there must be some sound for connecting via USB cable, or some activity in small led's of Ethernet port in both sides. but there is no response at all.I'm begining to doubt about my cables, although the USB cable and the Ethernet cable are standard cables, I try it with two or three cables.P.S: The package does not included a SD card, I put a SD card from my own, Could it be problematic?Thanks.
  8. Heidenhain EnDat

    pop29684 Thanks Actually Heidenhain team does not answer me saying we don't have any representation in your country. Anyway your answer was such a guide for me. And I read the PDF file. The main question is that Can I program the memory of ECN 113 according to ECN 1313? Do you know what the differences between EnDat01, EnDat22, etc are? Are they compatible for using in the same servo motor? Paul Best regards
  9. Heidenhain EnDat

    Hi What are the rules for choosing a heidenhain EnDat encoder? I have a broken encoder on my Baumuller servo motor need to be replaced, Apparently the encoder model is outdated (ECN 1313), and you could not find it in the market, Somebody told me you need to find an ECN 1313 with the same ID Nr and with the same secret code next to the model like G5 or V1 ... Any idea? Is there any new model of EnDat can be replaced with an old one, and what is the rules for choosing a right one to replace? Best regards James
  10. Indradrive C

    HiI have a Indradrive o type HCS02 .1E-W001-A-03-NNNN with control section CSB01.1C-SE-ENS-EN1-L1-S-NN-FW, and giongto upgrade the firmware.The drive has no MMC (multimediacard) and it has be done from firmware file.Indraworks Ds have a choice for this, But it seems one must have the firmware file (*.ibf extension) to do this.Mine is FWA-INDRV*-MBP-04V42-D5-1-SNC-NN, and I think it can be upgrade to some FWA-INDRV*-MBP-05VRS-D5-1-SNC-NN.Is there any link to download the *.ibf file?Thanks in advanceRegards
  11. Indradrive C

    ExpertsHiI have a indradrive C HCS02 and a MSK100B-0200-NN-S1-BP0-NNNN motor with a SICK SKS36 on it.All of a sudden the drive can not read encoder memory with C0270 (error in reading encoder memory)I check the motor with my other indradrive C and it can recognize the motor with the same encoder cable, So the encoder and the cable is all right and It can be concluded that the problem is with the my indradrive.So I tried to check drive's measurement system by connecting another type of encoders, I mean I connect a MSK100D-0200-nn-S2-BG0-RNNN which has a Heidenhain ECI 1313 encoder on it. Surprisingly the drive can recognize the encoder and the motor of course, no C0270 error.I noticed that Indraworks Ds in the motor tab menu knows my MSK100B-0200-NN-S1-BP0-NNNN as a third party motor and not a rexroth housing motor.I don't know if any setting has changed in my drive or not.Any idea?Best regards.  
  12. Panasonic servo drive

    Crossbow Of course I intend to use wrong motor but with same wattage as the drive. Since the drive is of Minas 5 series and the motor is of Minas 6 series,  motor automatic recognition protection appears. My goal is to eliminate this recognition on my own risk, and I think it is possible by changing some parameters. Thanks for your consideration  
  13. Panasonic servo drive

    Hi I have a Panasonic Minas A5 servo drive trying to test in free run a Panasonic A6 servo motor, But as there is a mismatch between the motor and the drive, error 95.0 appears, which declares "motor automatic recognition protection". I'm looking for eliminating this error. (saying that cause in other brands like Yaskawa or some mitsubishi drives this error, known as combination error, can be cleared). I think maybe by changing some parameters this error can be cleared. Any idia? Regards
  14. Panasonic servo drive

    HiI have a Panasonic Minas A5 servo drive trying to test in free run a Panasonic A6 servo motor, But as there is a mismatch between the motor and the drive, error 95.0 appears, which declares "motor automatic recognition protection". I'm looking for eliminating this error. (saying that cause in other brands like Yaskawa or some mitsubishi drives this error, known as combination error, can be cleared). I think maybe by changing some parameters this error can be cleared.Any idia?Regards
  15. FANUC servo amplifier

    Dear Steve Thanks for attention Actually I'm working in a servomotor repair workshop, and has some experiences about servo motors from different brands, But new with FANUC as I said. My goal is to provide a topology in lower cost with witch can test the motors after repairing mechanically, and of course after aligning the new mounted encoders on servo motors. That's why I'm looking for something like general amplifier which pass the more range of motors. I thought that maybe it is not necessary to have a controller for this procedure; (Cause I'm doing this without any controller in other japanesse brands like Mitsubishi and Yaskawa). Or am I wrong and the things is different with FANUC? You say it. I had guessed that alpha series can have issues with beta series (in amp and motors both). Then I saw the  "Beta Series AC Servo Motor Descriptions Manual" says that I have a lot of choices for beta 2/3000 motor like:beta series servoamplifier unit(PWM interface)SVU–12 A06B–6093–H101beta series servoamplifier unit(I/O Link interface)SVU–12 A06B–6093–H151alpha series servoamplifier moduleSVM1–12 A06B–6079–H101SVM2–12/12SVM2–12/20SVM2–12/40A06B–6079–H201A06B–6079–H202A06B–6079–H204SVM3–12/12/12SVM3–12/12/20SVM3–12/20/20 . . .   So I thought that maybe there is some general amps that can pass more range of motors just for testing in free load? Regards