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Indradrive C

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I have a Indradrive o type HCS02 .1E-W001-A-03-NNNN with control section CSB01.1C-SE-ENS-EN1-L1-S-NN-FW, and giongto upgrade the firmware.

The drive has no MMC (multimediacard) and it has be done from firmware file.

Indraworks Ds have a choice for this, But it seems one must have the firmware file (*.ibf extension) to do this.
Mine is FWA-INDRV*-MBP-04V42-D5-1-SNC-NN, and I think it can be upgrade to some FWA-INDRV*-MBP-05VRS-D5-1-SNC-NN.

Is there any link to download the *.ibf file?

Thanks in advance


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