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  1. What information did you see on the terminal emulator? The module would be still operating in run mode and you would need to issue the break command (ctrl c) to stop the execution of the running program. Using the list command you only get the program listing running in RAM. Programs can also be stored on EEPROM. You can switch between using RAM & ROM commands. The modules are very hardy. I still have 1771-BAS in perfect working order. 
  2. Sysmac + NX1P2 - P_On Bit?

    Under "Help > system defined variable reference" you will find this and many others.
  3. I'd even consider using a redlion if it's for serial comms. Redlion's raw serial driver makes it easy to write your own ascii drivers.
  4. Why do you need to copy the array? Can't you just set the address translation (AT) on the existing array to %D0. The array then should be accessible from %D00-%D59  
  5. Math Floating Point numbers without Registers

    Floating point is entered directly by using the +/- character. See screenshot  
  6. Indeed. I will add it to my list. Thanks Phil.
  7. @pturmel Would this work with a parallel port card? I have some old software that uses a sentinal hardware dongle that won't run anything more modern than WinXP. It's getting more and more difficult to find hardware that still has drivers for WinXP  
  8. When using AT to point at %d address it is essentially just a pointer.  
  9. Why not make it an array address? You can still have the other tags point to individual %d300-99 addresses  
  10. I create a library projects that have my function blocks in. Then when i'm writing new programs I link the library projects into the new project.
  11. I've never tried what happens if your in program mode with an edit then force run mode via key switch?  Might have a play tomorrow. 
  12. Look at the programming PC time in the screenshots. 3:38 going online complete 0 errors 0 warnings 3:39 going online complete 0 errors 0 warnings 3:47 lots of errors. I think an AOI has been modified causing the errors.
  13. Edits would not be possible with the processor in run mode.
  14. On the ethernet/ip driver there is an option to browse remote network. When connected via NAT you will need set the network address you want to browse.

    Am i missing something?  Nice comments but what are you trying to achieve? RearmingRelay:=Not VariatorError VariatorError:-=PositiveHardwareLimit OR NegativeHardwareLimit OR OvercurrentError  
  17. MOV multiple data

    Your welcome.
  18. MOV multiple data

  19. are you sure the serive code is #16#0E ? and not #16#10 ? #0E is generally get single attribute and #10 set single attribute. 
  20. Page 17-5 of W614 shows the port should be set for baud 115200 format 7,2,e mode host-link. See attached.
  21. @BobLfoot does a cross ref of FAL_Top Bring up any .dn or other flags used?  They might be using it as a counter and compute in one instruction 
  22. Certainly saves memory  Don't need to use an ONS doing it that way
  23. Modbus SCU Function block

    Did you set up your SCU as per the documentation?
  24. Modbus SCU Function block

    Hi Bob, You are calling 40 instances of the FB each scan. The limit for this block is 32. Have you tried to run just a single instance to see if you get a reply?