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  1. Project Search

    it will return both, but as soon as you hit the space after _1 only the matching result will show.
  2. ETN21 Firmware update posible/not posible?

    Thanks IO. Im hoping omron can update them for me. I've contacted them without response as yet.
  3. Hi Omron experts, Does anybody know if it's possible to update a ETN21 module to a newer firmware? I see version 1.5 now supports classless IP addressing.  Thanks.  
  4. I too like this method, however as you can use AT % in program scoped data variables too, i find it can lead to problems very quickly. There is no way to cross reference, or a memory map to show what addresses have been allocated etc. I use this method for making a program scoped tag available between programs without using a global variable.
  5. Does it need to map to an array of words or just a datatype that is equivalent in size to the array of words? Some devices only need the data size to match. Maybe you can create you your custom datatype structure that ends up 140 bytes. Alternatively create a union data type. 
  6. PLC to Server communciation

    providing the gateway ip's are actually pointing the gateway router.
  7. SNTP omron plc

    Is it possible to do what is shown in the ETN21 manual for clock updates on the omron cs/cj plc's ? I know you can update the time via SNTP but as shown in the manual it appears as if you can then broadcast this across the network? I can't find any other information on it. Only way i can think is to send FINS commands to each other PLC or fetch the time from other PLC's. Thanks in advance.
  8. How to use alarm buzzer in NS screens

    System Settings > Initial Set your system memory base address. ($B0) On same page click system memory list First page listed tick the Basics Tab. Bit 13 and 14 of first word will be your buzzer  
  9. That wont be happening on this forum.
  10. 5 silo to 4 hopper

    A picture can speak a thousand words. How about a diagram?
  11. Make sure they know how to use generic modules too. The number of people I come across that can't add/or get ethernet devices up and running unless it has an add-on-profile.
  12. Can't see anything in the revision history. Although can only see back as far as 1.28.  
  13. The newer versions of studio don't even allow you to save the library as a .slr file. You can add a .slr file to a project however. Not sure when the .slr file support was dropped? Maybe try install an older version
  14. How big is your range of floating point numbers? Do they need to be added every scan?  D100 - D110 is only 5 floating point registers. Easily done with 4 +F(454) floating point additions. You won't get any more efficient than that. However if you were adding 10 or more  consecutive registers you may want to look at pointers/indirect addressing. Then you can choose if they are all added in 1 scan with a "FOR" loop or over consecutive scans.
  15. 3 Data Memory into 1

    Given that a D register is only 1 word / 2 bytes, you won't be able to move day/month/year into a single register. 1 nibble (4 bits) can only store the vales 0 - F