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  1. I hope you didn't get the same surprise I got arriving on site unable to fire up your VM. It was fun trying to get cellular reception to download the update lol.
  2. Just a warning for anyone using a mac for their VM's . VMware fusion version 11.5 is not supported by the latest OSX "Big Sur" If you update your OS  you will get no warnings and you will find that fusion no longer works, you will need to upgrade fusion too. 
  3. I agree, thanks for posting the outcome. Out of curiosity did you find if the db module was doing anything?
  4. @spark man even though there is nothing in RAM your program could still be on the ROM. Here's a sample output of "Call 81". It tells me there is 1 program in ROM.   You can then change the console to look at the program by typing ROM 1 then list the program stored. Hope this helps.
  5. From command mode enter "call 81" This will tell you if there are any valid programs stored in the eeprom
  6. I'll rephrase what I said. Judging by the response you receive from db module it appears the memory is corrupt, and therefore not operating. This does not mean the module does nothing, but that something in the plc program may not be functioning correctly, because the db module is not running its program.
  7. You can use the ROM and RAM commands to load the program from the chip. Read the manual first though. 
  8. Definately looks like the db module program is corrupt. Why not disable the btr/btw to the db module and see if there is any effect on the machine. Judging by the output I'm guessing it's doing nothing.
  9. Control C will break the operation and stop the program, entering command mode. You can continue from where is stopped by typing "cont" or let it start from the beginning by typing "run"
  10. If the BAS module is doing something there should be some BTR and BTW to from the unit. Are you in command mode?  Press control C to exit run mode and enter command mode. You should be seeing a > prompt. Even though there a no cable connected to the front connectors, back in the day I would use a DB module as a Maths-Coprocessor on legacy PLC5's My terminal settings were just 1200k /8N1 
  11. Hi Joe, No problem with using putty on windows 10 running on vmware fusion. with a usb-serial convertor.    
  12. Hi Joe, I haven't but i will today and post the results, I have had older software that can't use a serial convertor that must use a physical port, but for using a terminal emulator I haven't run into any issues. 
  13. You don't need an older computer if you have a usb - serial converter, also PuTTy" is a great terminal emulator. 
  14. Forum problems

    File uploads are working again...
  15. DWord to Data Types

    Just move the array[0..31] of bool from your union to your structure that has the comments array[0..31] of bool MyStruct.bArray := MyUnion.bArray