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  1. NX1P2 - Convert REAL to DWORD

    Good to here you got it sorted.
  2. Time display formatting question

    The Data Display object must adjust its format automatically if the milliseconds are all zero's, The output of TruncTime is still a Time Variable (time in nanoseconds).
  3. NX1P2 - Convert REAL to DWORD

    I'm not sure what Fanuc controller the OP is using, but i found this in the R30iA ethernet IP manual. It seems there is a different class for reading/writing numeric objects as an INT or Real and also a note that Reals (Ox6c) are only supported from version 7.40
  4. NX1P2 - Convert REAL to DWORD

    Is it possible to read the value out of the Fanuk controller as a dword rather than a real, to see what the format should be?
  5. Wulfgar, I believe my crash was due to the VM's drive completely filling up. This was my first install of win 10 and I just left the default disk size of 60Gb. It had been running for about 2 weeks without any issues and no warnings of low disk space on either the host or the guest. BTW I do have accelerate 3d graphics enabled and haven't had a crash again. This install i increased the disk size to 85Gb.  
  6. NX1P2 - Convert REAL to DWORD

    Could you post an example of the input ant output your expecting? A DWORD is only a double bit string will only store a value from 16#00000000 to FFFFFFFF. The fractional part of the decimal will be rounded and only the integer will be converted.
  7. Understanding MOVD Function

    Have a look at this tutorial submitted by @Jay Anthony
  8. Thanks for the info regarding DX11 I have always used SS on Vmware, and haven't had any issues until last week when it crashed. I have only recently changed over to win10 from win7, and winXP. I am noticing the disk size seems to be getting quite big. The VM's are just a base install of windows and I have CX-One and SS installed, no other software. The Win10 VM is now at 70GB The WinXP is  12GB  
  9. NX1P2 w/ NX-CIF12 Option Module

    The equivalent of E001_NX_Unit_I_O_Data_Active_Status_63[x] for the CIF12 option board would be _PLC_OptBoardSta[1].Run
  10. Help with IR loop dilemma

    You could also just use offset addresses if that makes it easier. For example if D0 contained &8 D100[D0] would actually reference D108. Here's an example of comparing a single word D21 with a range of words D30-D39 if a match exists set a bit.  
  11. Help with IR loop dilemma

    How are you incrementing the index register? To increment by 1 word you can do: ,IR8+    This will read the value at the pointer first then increment or, ,+IR8 This will increment the IR first then read the value at the pointer  
  12. Help with IR loop dilemma

    If your wanting the value IR8 is pointing to you need ,IR8 not IR8.
  13. Is there any noticeable difference between the 2 packages? Will my licence for a 32 bit version work on a 64 bit installer?  
  14. CX Common Components / CPS Upgrade Fail

    Some AV software interferes with the installation. Avira antivirus in particular. Perform a clean boot in windows and try the installation again. 
  15. Windows 10 and CX-Programmer

    Sure is. I don't remember ever changing the setting on the win7 machine and It has been frustrating me when going from the mobile machine to the desktop. Thanks all for you help