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  1. On the ethernet/ip driver there is an option to browse remote network. When connected via NAT you will need set the network address you want to browse.

    Am i missing something?  Nice comments but what are you trying to achieve? RearmingRelay:=Not VariatorError VariatorError:-=PositiveHardwareLimit OR NegativeHardwareLimit OR OvercurrentError  
  4. MOV multiple data

    Your welcome.
  5. MOV multiple data

  6. are you sure the serive code is #16#0E ? and not #16#10 ? #0E is generally get single attribute and #10 set single attribute. 
  7. Page 17-5 of W614 shows the port should be set for baud 115200 format 7,2,e mode host-link. See attached.
  8. @BobLfoot does a cross ref of FAL_Top Bring up any .dn or other flags used?  They might be using it as a counter and compute in one instruction 
  9. Certainly saves memory  Don't need to use an ONS doing it that way
  10. Modbus SCU Function block

    Did you set up your SCU as per the documentation?
  11. Modbus SCU Function block

    Hi Bob, You are calling 40 instances of the FB each scan. The limit for this block is 32. Have you tried to run just a single instance to see if you get a reply?
  12. Masked moved instruction

    I have used mvm in the past to latch alarms for hmi's etc in PLC5 days.  My alarms in the plc logic were OTE instructions. For my hmi alarms I would simply MVM source "alarm word" with mask "alarm. word" destination "HMI alarms". If any bit in "alarm word" goes high,  corresponding bit in HMI alarms goes high and remains high.
  13. Need help with Timer Logic

    What happens if BOOL tag remains high? Does TON_2 keep cycling?
  14. Masked moved instruction

    @ElectronGuru  What your examples fail to show is that the destination remains unchanged where the mask bit is a zero. If for example the destination already contained high bits in the destination: Source - 1010 1010 - 170 Decimal Mask - 0000 1111 - 15 Decimal Destination 1111 0000 - 240 Decimal After the MVM instruction is executed the destination will be Destination 1111 1010 - 250 Decimal