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  1. Open .RSP file

    You're welcome
  2. Open .RSP file

    Here.... LINE3.pdf LINE4.pdf PALLET1.pdf PALLET2WET.pdf LINE1AN2.pdf
  3. How can I open a .rss file?

    HMMM? Have you tried removing the .abc part?
  4. How can I open a .rss file?

    Do you have RSLogix500? Version should not matter. What software do you have? FYI the free version will only work with a ML1100 and a ML1000 program. What kind of error are you getting when you try to open it? Post the file here and someone can create a pdf file of the program for you.    
  5. Open .RSP file

    Here... GTG2_02RIGHT.pdf
  6.   See above from the master cts_user
  7. PLC5 maximum of four timers acc strategy.

    What works is most important. And easy enough to understand.
  8. PLC5 maximum of four timers acc strategy.

    Sort (SRT) instruction will do that for you. Or sample ladder   See pdf(s) sort.pdf HIVALUE.pdf
  9. PLC5 floats to integers via modbus

    See link..   http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=21916
  10. Convert RSS to PDF

    Crossreference..... INV TO PDF_crossref.pdf
  11. Convert RSS to PDF

    Here.... INV TO PDF.pdf
  12. Good to hear you solved your problem. I did see the other forum's responses also, great minds think alike.
  13. Was there anything connected to channel 1 ? The port may not be configured for DF1 protocol. Do you have the offline file to check how the port is configured?
  14. No, but double check the pin-out  2 to 3 3 to 2 5 to 5
  15. First, not all USB to serial adapters work. Second, not all USB to serial adapters support "Autoconfigure" You might try configuring the driver DF1 in Rslinx's manually. Default for your controller's channel 1 is.. DF1 full-Duplex Baud rate 19.2 kbps Parity none Station 0 No handshaking Error BCC Data bits 8 stop 1