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  1. RSlogix 1200

    Name Catalog # List price RsLogix 500 Micro Starter 9324-RLM0100ENE $151 The above is not too bad. Might be a little more now.    
  2. ML1400 RSlogix Micro

    See pdf.. For the RSLogix Micro software RSLogixMicroSoftware.pdf
  3. Open .RSP file

    Here... BURNERS1A.pdf BURNERS1B.pdf BURNERS1C.pdf
  4. RSS to pdf conversion

    Here.. FP135IPZ.pdf
  5. Open .RSP file

    It did not, might try again. Not even the other thread.   Something seems to be wrong with the site . It's not allowing me to upload the pdf.
  6. pdf printout needed

  7. RSLogix 5 Printout

    Files are to large to post here. Provide e-mail address and I will send them. If you can.
  8. Opening a .RSS file without RSLogix

    Looks like it was posted here..   http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showpost.php?p=882347&postcount=65
  9. Opening a .RSS file without RSLogix

    unable to post file. Will try again Site is not allowing me to post file?? Hopefully someone else will try.
  10. SLC 5/03 rs232 connection problem

    Which adapter did you get? And thanks for coming back with your solution.
  11. SLC 5/03 rs232 connection problem

    Channel 1 on a SLC5/03 can only be DH485. That is not the right cable. A 1747-C13 is the right one to use( note misssing pins) you may have damaged the 1747-UIC because the SLC has 24 volts on one of its pins.. see link(s)   DH-485 Cables used with SLC-500 processors and the 1747AIC.pdf 1747UICProcedure.pdf
  12. SLC 5/03 rs232 connection problem

      You will need one. Bear in mind not all USB to Serial adapters work. "Keyspan" and see link(s) for ones that do work.   https://www.plccable.com/allen-bradley-usb-1747-cp3-1756-cp3-1761-cbl-pm02-micrologix-and-slc/   https://www.tripplite.com/keyspan-high-speed-usb-to-serial-adapter~USA19HS
  13. SLC 5/03 rs232 connection problem

    Null-modem cable, if port configured for DF1. Autoconfigure should work. The 1747-UIC is for DH485 only. The port would have to be configured for DH485 protocol.   What is the complete catalog number of your HMI ( PanelView?). With this we should be able to tell how the serial port on your SLC is configured.
  14. Depending on the value of your flow data you could use an implied decimal point. By multiplying the floating point value(by 10,100) with a destination of an integer.   Then moving the decimal back after it gets to Wonderware.
  15. 1747-NI8 Open Circuit

    The module has status bits to monitor for an open circuit. Is the program using these bits to cause the machine to go down. Check programming for this.
  16. ML1200 and 1762-IF4

    Check and double check the flat ribbon cable between the controller and modules.    
  17. DF1 Polling and PLC Fault

    Is this PLC connected to any real loads ( inductive loads) if so do they have surge protection? Check and double check grounding also.
  18. 1762-IF4 power question

    See PDF LED_status.pdf
  19. RSS file to convert

    You're welcome
  20. RSS file to convert

    Here.. Good luck as there is no documentation. FELDMANN2020_05_11CON3329B.pdf
  21. TCP connection

    Answer may be here.. see link https://www.advancedhmi.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=14&chapter=0
  22. Password protected PLC programs

    Not that I know of.
  23. The serial port may not be configured for DF1. Have you tried to clear the memory?  Did you click on autoconfigure with RSLinx? This will default the serial port to DF1 (see pdf's) ClearMemorySLC.pdf ClearMemSLC.pdf
  24. 1747-UIC DB9 Pinout colours

    You will be happy with the results.
  25. 1747-UIC DB9 Pinout colours

    Contact supplier.. https://www.plccable.com/contact-about-us/