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  1. Learning about MicroLogix 1500

    it took me a little to get used to it, I like CCW now, and its not just for controllers. setting/backing up drives is a breeze compared to executive. 
  2. Learning about MicroLogix 1500

    Whats wrong with the 850s!? I like them 
  3. 232 DH+ Pass through 5/04 PB32

    I'm pretty sure PanelBuilder is older than me
  4. 232 DH+ Pass through 5/04 PB32

    So I tried that a few times and i even tried downloading with my program and it never showed. A few articles online say that PB32 will not work with windows 10. I decided to try the memory card again. It had failed 3 times before it actually loaded into the program but it worked. Some sites suggested using VM and installing windows XP but I wasn't desperate enough to do that.  I am going to update this system shortly to 5000 and put it on our network, this is the only system in our plant still using DH+. Thank you, I appreciate your help!  
  5. 232 DH+ Pass through 5/04 PB32

    You were correct the cable was wrong, lesson learned. I can now see the HMI in Linx but it shows no drivers available in Panelbuilder. 
  6. 232 DH+ Pass through 5/04 PB32

    I see. I am using a sealink usb serial adapter. I also have 1747 UIC I could try.  I also tried the memory card at fat 16. The command line i use is "copy %s F:" seems like it copies, but t doesnt make it over. 
  7. 232 DH+ Pass through 5/04 PB32

    Im not sure if the port is damaged, but I have tried multiple times to communicate via 232 and it will not. I just tried again with no luck, I can communicate with the SLC no problem.  The catalog number is 2711-T6C8L1
  8. I have an old system that needed some HMI modifications, it comminucates with DH+. The 232 port on the HMI does not work even if I disable the printer. I have tried to create a memory card with a linear flash but the HMI says it is not formatted correctly. I was able to get the DH+ pass through on the processor to show the Panelview on RsLinx however PanelBuilder32 can not communicate with it. Perhaps I am making the memory card wrong?  Windows 10 with latest version of AB software. I am not too familiar with Panelview or DH+, so anything helps.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,  Justin