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  1. Omron IR memory with Citect

    Hi BobB, The Citect help files is not too helpful for the Omron protocol.  However with some extra testing, it seems like it is indeed CIO 120.0.  It seems that when the address is above the allowable leading digit, it will turn into [word][bits(0-15)]. Thanks for you help.
  2. Omron IR memory with Citect

    Hi BobB, I'm not quite sure I'm understanding you. The address that is entered in Citect is 12000 not 1200.00.  Are you indicating that they are equivalent?  If so, the memory area for CIO is also up to 511 only so I'm struggling to understand why CIO memory address 1200 would have an value that is online. Thanks.
  3. Omron IR memory with Citect

    Hi All, I'm going to start with that I'm new to Omron and this is the first time I'm dealing with an Omron PLC. I have a project where I'm trying to migrate the Omron from Citect to Redlion Flededge.  The Citect is polling the Omron C200H through Hostlink (Omron driver in Citect 7.2) on RS422.  I've found some Citect variable where it is polling address 12000 to 12015.  My understanding from the Citect driver help is that those address should be correspond to the IR (or CIO) memory area in the Omron PLC.  However all documentation points toward that the memory area starts from 0 to 511 so this should be an error.  Despite that, those points are currently online in Citect and displaying a value.  Am I understanding the documentation wrongly or is there something extra that I'll need to figure out on how those points are being polled. Thanks.
  4. RSLogix 5 Printout

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to have a quick look into the logic of this very old plc.  Would any of you kind guys able to printout the logic for me? Thanks. PLC1.RSP PLC2.RSP