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  1. MOV multiple data

    Hello, Making program on CP1L-E, is it any better idea, then MOV DXXX to DYYY if i need to transfer more then one simultaneously   (at this sample i change speed on transporters (16 of them) according product is on) Dxxx.bmp
  2. MOV multiple data

    Thank you Chelton. You saved a lot of my time.  
  3. Hardware problem S7-224

    Hi colleagues, I have problem occurred with 224 PLC. I installed it on machine and sent simple program to start check of system. Program consists of Main program, one subroutine to enable 2 outputs blinking using SM0.5. Then happened following sequence of events. 1.Before download there was pop up that PLC in program differs to PLC connected. 2.I pressed button to change PLC in program. 3.Than download…Downloaded… 4.Than another pop up appeared, it was very shortly – hardware frame problem (or something like this) and system needs to close communication.System halted. 5.Yellow LED was on.It is impossible to connect. 6.With switch run/stop depressed to run.It started. Outputs blinking. 7.Impossible to connect. It looks that program and hardware have different versions. Before this case I was working with older PLC. It can be that PLC software version 1.x was entered. Have somebody have similar situation with successful decision? I never used wipeout program. What is sequence to execute it. Do this DOS program works with USB? I use PC/PPI cable connected to USB via USB/COM converter.This equipment I use more than 3 years without problems... Ramunas
  4. Hardware problem S7-224

    Could be... If I will get any results, I will inform.. Thanx
  5. Hardware problem S7-224

    Still silence All the day I tried wipeout.. This program do not recognise any PLC conected
  6. Laptop whit out serial port

    Problems from USB to COM can be caused by windows open your PC properties, hardware, device manager COM and LPT choose your port properties advaced REMOVE ENABLE from FIFO buffers If system is older make serial number COM1 This should help
  7. ounters and move instructions

    Thanks Dekor, This mistake I could recognise only on working project. I'm system integrator, sometimes a lot of hours looking at machine and thinking what to do with programing
  8. S7 300 analogue output problems

    Grounding only one side of cable shield. Sometimes it really works.
  9. reducing scan times

    Do not forget inform about results. I have downloaded your program. Surprised, that you have problems with scan time
  10. ounters and move instructions

    It depends of what siemens you use. I never used real time clock but it could be like this And, who knows how to set and read real tim in 200 series please help Project1.pdf
  11. Hi Pawel Usualy HAMA adapters are working. I work with it for Siemens, ESA HMI, Omron If they are not in Polish market - welcome to Lithuania Ramunas
  12. Difference between V and M memory

    There are different memory areas and you can use all of them. Even SM. They can be retentative V and M areas. In user manual is everything...
  13. Telemecanique Stuff

    Can You help me with soft to program TSX17. I have one project seems never be finished... Ramunas
  14. S5 Voltage selector

    S5 is suplied with impuls power suply unit. If it burned - look for varistors, there can be some transistors burned out.We have tried to repair one. It was problems in finding part, but may be you are more lucky.... By the way it could be that nothing hapened.
  15. VIPA CPU

    VIPA as I know is made by specialists left SIEMENS by some reason. Price level is similar. It should be some distributors in Sweden. You can ask my distributor www.elinta.lt
  16. S5 PC to PLC Cable

    Can you send me too? Will be very lucky... elektrofanas@yahoo.com
  17. Sea aquarium

    Hi everybody, Do somebody made project for big sea aquarium parameters control automatisation. My client want to have realy big sea aquarium and it is impossible to control all the procceses inside without PLC. Do somebody has some experience? Thanks in advance. OOPS dear admins please move this topic to The lounge RL
  18. WinCC V6 coms to S7-200

    Thanks, In mean time i want to try to make first project with WinCC. Can I ask some stupid questions directly? For those who working a lot with those queations can seem crazy at least...
  19. Capble C200H

    It could be PC problems not cable or PLC. Switch of buffers on PC Settings>control panel.....System devices>Paralell and com ports Sometimes it helps. Clue for PC is aproxime...
  20. IDEC Micro-1

    Have you idea abou pin out of cable? I need it....
  21. Timer status bit in S7

    I am familiar with Siemens S7 and have some experience with AB. AB has perfect functions for timers as "timer done" or "timer run". In S7 you should make those functions in ladder.
  22. WinCC V6 coms to S7-200

    Why nobody answers this question? Dear members please help "newbies". By the way, I want to learn WinCC. Good link could really help... Thanks in advance
  23. TD200C F Keys

    You are right, TD200 use wizard for creating of screens and functions (like F and shift F) it is realy usefull for beginers but for a advanced... I tried some touch panels and stoped to ESA. They can apear with different brand names (like Saia). Price level is 1,5 higher... at least in our market. But you can do everything! Compose screens as you want, set, reset bites, indicate VW values, show pictures, etc... On such touch panel your task is very simple and friendly to customer. I do not advertise ESA. There are different producers of HMI, but touchpanels are best for me...
  24. LOGO

    I was thinking about this scaling, and new idea came. It is possible to make 8 different scaling points by making alarm message when voltage is in described borders.
  25. LOGO

    As I know it is impossible In logo screen you can change parameters of your program i.e. preset timers, counters parameters and display alarms like faults of machine or program status... Take Siemens 200 series with simple panel... And there is sample of scaling in manuals.