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  1. Hallo, I need to load program from old TSX nano and transfer it to my new (7 year old on stock) nano, but I lost my PL707 softwer . Can you help me or PM the softwer. Thank you very mach.
  2. Multiple PLC connected to CX-S

    Yes, I have 2 PLC on CX-S.
  3. Devicenet and CX-Integrator

    You need 24VDC power on DeviceNet, give NSJ (1 for example) and V1000 (2 for example) different node addresses. In V1000 manual you find on whitch address is parameter. I use DeviceNet offen and for simple application with Omron components I don't use Cx-Integrator,only give diferent node address on slaves. In thet case input word is on adress 33xx, and output is on 32xx. Best regards
  4. Suitable PLC for in car mounting?

    Great idea. I don't know for Omron , but Telemecanique have smol Zelio PLC thet run on 12VDC, have ocion for GSM modem,nalog inputs,calendar etc.Wisith their web for details.
  5. HBM Weight modul on SCU

    Wild car do everithig , it receive 12 byts in ASCII format. Thank's to you!
  6. HBM Weight modul on SCU

    Thanks, B&B I will test as you say , and let you now the resalt.
  7. HBM Weight modul on SCU

    Hallo, As I posted before to you, I use'd HBM on CQM1H RS232 port. For some time I didn't use HBM, and now I need to conect HBM WE2108 to CJ1M-CPU13 PLC with SCU41 card. Link is on port 2 as RS232 . I have problem with reading value (MSV), it send ok (I think) but receave is not good. COD and TARA is executing, so cabel and other is OK. Wher is mastake? HBM.zip
  8. electrical drawing software

    E-Plan is great softver too.Price is biger but have all you need.It suport DIN,JIC,IEC and USA standard for simbols and else.
  9. "Start" Help

    I have similar problem in my old job. Boss tell me to unsafe thing.Becouse he is boss I have to do. But I tell hem thet is unsafe acording to some rule I imagen and ask him to give me writen specifik order to do that. Becouse he consern of perhaps problem if somthing hepend he did't give me writen order , and I didn't turn odd safti switch. Maybe to do same with you boss??
  10. Inverter 0,4kV 630kW - Sugestion

    Thank's beegee it help me a lot.
  11. Inverter 0,4kV 630kW - Sugestion

    Yes, I call Omron distributer in Serbia and they say that Omron dasn't have drive beeger then 300kW,and ofer me drive of ASI Robicon. I don't like Italian product becouse bad experians with they equipment. I know thet 630kW in 400VAC is uper limit, but investitor didn't use extruder with 500kW as I sugest. This mashin - motor is at my opinion overrated and motor will work ,as I asume , at 60-70% off full power. I'm in contact with Control Technique for drive,and some other manufacturer.Some sugestion will be good. Thank's to all!
  12. Hay, What is yor sugestion for inverter 0,4kV 630kW motor for extruder. I use Omron and Schneider but then don't have this power. Some advise be helpfull.Thank's
  13. CJM-plc and siemens mc35i gsm

    It's HEX 1A. Go in download Code and find example thet Sleepy make, it's excelent for starting.
  14. Anyone up for a resistance welder mystery?

    Mybe some ideas. If you can measeure voltag on potenciometer bitvin pin 8 and 10. It mast bee steade at 10V. How old is drive thet is replaced, ther is some problem with elektrolit if it's older then 10 year.If so tray to replace it with new, I have some result with this.
  15. Protocol macro

    On the table is 2m.And on site is 80-90m.