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  1. Having the Problem while Opening hte old backup.

    IWhy don’t you post a couple of your project and maybe we can give you some better advice. The post mentioned by Ron_S 17007 should be one and any other project. Rodney
  2. Shihlin Electric Model SEPLC PLC

    I assume the P.L.C is a Mitsubishi FX2N-48MR the cable would be a Mitsubishi SC09 cable. The software would be Medoc or GX     Developer. It is not a copy past situation the program has to be written via the programming software then transferred to the P.L.C also a replacement battery has to be installed to retain the program. Rodney
  3. A0j2 cpu software" Korean version"

    AmirB Medoc version 2.2 has in its library the model A0J2. Rodney
  4. melsec medoc error

    AmigaB l am pleased you are now sorted. good luck Rodney
  5. You must give much more information in order that we can assist you in achieving your goal of writing your code. Rodney
  6. Timer with no defined register value

    But in that case why use a data register
  7. Convert S7-300 CPU 313c to S7-200 Cpu 224

    The two PLCs have different software and different programming cables. So you cannot take the program from the 300 PLC and put it into the 200 PLC. You require Simatic S7 software and a MPI cable for the 300 PLC. For the 200 PLC you require Micro Win software and a PPI cable. So you upload the program from 300 PLC and rewrite the program with the Micro Win software and download it to the 200 PLC. Not knowing the machinery or the application it may not be as simple as l have suggested however both of these machines must have worked in the past so it must be possible.  Good luck Rodney   
  8. Timer with no defined register value

    If it does not appear anywhere in the program then how could it be latched.
  9. Timer with no defined register value

    Is there a HMI or a Scada connected  to the to the PLC. D435 is a data register and can receive a value from these devices.  Rodney
  10. melsec medoc error

    Hi AmirB As l said in my post the cable you have will not work. You require a cable from Mitsubishi SC09 this cable has electronics in it that.   converts the RS232 signal coming from your computer. To RS485/RS422 that your PLC uses when reading and writing to your         computer. As gambit said in his post if you have USB available on your computer you can buy a USB version that would work. But the simple way wold be to get the SC09 cable. good luck  Rodney   
  11. melsec medoc error

    A serial cable will not work you have to use a Mitsubishi SC09 cable. The PLC is not RS232 the SC09 cable converts the RS232 to RS485 or RS422 l don’t remember of hand. You can bye these from EBay but be carful of some of the sites ideally try to get a genuine cable which is an orange coloured one. Rodney  
  12. Crack the Password of Omron PLC

    It is against the terms of service on this forum to discuss cracking of passwords.
  13. Baub  l have just noticed you have not used the inputs in the sequence as you did in your previous sequence. Rodney  
  14. Regarding your sequence Q100.0 will you be using this as an indication that the sequence is running ie a run lamp. If not you can use a internal flag so as to not waste a actual output. Also you require a cancel flag for T1,T2,T3 and T4. The way it is programmed T1,T2,T3 and T4 once they energise they cannot turn off. Rodney  
  15. That would depend on the valves operating the system. If the valves are single acting then when the valve would return when de-energised. However double acting would require a return signal. This would depend on which operation is required. Rodney