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  1. FX0N-24MR ES to FX0N-24ER

    The sink or source is selectable by the S/S connection if 0 volts is connected then 24 volts is the input and if 24 volts is connected to S/S then 0 volts is the input.  
  2. FX0N-24MR ES to FX0N-24ER

    I not really shore where the FXON-24MR really comes from because l think in this part of the world it is either FXON 24MR ES or DS. However l have just checked on eBay and there is a FXON 24MR available. It may be in the US as it is for sale with a $ price tag. Rodney
  3. S7-200 failure?

    I don’t think Siemens step 7 micro win software is a free download. You will also need a Siemens step 7 PPI cable to connect between the computer and the P.L.C. Rodney
  4. A2NCPU PLC Error

    I worked on these in the early 1990s.
  5. A2NCPU PLC Error

    A GGP is a Mitsubishi dedicated programming terminal. They were used pre Medoc software day’s and were a step up key pad programming device.  Like Medoc on a laptop you could monitor complete rungs.
  6. EEPROM Error

    Twincat 3 is for Backoff programming  
  7. FX-48MR

    The PC can transfer to and from both the PLC and the HMI using GX Developer and E Designer respectively. The HMI Can only read and write data to and from the PLC. Rodney
  8. Beijer E-Designer Software

    Paolo_911 which way are you trying to transfer your project. If you are trying via serial connection that will probably be your problem. Try Ethernet connection it’s much faster and should not fail.
  9. Beijer E-Designer Software

    Ptbodds If you have no luck getting the software let me know if l can help in transferring your software   Rodney
  10. nx102 cpu password

    Again it is against the terms of service to discuss anything to do with bypassing passwords on this forum. Your best option is to follow the offer from Omron  
  11. nx102 cpu password

    What you are requesting is not allowed on this forum. You can contact the manufacture and if you can prove you are the owner of the software they can help.
  12. Did you check in device manager what com port is assigned and if there is any conflict. Rodney
  13. The device manager should also if there is a conflict  Rodney
  14. AmirB To communicate with the Siemens series 200 PLC you must use a Siemens PPI Cable. Rodney
  15. Having the Problem while Opening hte old backup.

    IWhy don’t you post a couple of your project and maybe we can give you some better advice. The post mentioned by Ron_S 17007 should be one and any other project. Rodney