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  1. Fx3 communication RS485

    Hi I think IVRD is for inverter communication. You should try the RS instruction.
  2. GX works3

    Hi Version 1.101 is avalible as of last week. But not the european installer.
  3. Parallel link FX3U

    Hi Use GX developer or GX Works2. The settings is done in D8000 registers. Good luck
  4. RJ71C24-R4 Modbus holding register

    Hi Try changing the Start Modbus device number from 0 to 1. I hope this is a classic 0 og 1 start address problem.
  5. Hi You are trying to display comments for labels that have no comment. Please try Ctrl+Shift+N You can find all det settings here: View/View Mode/
  6. Mitsubishi EDS file location? (GX Works3)

    Hi To open the procjet you need to install the profile for the FL module. You can fin what you need here: This web site have some problems with some files. Often the easyest fix is to use firefox to download. See chaper 4.5 for installation info Test from manual:  In order to use FL-net module with GX Works3, installation of module profile, module label, module FB is necessary   To open the file: .gx3 is a zip file, and bye changing the extention you can unzip it and take a look inside.
  7. Alpha 2 plc

    Hi GOT 2000 can connect to AL2. Using RS232.  
  8. FX5 PID Bumpless transfer

    Hi Try this   // ---------- Init ---------- FMOV(SM402 , 0 , 29 , wParam[0]); // ---------- PID parameters --------- wParam[0]        := i_wSamplingTime; wParam[1].0     := i_bOperationDirection; wParam[1].5     := i_bOutputLimitEnable; wParam[2]        := i_wInputFilterConstant; wParam[3]        := i_wProportionalGain; wParam[4]        := i_wIntegralTime; wParam[5]        := i_wDifferentialGain; wParam[6]        := i_wDifferentialTime; wParam[22]        := i_wUpperMVLimit; wParam[23]        := i_wLowerMVLimit; // --------- PID auto --------- PID(i_bEnablePID , i_wTargetValue , i_wProcessValue , wParam[0] , o_wManipulatedValue); // --------- Manual value --------- MOV(i_bAutoManual , i_wManualValue , o_wManipulatedValue); // ---------- Zero output when PID is disabled ---------- MOV(NOT i_bEnablePID , 0 , o_wManipulatedValue); // ---------- Bumpless mode transfer ---------- IF i_bAutoManual THEN     INT2DINT(TRUE , o_wManipulatedValue , dTempReg);     dTempReg := 100 * dTempReg;     bTempArray[0] := DINT_TO_BITARR(dTempReg , 32);     wParam[18] := BITARR_TO_INT(bTempArray[0] , 16);     wParam[19] := BITARR_TO_INT(bTempArray[16] , 16); END_IF;
  9. compiled code in GXworks3

    Hi I have not found any function like this in GXW3. Maybe you can use verify til see the comp code?
  10. Mitsubishi FR-A8NEIP-2P + FR-A820 + Beijer PLC

    I have never worked with the XP340 PLC. This is to new. But I know that Beijer always focus om Modbus in there systems. Usally it is just some parameter settings and mapping. Text from Beijer specs   Application layer MODBUS TCP Client and Server, MODBUS RTU Master/Slave, OPC DA Server, OPC UA Server, HTTP Server, BCS Tools programming protocol, SNTP Client, SNMP Agent (Ethernet Network Management)  
  11. Mitsubishi FR-A8NEIP-2P + FR-A820 + Beijer PLC

    It contains multiple sheets    
  12. Mitsubishi FR-A8NEIP-2P + FR-A820 + Beijer PLC

    The excel doc contains paramerters and modbus addresses. Or is it empty when you open it?
  13. Mitsubishi FR-A8NEIP-2P + FR-A820 + Beijer PLC

    Hi Just to throw out an idea What link time do you need. Can Modbus TCP an alternative? I know it is slower but it is built in to the firmware of the inverter. Use the built in ethernet port instead of the HMS option. Attached you have some start help for Modbus TCP. Some thing to consider. Good luck     Modbus inverter helper v1003.xlsx
  14. MOV H400 K4M60? Hexadecimal

    Hi Hex 10 = Dec 16 = Bin 0000 0000 0001 0000  I hope this helps
  15. GX Works3 Simple PLC Communication Error Indicator

    Hi Take a look at the module labels for C24.