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  1. MOV H400 K4M60? Hexadecimal

    Hi Hex 10 = Dec 16 = Bin 0000 0000 0001 0000  I hope this helps
  2. GX Works3 Simple PLC Communication Error Indicator

    Hi Take a look at the module labels for C24.
  3. If Else or Similar

    Hi It is correct except Nightfly is missin a : in the second line. This fault will give an error. My suggestion is not correct compared to your description. 
  4. If Else or Similar

    // Green light IF wValue > 2499 THEN     bGreen := TRUE;     ELSE     bGreen := FALSE; END_IF; // Amber light IF wValue >= 2000 AND wValue <= 2499 THEN     bAmber := TRUE;     ELSE     bAmber := FALSE; END_IF; // Red light IF wValue < 2000 THEN     bRed := TRUE;     ELSE     bRed := FALSE; END_IF;
  5. QD77GF Error D304

    Hi I hope setting this parameter will help.  

    Try this Set M100 and hold it until M200 is on. Use M200 to reset M100.
  7. I'm using names all the time and try not to use hardware addresses. But good names are important. Combining discribing names and prefixes are important.  Here ara the prefixes I use.
  8. Hi I agree with Gambit. But if you must change it than you should test the Batch replace function.
  9. WS0 Safety PLC Cable

    Hi WS0-C20R2 (2049581)
  10. Integer to Byte

    Hi Use the BTOW function. 

    Hi If normal "slow" communication is ok, you can use CC-Link IF Field Basic. Easy to use and often good enough. No need to buy anything. If you need high speed communication (ca. 1ms) then buy a CC-Link IE Field master and boards for you robot controller. Good luck      
  12. GX Works 3: PIDINIT, PIDCONT

    Good morning Try this exsample. This a FB that uses tht PID funtion and mapps it. Use E-Manual wiever and seach for the PID function for help Good luck   R_PID_FB_v108.gx3
  13. GX Works 3 (R04CPU) Device Memory

    Hi You need to define D3260 (+1) as a Global label first. Then define a local label. And use the EMOV function to transfer the OP value to the local value.    
  14. HMI point table help

    Hi Direct addressing from the GOT to the point table is the way to go.  
  15. Servo MR-J4-_A-RJ Control mode

    Modbus-RTU can't controm the servo in position mode. To control the servo by Modbus-RTU positioning mode is your only solution.