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  1. HMI point table help

    Hi Direct addressing from the GOT to the point table is the way to go.  
  2. Servo MR-J4-_A-RJ Control mode

    Modbus-RTU can't controm the servo in position mode. To control the servo by Modbus-RTU positioning mode is your only solution.
  3. Servo MR-J4-_A-RJ Control mode

    Hi In position control the servo follows the command pulse signal from for example a PLC. In Positioning mode the servo is controlled internally. Point table is a table with pos, speed, acc, dec ..... values and can be executed by DIO. Program mode is small programs also controlled by DIO. Indexer mode is a rot coordinate. These three modes can be controlled by communication. Remember to init the servo amp in Parameter PT34 when using positioning mode.
  4. Hi Have you checked the station number on the servo?
  5. Mitsubishi FX to KInco MD204L comms cable

    Hi The CPU port on FX PLCs is RS422 so you need to implement a converter if you want to use det RS232 port. Or install a RS232 port in the FX PLC.  
  6. Hi Have you set PT34 to 0001 and rebooted the amplifier? This is to init the amplifier to table/program mode.
  7. GT2107-WTSD not showing in GT Designer3

    Thank you for the update and good luck
  8. GT2107-WTSD not showing in GT Designer3

    Good Why I think this is the correct link for you. This is the europeen installer and since your located in Ireland I think this is the correct one for you.
  9. GT2107-WTSD not showing in GT Designer3

    Yes, to a log in page. After login the download starts automatic. If you do not have an account just create one.
  10. GT2107-WTSD not showing in GT Designer3

    Hi You need to upgrade GT works3. Try the GT Works3 - v1.255R version Link for download:  
  11. Q03UDE IP address won't change???

    Hi Is there a memory card instaled? When formating, remember to format program mem, RAM and ROM. After formatting and reboot the PLC should give a 2400 error (missing parameter file)
  12. Mitsubishi FX3U firmware...

    Hi That is correct. 
  13. CC-Link Field IE networks

    Hi This is not possible.