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  1. Gx iec developer to GXWorks2 conversion

    Hi In this case you need to excange the functions manually. Select it then type "BMOV" and press enter.  Good luck
  2. Reading FX3G PLC

    If you do not have the password you can not read from the PLC!!! If you do not except this you need to contact Mitsubishi Electric headquarter (legal department).
  3. Fast Periodic logging mx/ethernet

    Hi Are you using MC protocol? I think that is the only possibility. 300ms sounds slow. Do you have a stack overveiw?
  4. Timer with no defined register value

    Good point. But then MrMeeseeks should find that D435 is latched.
  5. can I plug Q61SP power supply into Q312DB base?

    Hi This is not possible. You need a slim type base to use this power supply. Unless you solder the pieces together
  6. Timer with no defined register value

    Hi Can this be a device that receives it's value from some kind of communication? Is D435 latched?
  7. FX3GT password decode

    Sorry, this key is buried deep in the secret Mitsubishi vault
  8. GX Works 3 Remote IO setup

    Hei igjen What type of remotehead IO-module are you using? RJ71GF15-T2 or NZ2FT
  9. GX Works 3 Remote IO setup

    Hi Rolf Inge Didi you get it to work? If you are using the CC-Link IE Field bus with a remote head station you need til set ut the station with a network number and staton number. And maybe more dependig on what kind of modules that are mounted. First transfere bust be done with USB after that you can tunnel the transfer via main CPU to the remote station. Good luck
  10. Need to connect 300 Analog channels

    Hi Why use a old platform like Q series? What about spare parts after 10 years? In the IQ-R system you do not need any code for normal analog handling like filtering and scaling. Good luck:-)  
  11. need to recognize mitshibishi inverter

    This is a FR-CS80 inverter. Looks like a FR-CS84-120 or 160. 400V  12 og 16 amps Only seriell communicatin. Mitsubishi inverter link og modbus RTU.
  12. Pulse FLow Meter

    88*60=5280 ppm 5280/30=176 ppL
  13. FX5-ENET\IP with NZ2FT-EIP

    Some follow up info Error 413 tells that input and/or output size is wrong.
  14. Hi I think you have forgotten the bit specification. ArrayName[x]
  15. GX Developer Link Relay Issue

    Yes, looks likt that will work.