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  1. About Fx3u-64ccl and how to config using two FX3U cpu's

         Vinícius,       Just adding a comment to Crossbow reply, currently 110 Ohms cable type is more common. I don't know if you already purchased the cable but, just in case, in Brazil you can find CC-Link compatible cable from Igus (Jundiaí) and Eurocabos.       If you need help in Portuguese, Mitsubishi Electric Brazil has a technical support address where you can send your doubts.        BR,        Thiago  
  2. GOT2000 Blinking lamp with signal off

        Bloggy,     You can make a lamp to blink by setting the option below. Click in the figure of the ON lamp and the configuration, shown below in green rectangle, will appear. You can select from slow (low) to fast (high) blinking.   BR, Thiago
  3. PID Loop Review

         Dear wbaumgartner,      I took a quick look and your program looks OK for me, as program structure. I ran it under simulator to check if any errors would appear (and, believe me, if you do something inconsistent for these QPLC PID instructions, you will sure get 4100 coded operation error) and no errors (I don't know if you tried to run your program under it, and more recently the GXW2 simulator is supporting PIDINIT/PIDCONT instructions).      As you may know, PID is very process-dependent control so it is difficult to really know if it will work but all-in-all it the program looks fine.      BR,      Thiago
  4. Mitsubishi PLC comparison function

    It's ANDed, so any of the conditions in your ladder line goes false, M3 goes false, as well. Regards!
  5. Mitsbishi FXxx Programmer-Port. via C# or VB

    I know it's not exactly what you're looking for but I recommend you add a FX3G-485BD and use computer link protocol that is open documented (like "MC Protocol C type, for serial"). I can send a link to you of this manual if you decide to use this option, just let me know.  Regards!
  6. Mitsbishi FXxx Programmer-Port. via C# or VB

    Sorry Bob, I can't help. This port only works with programming protocol which is Mitsubishi proprietary. Probably there's a specific protocol command to set baud rate in first communication cycle... I don't know! I don't have access or clearance to such as this information. Even D8118 and D8119 is undocumented in public manuals.
  7. PID Loop Review

    Are you getting some alarm or problem?
  8. Q170MCPU problem

    There are many reasons for the L alarms, the best way is to connect your Q170M to MT Works2 and check the diagnostics. The MT Works even may give you potential causes and possible solutions.
  9. GOT2000 Blinking lamp with signal off

    There is a blinking option in lamp or you may combine two bits in lamp for this, like SM412 (or M8013 depending on the PLC you're using). I can take a picture tomorrow and send of this config on GT Designer.
  10. SFC in Mitsubishi plc

    Hello m.rahmy, To implement the SFC by using stepladder in FX you must combine the usage of S type bits with STL instruction. The way it's programmed in your example will not work as SFC. As I'm answering from my cellphone, I cannot take a picture from GXW2 so, I will try to represent using text (if not clear, please ask again I will answer tomorrow): To work as an SFC, your ladder must be programmed like this:      X1 1 --| |---------------------------[SET S41]   2 --------------------------------[STL S41]    M8000 3 --| |------------------------(M50)     M78 4 --| |------------------------[SET S42] 5 --------------------------------[STL S42]    M8000 6 --| |------------------------(Y1) 7 --------------------------------[ RET ]  Ok! Line 1 runs all the time because it's not under any previous STL instruction. Consider the first STL instruction is on line 2 from the beginning of the program. Considering initial state S41 and S42 off, M50 and Y1 are off two because they depend on some of those states to be active.  Now, let's consider X1 turns on. Then, S41 state becomes active so, lines 1 to 4 are being processed (every line between the current STL active until and before next STL (S42) will become active and being processed). At this moment, as S41 is active and M8000 is always on, M50 now go on and stay like this, as long as S41 is active. Now, let's consider after a while, M78 goes on. Now, S41 goes automatically off (because of STL working way, no need to reset it) and S42 goes on. Lines 1 to 4 become inactive, so M50 also goes off. Because of STL S42 active, now lines 5 to 7 (RET instruction delimit the last STL region) become active, so Y1, that was off previously, becomes on. This is basically how SFC in ladder - stepladder - works on FX PLC. Hope it helps! Regards,  Thiago          
  11. FX0N not communicating with GX Developer

       I also had lots of problems with SC-09. I can't explain why but the MAX232 IC usually comes to fail and must be replaced. Some customer of us even had a problem when using for the first time or, sometimes, few times.
  12. Mitsbishi FXxx Programmer-Port. via C# or VB

    Bob, Let me try to understand better your situation:  1- Do you need to change the baud rate or just know what is current baud rate? 2- This baud rate is for MiniDIN port (embedded) or a BD expansion? 3- What is the exact FX model you're working with? BR, Thiago 
  13. System forgets servo position

    Gman1, When you install the battery for the first time, you should get AL.25 (abs position loss) after powering on the drive with the motor properly connected. This happened? After that you should turn off an on again and the alarm should disappear. Then you must perform OPR (home position return). If the above didn't happen, your drive is missing the absolute position detection parameter to be enabled or you have some problems with your driver/QD77MS. BR, Thiago
  14. Beckhoff PLC + software selection

    You're right, pcmccartney1. That is the shortest way. Thanks for your reply! Thiago
  15. Beckhoff PLC + software selection

    Hi, I need to select a Beckhoff system that basically must have PLC with motion capabilities for drives via EtherCAT. The purpose is to test the compatibility of Mitsubishi Electric EtherCAT type drives with Beckhoff PLC. As Beckhoff is a PC based solution and there are many options I'm honestly confused on how to proceed to select a Beckhoff system. Does anyone have experience with selecting Beckhoff PLC that could help with the way to select it? Thanks! Thiago