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  1. Micrologix 1200 clear memory

    If you can connect with RSLinx, then Open up RSLogix with the file (new program) you want to download. Select comms - who active_ highlite the processor and download the new program. It will overwrite the old.   Or   NOTE: By following this procedure the . 1) When prompted for the password enter MLCLRMEM , using the keypad of a telephone you must translate this into its numeric equivalent of " 65257636 "
  2. DH485 RJ45 switch or hub

    The UIC is for DH485 only. The serial port would have to be configured for DH485. You can configure it for DH485 if you want. Or get yourself a good USB to serial adapter. See link for a good one.   https://www.plccable.com/allen-bradley-slc-500-usb-1747-cp3-1756-cp3-slc-5-03-04-controllogix/
  3. DH485 RJ45 switch or hub

    Not all USB to serial adapters work. What brand do you have? If that is what you are using to connect to the serial port.
  4. DH485 RJ45 switch or hub

    that would be key of course. If you can get online at all thru the DH485 port then I would change the control line protocol to no handshacking. That way a 3 wire null modem cable should work. You may need a null modem cable with handshacking lines to get connected with how its set up now. ( I no expert on that though)  
  5. DH485 RJ45 switch or hub

    With the proper  cables (and your UIC) an AIC+ will work for this. See pdf   What is the issue with the RS232 port? How is the RS232 port  configured? Check the offline file. We might be able to help solve the "issue". 1761AIC+.pdf
  6. 2 wire 1769-IF4II

    Oh my Anthony07 those a fighting words. You must be an engineer.
  7. Plc-5/30a and 1784-my card

    Have you tried to change the "Device Type" value to PKTX ?   Click the down arrow for value options
  8. Report Button

    Thanks Joe E. I was looking all over for that this morning to report the latest garbage.
  9. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    That's for the embedded analog inputs.
  10. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    Also data format for your 1762-IF2OF2 inputs are.. Set for "Raw proportional" 0 volts = 0 counts 10.5 volts = 32767 or 0 volts = 0 counts 10.0 volts = 31207 counts
  11. Problem With RSLinx Classic

    It might be that RSLinx is running as a service (default installation), see link below to correct this.   http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showpost.php?p=798567&postcount=2
  12. SLC5/03 download program question

    Yes.. See link   http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/16199-memory-module/&do=findComment&comment=80117
  13. Sir good day. Can you please help me Sir answer this some questions of mine..?

    What is the scaling value for flex io 1794 1E8xOE4, 4 to 20mA input, is it 6242 to 30840 Sir or 0 to 30840?

    I am confused for these 2 scaling values in our slc 5/05 program, please help me Sir.

    Thank you Sir.


  14. RSS file to convert

    Here..   NP RIG.pdf NP RIG_BAK163.pdf NP RIG_BAK164.pdf PROJECT.pdf