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  1. That is what a voltmeter is for. Put it across "FV" and "SC".
  2. I am not so sure. It looks like the VFD is trying to power the potentiometer.   Is that 10vdc on the VFD side internal?  Put a meter on it to see.   I guess connecting to "FV (+)" and "SC"(-) should work.
  3. Allen Bradley Panelview .PVA

    Post it here.
  4. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    Input Min = 0 Input Max = 1023 Scaled Min = 0 Scaled Max = 16383
  5. Analogue Micrologix 1100

    The embedded analog inputs have an address of I:0.4 and I:0.5. (I:0.0 is a digital input) Also the embedded analog inputs have a resolution of 0-1023 raw data for a 0-10v input. (need to adjust your "SCP" instruction) The snapshot you show , shows the controller in the "Remote Program" mode. (you did turn it to RUN?) analoginputs_embedded.pdf
  6. PLC's.net down?

    Down for me also.   See link for a good site to check this.   http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/
  7. ML1400 Solid LED Fault & Power, Blank Display

    WAQ!! I have seen this with smaller power supplies where the inrush current(of the PLC) causes this. Can you try a different power supply?
  8. Hi Mickey sorry for the approach but youve helped me alot in the past and i was wondering if you could help again?


    kind regards Glenn

  9. Micrologix 1400A FIFO creation

    From the manual..   Are you trying?   Post your .rss file if you can.
  10. 1747-UIC, New vs. Old

    Old 1747-UIC? Did not know there was an old and new. Is it a 1747-PIC? Can you post a picture of it.
  11. 1771-IAD A, B, C, D Terminals

    FYI, The PLC5's do not required a I/O configuration. It's documentation only if it's there at all. I/O addressing would certainly be a problem.
  12. 1771-IAD A, B, C, D Terminals

    Are you sure it's not a 1771-OAD? As it does use those terminals.   http://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/in/1771-in024_-en-p.pdf
  13. You can, but that is a lot of damping. Just play until it helps.
  14. Your logic should work. Why is this a user input? I agree with PLCMentor though, I would use a deadband logic. It does not have to be on at 20 off at 25 maybe on at 18 off at 22 your system will dictate the settings. As others have pointed out why not correct the noise issue, or apply a filter (see txt) Filtering.txt