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  1. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    That's for the embedded analog inputs.
  2. ML1100 And Analogue Expansion Module

    Also data format for your 1762-IF2OF2 inputs are.. Set for "Raw proportional" 0 volts = 0 counts 10.5 volts = 32767 or 0 volts = 0 counts 10.0 volts = 31207 counts
  3. Problem With RSLinx Classic

    It might be that RSLinx is running as a service (default installation), see link below to correct this.   http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showpost.php?p=798567&postcount=2
  4. SLC5/03 download program question

    Yes.. See link   http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/16199-memory-module/&do=findComment&comment=80117
  5. Sir good day. Can you please help me Sir answer this some questions of mine..?

    What is the scaling value for flex io 1794 1E8xOE4, 4 to 20mA input, is it 6242 to 30840 Sir or 0 to 30840?

    I am confused for these 2 scaling values in our slc 5/05 program, please help me Sir.

    Thank you Sir.


  6. RSS file to convert

    Here..   NP RIG.pdf NP RIG_BAK163.pdf NP RIG_BAK164.pdf PROJECT.pdf
  7. Micrologix 1400

    Is this logic in a subroutine. If so, is the subroutine being called? ("JSR" instruction? "Jump to Subroutine")   That's why TW asked about Lad 2.
  8. Win 7-64 does not recognize cable 1747-UIC

  9. Sir please help me delete the zip file that you had sent, coz i forgot to rename it, the company name is still there and i committed a violation.

    The file name is DELMONTE_A_311209 EDITED.zip.

    Thank you  Sir...


  10. RSS file to convert

    Here...Had to zip it, it's a very large file. DELMONTE_A_311209 EDITED.zip
  11. Micrologix 1200R Communication port & cable

    See link.. They have others also.   http://www.graceport.com/graceport/p-a14-b3rx
  12. Universal Analog Input Card

    Here is an example.. See link https://www.spectrumcontrols.com/products/1756-controllogix/1756sc-if8u/
  13. RSS to PDF Converstion Support Please

    You're welcome
  14. RSS to PDF Converstion Support Please

    here... Your file has no documentation,good luck. GLAMA_PREFIDER1.pdf
  15. Did you save the program after you uploaded?