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  1. Too SLOW?

    Thanks b_carlton. This is a matter of order of operation?
  2. Too SLOW?

    I am trying to program a 1 hour timer, that will, on completion, move a counter value to a V storage location, reset the timer, and reset the counter. this is to track parts made each hour. I have programmed the simulator, in DoMore 2.3, to do this but it says the timer.done needs 2 scans to be seen. My timer is resetting before I can see the done bit. Since this is the basis for my data move, my data is not moving. Is this just a function of the simulator, or will I get this in the PLC too?  
  3. Do-More Designer

    Thanks rlp122! I am assuming that the values are normal numbers, Hours 1-24, Minutes 1-60, etc? A/B uses a value based on 1/1/70 as 0. It's a bit confusing until you get into it. Next I'll ask about arrays in memory.    
  4. Do-More Designer

    Trying to program production tracking in Do-More 2.3. Need to track current Date, Time of day & current hour.  Anyone have an example of how time of day is used? I have done this in Allen Bradley 5000, but this Automation Direct stuff is new to me.
  5. Legacy PLC Manual

    Thanks to both of you for such a quick response. I didn't think I would ever find that manual. Thanks to pcmccartney1 for the link!!
  6. Legacy PLC Manual

    I started a new job here in South Jersey. The plant is using a 1747L-40A PLC. They don't have the program or any information regarding this unit. They want me to replace it with a ML. Is there any source for manuals or communication protocol for this old guy?
  7. Cross Talking

    Where would I find instruction for mapping inputs from one plc to be used in another plc on the same DH485 network. I have read the MSG instruction until my eyes bled but I still don't get it !
  8. Cross Talking

    I've tried to find this here but there is sooo much information I can't seem to nail it down. How do you get an input from an ML1200 into the logic of a SLC 5/03, and vise-versa ? I need to see the input from the ML in several rungs of the program running in the SLC, and I need to see some outputs from the SLC in the ML1200 . Both are connected through DH485.
  9. COnnection with An AIC+

    I did this last night but I forgot about the termination resistors. Thanks for all your help, everybody !!!
  10. COnnection with An AIC+

    The PV600 is 2711-K6C2. It has one DH485 port and one SLC RJ45 port.
  11. COnnection with An AIC+

    Is this what you mean ??
  12. COnnection with An AIC+

    This is getting out of hand !! I find that I cannot connect a PCMK directly to an SLC 5/03, port 0, and maintain more than 2 nodes. I also can't connect to the AIC+ DB-9 port withput a "real" serial port. Attachec (I hope) is a layout of what I want to accomplish. Please let me know if it is possible without hanging a more "converters" on this network...
  13. COnnection with An AIC+

    Must have a real serial port to use the that driver, see PDF attached:
  14. COnnection with An AIC+

    I have an existing setup with an SLC5/03 and a Panelview 600C. I have used the RJ45 connection on the PV 600 to communicate with both and have had no problems. Engineering just added a machine to the line that has a Micrologix 1200 and they want to add it to the network using an AIC+ to hub the communications together. I have the Micro connected to the AIC with a 1761-CBL-AM00 and the Panelview is connected to the AIC with a 1761-CBL-AS09. I am tryting to use the RS232 port on the AIC to connect my pc to this but RSLINX can't find anything through DF1 unless I disconnect the phoenix plug from the AIC. I have the system configured as node 0 is the pc, teh slc is node 2, the panelview is node 3 and the micro is node 4. According to the documentation with the AIC, this configuration should work. What am I doing wrong ???