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  1. I want to offer my industrial surpluses for your projects! All details are verifiable. Excess surpluses often occur. Sending to any country in the world. The price is low. I can pick something up for you personally. Sending can be made, both expedited, and economy air delivery. Ukrposhta or EMS Ukraine. Siemens Simatic, Wieland,  Wago 750, BECKHOFF, Schneider electric, Schneider Automation, Yaskawa Omron, KEYENCE, Pepperl+Fuchs, Telemecanique, ABB, FESTO,  DUNKERMOTOREN, Eaton, Micro Innovation, Jumo, Phoenix contact, Bruel & Kjaer, Unitronics, Samson, Danfoss, OMRON, Rexroth Indramat, Fanuc.   All parcels are sent by Airmail, are processed with disinfectants and sent with a large number of bubbles before being sent. For safe delivery of the parcel to you! I am worried about your safety, in this difficult time for you!
  2. Yaskawa U84S CPU in Stop Mode

    Dear All, Yaskawa Memocon-SC U84S CPU is installed but it is in Stop mode,as its RUN indication is OFF and PLC is not generating any output. can anyone tell me how to shift it to RUN mode as P190 is also not attached with this system. Thanks  
  3. Has anyone had experience with EtherCAT Communications using Sysmac, NJ5 PLC & Yaskawa SI-ES3 EtherCAT Comms board for A1000 VFD?  I have looked at the manual, but as I am still green on Sysmac & Omron programming in general.....not sure I understand what to do to simple Drive Status monitoring, Execute RUN/STOP & Speed Select... Thanks in advance :) 
  4. hello,,,, i want to ask, is there a way to convert the yaskawa PLC ladder program to a Mitsubishi PLC? and what software is used to program PLC brand of YASKAWA?
  5. Good Day, I am seeing intermittent bUs (communication bus) errors on 3 VFD's simultaneously.  These are Yaskawa P1000's with CM092 Industrial Ethernet Cards. There are Stratix 5700 switches between the drives and the Controllogix 1756-L75 CPU.  Happens every day to every week -- intermittent. Reading parameter F6-98, it indicates a 'connection time out'.  I don't understand why I would receive this fault.  IGMP snooping and querier are enabled on all switches, if that matters. I do not have unicast checked but Yaskawa said that didn't matter.  Packet time is 100 milliseconds.  I welcome any input on what might cause this.  One Yaskawa tech said I should set speed to 100 Mbps (now set at 10 Mbps). Any help appreciated.
  6. hello.   I've been trying to communicate this omron plc CP1L-EM30DT1-D, with a yaskawa inverter cimr-vu4a0004faa. but i can't figure out how to make de correct mov or configuration in de DM. i need to run/stop, change frequency.    some help, please. :) 485PRUEBA.cxp 485PRUEBA.opt
  7. All, I have been trying for days to find a way to control a yaskawa v1000 over Ethernet. I have been trying to use explicit messaging but I cannot find the instance class  etc in any of the yaskawa literature. All I can find is to use EDS files with RS5000 but I have a micrologix 1400 and I don't have that capability. If anyone has any recommendations let me know. Thank You, Liam M.     
  8. Hello. I am working on an a machine automation project. I come from an Allen-Bradley background and am new to the OMRON environment. However so far the difference has appeared slight.  My current issue, involves an MCH71 motion controller and an 'ORIGIN SEARCH' Routine.  I am using MECHATROLLINKS II for the communication. I have set up my Registers just fine in CX-Programmer and have successfully performed jogging and incremental move functions from CX-Programmer using ladder instructions with the required bits sent to the MCH. I am however at a bit of a hurdle with the ORIGIN SEARCH function. I have read the manual numerous times. I have not been able to determine where exactly the Limit Switch is to be terminated to become a 'point of origin' so i can perform an origin search command. I will be using a single point of origin (Limit Switch) I have included any relevant documentation that I could dig up. It would APPEAR to me that the limit switch must be terminated to '41' I do not know what that refers to in terms of I/O points. (This was an old demo unit that I am now to utilize for a 3 axis machine...) I might add that this is my first motion control project. (I am from process control background) Each servodriver unit has a break-out I/O terminal block. I find no reference to '41' on any of them. (The 'P-OT and N-OT' have been disabled within the system parameters as well.) I plan on using these parameters;  1 for P4AA01 1 for P4AA02 (could this be wrong) 1 for P4AA03(also unsure) 1 for P4AA04(this i am pretty sure about) 0 for P4AA05(this i am positive will be required for accuracy) P4AA07 will require tweaking once i have set this up.    It is all in test mode and the servos are just secured to a test bench....Thanks. I