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  1. Dear All, S7-200 smart with analog input/output module (EM AM06) is installed. Problem is that sometime, All LEDs of input section remains stable and suddenly all starts blinking. and at that time values of the sensors attached to that inputs also varies. is it problem of AM06 module or of any sensor? waiting for reply. Thanks  
  2. Dear All, TM241CE40R is installed with firmware If I buy new CPU with some other firmware, will it work or I will need to change the firmware?  
  3. Yaskawa U84S CPU in Stop Mode

    Dear All, Yaskawa Memocon-SC U84S CPU is installed but it is in Stop mode,as its RUN indication is OFF and PLC is not generating any output. can anyone tell me how to shift it to RUN mode as P190 is also not attached with this system. Thanks  
  4. Dear All, Please tell me how to open Backup file of CP1H (.CXB) in CX-Programmer? I have a backup file and I need to change the PLC type in program. Please help  
  5. Dear All, 2094-BM01-SA0192 was installed on a machine, now we are installing 2094-BM01-SB1111 Problem is that when we Power ON, it start showing 0,1,2 and remains on 2 while in old SA0192, it goes to 1,2,3 and 4 then comes to normal display. can anyone suggest the solution? waiting
  6. when I try to access L32e via Ethernet then it is not appeared in RSLogix. If I select serial port, then it is shown in RSLogix. and from there I have changed the IP address but when I remove serial cable and try to connect L32e via Ethernet it is not shown in RSlogix. Please help  
  7. Dear Joe E.   Static IP address is already selected in Port Configuration. But it is not accepting the IP address. When press Disable DHCP show the error , please see the attached file.      
  8. I want to assign IP to L32e through BOOTP. when i enter IP and press Disable DHCP, after some moments it shows error "failed to complete the request operation" can anyone help please waiting
  9. FX3U Analog Modules

    Digital IOs required are  25
  10. FX3U Analog Modules

    I have checked FX5U through configurator, it also supports only 8 modules. after adding 8 analog modules, it does not shows analog modules in drop down menu. can anyone tell me how can I use communication module to fulfillmy requirement. waiting for reply. Thanks 
  11. FX3U Analog Modules

    or is there any PLC other than FX3U which supports more than 8 Analog modules?
  12. FX3U Analog Modules

    can I use FX2N-8AD with FX3u?
  13. FX3U Analog Modules

    I have tried config tool, but after adding No. 7 analog module, it don't show analog module in the drop down menu. how can I use more than 8 modules wit FX3U ? waiting for reply. Thanks
  14. FX3U Analog Modules

    Dear All, Can we use more than 8 Analog input / output modules with FX3UC? I have 22 analog inputs, 22 analog outputs and 22 temperature inputs. please suggest. waiting for reply. Thanks  
  15. NT31C EV2 to EV1

    Dear All,   I have uploaded program NT31C-ST141-EV2 and now I have HMI NT31C-ST141-EV1.   I am trying to download the program in EV1 but software shows error as attached. I have program in onw formate and can open in support tool. but if I go to PT settings, I don't found V1 there.   can you please tell me how can I change EV2 to EV1?   waiting for reply.   Thanks Shoaib