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A new development is proposed - Sasha_Local_MQTT_Client.exe for remote management
OMRON controllers (CS1, CJ1, CJ2, CPL, NJ...) and Yaskawa controllers (MP2300, MP3000,...).

This development is based on the use of LOCAL freeware MQTT Broker -
installed on the user's computer or on the organization's service computer,
depending on the purpose and goals set during use.

The app is designed for technologies :
- IoT;
- Remote control;
- Remote diagnostics.
- Start-up and adjustment works on the site, when the Adjuster
  must be located away from the object's control cabinets;
- Issuing technological tasks to different objects (PLC) from the same technological center;
- Generating relevant information about the object for
  service personnel and company management.

MQTT Broker is implemented on a separate computer,
and client computers communicate with the broker-computer either via a local network
or via WI-FI.

Client-computers exchange information with OMRON PLC via interfaces:

- USB;
- Ethernet/IP;
- Ethernet;
- RS232/485;

Client computers exchange information with the Yaskawa PLC via an interface:

- Modbus/TCP;

Client-computers can exchange with PLC both independently (without connecting to MQTT broker)
and together with a Central MQTT broker.
You can connect up to 256 (or more) clients to a single MQTT broker.

Additionally, for each client, the mode of information exchange with the PLC is 
implemented by means of Android smartphone connected to the Internet. The exchange can be 
carried out by a smartphone from anywhere in the world where Internet connection is implemented.
For a description of an Android program for exchanging information between a client and an Android smartphone,

The software package is written in Delphi XE 10.3.3 (Embarcadero) using
several components from other developers.

Note. For OMRON controllers, the development of the exchange interface is based on the use of:
- or functions and packages of the CXServer program (OMRON);
- or using a special DLL - Ethernets.dll;

The basic version of this program includes a Central broker, client computers, 
and Android smartphones can read and write words and bits of the entire PLC memory.
The extended version of the program allows for many additional modes, and
information can be exchanged between controllers from different manufacturers
connected to the client-computer via different interfaces.

If you are interested in using or upgrading the specified program
you can contact its author, Dr.-eng., Alexander Ryss by E-mail :


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The Omron Sysmac platform has MQTT Function blocks and works quite well.

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1.In your message does not say that this MQTT functional blocks operate 
ONLY with the controller NJ  of the family OMRON. 
My applications work with all families controllers  OMRON - CS1,CJ1,CJ2,NJ..., 
as well as with controllers from other manufacturers, for example Yaskawa. 
If you are an expert, you should know this when you write your comment.

2. If  company OMRON has developed MQTT functional blocks that, 
in my opinion, are not convenient, and do not fully solve the tasks 
of Iot,  remote control, remote diagnostics, and collecting information 
about the object,  then other developers do not have the right 
to develop similar software   ??? 
My developments appeared in 2016, when these functional blocks OMRON
were not in sight- see also download Omron_Remote_control on your site and another developments.

3. Having extensive experience in implementing objects based on controllers,
 we know as well as specialists OMRON what users of equipment need for 
 IOT, remote diagnostics and monitoring


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In response to your point #1: Sysmac Platform = NJ/NX controllers.  So, yes it was mentioned that the FBs only work with the newer controllers.

My comment was not meant as an attack on your solution, just a note for others that might read this: there are options that Omron offers with the newest platform that do not require adding a PC with custom software to the mix.

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If you write an OBJECTIVE comment on my post, it should be noted that these functional blocks do not solve the problem of transmitting information to smartphones and computers - main in IOT and remote control. They only solve the task of transferring information from one controller to another using the MQTT protocol. All other tasks must solved by the developer independently.

The main difference between my applications and the proposed MQTT functional blocks is that the user immediately receives a ready-made solution and does not need to think about how to get information from the controller - everything is already decided and the user only operates with information from the controller either on a smartphone or on a computer.

You didn't write anything about it in your comment

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Sasha, you are clearly not understanding what was said.  Nobody said you could not develop your own solution.  Nobody said the Omron solution was better or worse.  Stop being so defensive.

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