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  1. Hello All, I would like to control Powerflex 525 drive with Omron NJ301-1200 PLC via Ethernet/IP (Set speed, start, stop). I've gotten until the part where I downloaded the necessary .eds files of the drive and imported into my Sysmac studio. However, I'm stuck after this point while assigning target variables and Originator variables and eventually setting speed and controlling the vfd. I've attached images for your reference.
  2. Dear, I am trying to setup an UDP connection between my Omron NJ301 PLC & my LED power supply CCS PD3-10024-8-EI (   My setup: I Close all used sockets. I SktUDPCreate Socket 1 for sending messages. I Fill in DstAdr & DstPortNo to & 40001 (I have pinged with cmd and the IP adress does respond). I Fill in the sendstring with "@00E01172.016.110.007A2CRLF" as per manual. I SktUDPSend this string. I clear the receive buffer to be sure it is empty. I Create socket 2 for receiving messages. I tried filling in only the Dst and filling in both Dst and Src but it has the same result. (DstAdr & DstPortNo 30001) I SktUDPRcv without error then used a TON for 10ms before I check my buffer I Check my receive buffer and it is empty (Size 0) When trying to ping (by using laptop in same network) it automaticly tries to ping without succes.   So my question: Is there another way then using 2 sockets? And does anybody have any clue what I'm doing wrong?
  3. Hello All I am new to sysmac studio, i am using a NJ301-1200  and R88M-KN10H servo drive , i connected the servo to the NJ using ethercat. I was able to write a program where i was able to activate the servo from the NJ using the mc_Power instruction . My question is , i am not able to run the servo using the mc_movevelocity and mc_moverelative . Do any one have any suggestion to how to go from here ..