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  1. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    I already found the areas used for the CPU bus unit: my question is what range is doing what inside the D30100 range. In Section 9-21 of W339 it says " Each CPU Bus Unit is allocated 100 words (based on unit numbers 0 to F). Refer to the Unit’s Operation Manual for details on the function of these words". The Unit's operation manual is W472, but I cannot seem to find any specifics what range is doing what.
  2. Hello fellow tinkerers, Inside our company we're expanding our IoT network with the replacement of CJ1G-H to CJ2M CPU units. When swapping models we are downloading the Datamemories back into the CPU. Our engineer warned us to not download all the DM memories: only up to D20000, so I did. When starting we had some inputs that weren't showing in the Data trace: and noticed that it were pulses shorter than 8ms. We found out the "Unit settings" were back to default and this is not unusual since we only downloaded range D0-D20000 but I'd like to avoid this in the future and look up what each datamemory means. I know D30000 to D31599 are the memories for the CPU bus unit settings (manual W473 section 4-5) but what range is the "unit settings" within these 1600 datamemories? I can't seem to find it in any manual I look into (W473, W472).. Also do you see any problems with downloading the full datamemory range?   Kind regards!
  3. Setting up UDP: Not receiving data

    I've filed a request, I'll have to wait for it to be approved
  4. Setting up UDP: Not receiving data

    Hello, thank you for the suggestion. My company manages my network and prohibits use of wireshark
  5. Setting up UDP: Not receiving data

    Thank you for the hint, but the manually (of the light source) states that there must be leading 0's as there should always be 3 digits
  6. Dear, I am trying to setup an UDP connection between my Omron NJ301 PLC & my LED power supply CCS PD3-10024-8-EI (   My setup: I Close all used sockets. I SktUDPCreate Socket 1 for sending messages. I Fill in DstAdr & DstPortNo to & 40001 (I have pinged with cmd and the IP adress does respond). I Fill in the sendstring with "@00E01172.016.110.007A2CRLF" as per manual. I SktUDPSend this string. I clear the receive buffer to be sure it is empty. I Create socket 2 for receiving messages. I tried filling in only the Dst and filling in both Dst and Src but it has the same result. (DstAdr & DstPortNo 30001) I SktUDPRcv without error then used a TON for 10ms before I check my buffer I Check my receive buffer and it is empty (Size 0) When trying to ping (by using laptop in same network) it automaticly tries to ping without succes.   So my question: Is there another way then using 2 sockets? And does anybody have any clue what I'm doing wrong?