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  1. So I have to assign an axis to NX-PG and the move the stepper motor using MC_MoveVelocity??
  2. I'm able to run the motor but i have to give position and velocity. How do i run continuously? (Do i have to keep incrementing the position ?? Seems like it ain't right though)
  3. Hello, I need to control a stepper motor(have stepper driver) using NX-PG0232-5 with NJ301 PLC. The function is simple, i need to run the stepper motor continuously at a specified velocity. So, in NX-PG module I've made the settings (Ch1 output mode as "Velocity continuous pulse output") and given the tags to IO (as shown below, sorry i'm not able to attach image). I've also added the initialization program to switch on the vfd. Now to move continuously i should should just give speed in pps in "PG_Ch1_Command_Velocity" right?      Ch1 Controlword    Control word 1    W    WORD                 Ch1 Switch On    Switch ON for pulse output 1    W    BOOL    PG_Ch1_SwitchOn        Global Variables     Ch1 Enable Voltage    Start turning on the power for pulse output 1.    W    BOOL    PG_Ch1_Enable_Voltage        Global Variables     Ch1 Quick Stop    Immediate stop for pulse output 1    W    BOOL    PG_Ch1_QuickStop        Global Variables     Ch1 Enable Operation    Start operation for pulse output 1    W    BOOL    PG_Ch1_EnableOperation        Global Variables     Ch1 Fault Reset    Reset errors for pulse output 1    W    BOOL                 Ch1 External Output    Aggregated data of external outputs for pulse output 1    W    BYTE                 Ch1 Command Position    Command position of pulse output 1    W    DINT    PG_Ch1_Command_Position        Global Variables     Ch1 Command Velocity    Command velocity of pulse output 1    W    DINT    PG_Ch1_Command_Velocity        Global Variables  
  4. @chelton Sure, Once i check with hardware I'll let you know.
  5. B&R X20 PLC

    Hello @Cetiano GDL, X20BC0083 is not a PLC. It's a bus controller module, that's why the module doesn't appear in Automation Studio. 
  6. Hi @PMCR and @chelton, Thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it. I really wasn't excepting the Input/Output structure, guess it's my lucky day :)
  7. Hi, I did create originator variable and linked it accordingly.  @chelton I thought target variable for input is 1 and for output is 2 (For powerflex 525). Am i wrong?  @chelton and @Michael Walsh are there predefined structures provided by AB/Omron for this or should i do the "word to bool" and "bool to word" conversion to read status and send control word.  
  8. Hello All, I would like to control Powerflex 525 drive with Omron NJ301-1200 PLC via Ethernet/IP (Set speed, start, stop). I've gotten until the part where I downloaded the necessary .eds files of the drive and imported into my Sysmac studio. However, I'm stuck after this point while assigning target variables and Originator variables and eventually setting speed and controlling the vfd. I've attached images for your reference.