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  1. My project is to read an RFID tag (ascii) with a Micrologix 1400, send the string to a PC using Ethernet/IP, lookup and compare in an Excel spreadsheet, and send back data (probably an integer) for the plc to use to control direction. I have to scan and compare an RFID tag to a list of 1400 possible part numbers, at different locations (more than 1 plc). I want the several PLCs to go to a single PC to make it easy to update when changes occur (on a weekly basis). Has anyone done anything like this? I'm assuming there will have to be some kind of vb or c+ application involved.   Thanks,  CK
  2. Micro800

    Cool. Thanks I'll check it out.
  3. Micro800

    Dillsburg!? I work in Emigsville. Anyway I'm trying to read ASCII from a scale. I'm using ARL which puts data into ASCIILOCADDR as individual Characters as BYTEs. I need to have 7 characters (String?) to get the value to change to UINT so I can compare the scale-measured value against preset constants. Does that make sense?
  4. OK I know you guys are out there... I'm working with a Allen Bradley Micro820 and I'm trying to read ASCII from a scale. I kinda figured out how to extract it "the hard way" by switching BYTEs from the ASCIILOCADDR data file. Is there an easier way? Thanks
  5. Is there a way to send ASCII data from a Micrologix 1400 to a Telnet server?
  6. Kuhnke 16 Point 4-20mA Output

    I have a wood belt sanding machine that has independant "shoes" to apply varied pressure to the work. Originally this was controlled by a Kuhnke 657 PLC. As far as I can get any information, the output card is 16points, 4-20mA. Each output then controls another electronic device (SCR?) the switches a solenoid at a proportional ammount (determined by the 4-20mA). The solenoid applies pressure to the sanding shoe. I have had to replace the Kuhnke with an AB ML1400. However AB does not offer a comparable 16 point 4-20mA Output Card. What I am using is a 16 point relay card. My question is - can I manipulate the common supply current through the relays to proportionally control these solenoids or will opening and closing the relays change the circuit? The shoes are not all on at the same time but all operate at the same pressure. The solenoids are directly moving the shoes - not a valve with pneumatics or anything like that. The Kuhnke equipment is 657.452.68 and 657.452.69 - if anyone would happen to know anything about these. I called Kuhnke USA (Ellis Kuhnke) and they couldn't tell me anything about them.
  7. Browsing DF1 Nodes

    I got a hold of our local distributor. They told me to delete the two "Harmony" files - .hrc and .rsh. NOT the DLL file. That seemed to do the trick. I am using a USB adaptor and have to watch if the COM Port changes - I've had it happen. Although so far these new Windows 7 laptops - the ports seem more stable, less variable. Thank you for your suggestions
  8. I am trying to switch between two SLC PLC's - connecting with DF1 serial connection. When I connect to the new PLC, after successfully connecting to the previous PLC, I can't see the second PLC in RSWho. Up until this point what I have done is go into the COnfigure Driver and AutoConfigure the DF1 driver. When hat is done and I would go back to RSWho the connected PLC would show up. Now I have new laptops with Windows 7 x64 and when I go to AutoConfigure RSLinx locks up - so I can't use that method. Can anyone help me on how to refresh or toggle between PLCs in DF1? Thank you for your attention, CK
  9. Does anyone know of or have a resource to explain the Tend setup in RSLogix 500? I can set up pens fine but each time I open up the trend again I have to rescale everything. Thanks
  10. I had a chance to check it out today and I have 4 incoming messages to the NET-ENI. Now I want to get the one from the SLC 5/05 to let go. I took out the code in the ladder but the connection persists which is causing my problem. Does anyone know how to clear off old IP addresses from the NET-ENI?
  11. Mickey, - Thanks, I have looked at those settings for a different reason but not for this one. IO Rack - I looked in the documentation and you're close. The NET-ENI can have 6 concurent connections - 2 incoming, 2 outgoing, and 2 both. I probably exceeded that. I just have to figure out how o back out of it. I plan on redirecting most of the communications to the SLC 5/05. Thanks
  12. I have a limited network set up with ehternet. I have 2 MicroLogix 1100 reading MSGs from a SLC 5/03 connected by a 1761-NET-ENI. Also connected to this network is a Red Lion Controls ProducTivity unit reading also from the one SLC 5/03. I've had it running for about a month an I tried to add MSGing from a SLC 5/05 (w/ embedded Ethernet). Since I've done this (and have backed off too), I cannot get online over the ethernet as I once had with the 5/03 through RS Linx. I think I overwhelmed the 1761-NET-ENI with too many MSGs. I removed the MSG from the SLC 5/05 and set the 2 MicroLogix to only read every second - but still can't go online with RS Linx. Anyone have any thoughts?
  13. The RSS file is from MrPLC Forum Download Section under sample code - [704]RS232_Rinsum_to_ML1100_ASCII.zip. I just changed it to ML1400 and Channel 2. I downloaded the ASCII example you posted and will try that too.
  14. Forgive my ignorance: Under Channel Configuration I don't see an option for "System" Mode and "User" Mode. I am using Channel 2 protocol set to ASCII, 9600 baud, no parity, no control. Hyperterminal set the same.
  15. I have a project where I am receiving ASCII data from an RFID antenna (which I don't have yet) to a MicroLogix 1400 (that I do have now). I have never set up an ASCII device and want to learn how and work out the bugs before I actually need to have everything installed. I have seen where people have simulated an ASCII transfer using Hyperterminal in Windows XP. I even downloaded the sample code for the scale off this site. My problem: I can receive data from the PLC to Hyperterminal but can't send the other way. What am I missing?