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  1. Hello Sir,

           Regarding to the topic ,"communication between 2X micro logix 1200",

            Is it still micrologix 1200 can use msg instruction?..Because while selecting this particular controller,I couldnt able to use full features of MSG instruction.

  2. Log on to factory talk -Network

    yes sir,you are absolutely right. We rectified it. Thank you so much!
  3. Hello,               We are using Factory talk View ME-8.1 and Studio 5000 version 23. I have no issues in opening the factory talk view and Studio 5000 till last day.              Now, i tried to open the Studio 5000 its is asking for Log on to factory talk -Network's  USERNAME and PASSWORD .We didn't set any username and password for Factory talk and Studio 5000.          How come i sort out this problem.        Please find the attached image. Thanks in advance!

    Sir,                 Thanks. I will check.                 My work is with Machine Edition.
  5. Hi Guys,        In my project i am in need of switching language from English to Spanish and vice versa.For all displays,i switched to the needed language according to the working operator.        In alarm history message,If i am in English language mode means,alarm messages also in English and same for Spanish. My issue is alarm messages were not changed to the current language mode.It keep staying in language which were in current mode while it occured. Please find the attachment, NOTE:Example attachment only.  My question is,how can i get the occurred messages in current language? Help me to sort this. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
  6. FactoryTalk View Studio - Printing

    Hi CannanP, On Alarm History display,while in runtime what is that "print history" button's principle? Where it will print(or store) the alarm history? Is that it will in default path or the path i mentioned?
  7. Frnz, I have one doubt.Is that Language switching is possible for factory talk run time messages? Because in language configuration export file,messages were not placed.
  8. Thanks a lot Mr.Canaanp.
  9. Hi Mr.CannanP, I have an issue with HMI language switching concept.My scope is to simply switching between English and Spanish in HMI screen.I exported and imported text files for language switching configuration. I have no issues with English language switching but for Spanish i am getting question mark symbols for that tabs i created,however for in build tab(Like date,time) its working properly ( meant that it switch to Spanish on switching Spanish button). I guessed problem may be in imported files in language configuration. Looking forward for your suggestion . Thanks in advance.
  10. Mr.CanaanP, Thank you so much for your detailed answer!!! Is that we have to import language database (Like Spanish fonts in excel file) in to language configuration? Regards Hem.
  11. Hello Mr.CanaanP, Is that language switch over in the Factory Talk ME(Panel View)?
  12. Ladder to Functional Block

    Thanks sir, i follow ur words.
  13. Ladder to Functional Block

    Hi frnz, I need some tips to convert Modicon ladder program to functional block diagram. Notes:1.Logic of the program unknown. 2.Total 130 networks Thanks Hema
  14. Factory Talk

    Hi all, Plz find the attached image.I got this error while creating new application in factory talk. Why cant i get the tag database?
  15. AB_PLC 1769-L18ER-BB1B

    Thanks a Lot Mr.Ken.