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  1.     It's the likely guess. not sure if there is even a way around this... I may just end up using bridged and working around the difference in connection if ethernet/ip driver is needed to discover devices.   I could always just use that handy SIM IPE tool to discover them when no IP is listed too!!
  2. Thanks, yeah the basics are good. Ping is good, can communicate just fine, this one driver just does not like this adapter setting.    Just tried the harmony files delete and it didn't seem to change anything. although it was still set to trying to browse a remote subnet to test.     So, still odd... ping is good, harmony files delete didn't work. I think rockwell just has a thing for me.
  3. Thanks Tim, I'll give it a try.   So a little more information would help also.  I'm using a VM through Vmware, the connection is NAT. If I use bridged, then it works fine. but switching back to NAT where I had it previously it doesn't work automatically. in either bridged or NAT the ethernet driver maintains connections no problem, so definitely seems like some sort of internal issue with linx. 
  4. At some point I attempted to find a device using ethernet/ip, nothing was working at the time. Of course I should have just used the ethernet driver and typed the IP in by itself, but I decided to try to right click and 'remove' the driver from the list, thinking maybe there was a quirk to restarting it like some AB things have.   After right clicking and choosing 'Remove', it says "Are you sure you want to remove this node?". clicked yes, and then re-added the driver, and now not a single thing will show up on the network.   Yes, I'm connected properly. I can ping all devices that I know are on the network, using the ethernet driver will show those devices no problem. but ethernet/ip driver seems to just not find anything anymore at all and I believe it's due to my mess-up with removing the node in a different way, now I'm not sure of the settings needed to get it communicating properly again.   Thanks in advance.
  5. 1756-IF8H HART Device Diagnostic Codes

    https://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/um/1756-um533_-en-p.pdf   page 223 shows 16#009 channel 0 invalid rate alarm fault.    
  6. AB 753 Drive output signal failure

    so. is the drive showing that it's running? can you see the outgoing hz and monitor?  check the commanded freq, and verify that it's outputting what you are telling it to output, if it's not. then you have an issue with control. I'd hate to ask, but is the motor actually connected to the drive right? or was it disconnected and someone didn't notice? Because you can certainly run a drive with nothing connected, and see no output current.   when all else fails, reset all parameters and run the wizard to set it back up again from scratch. sometimes it's easier just to set it up yourself than try to guess what someone may have accidentally changed.
  7. as an exercise to put more tools in my 'bag', I've set up a few animations for rotating devices. unfortunately it seems like I can't get the animation speed to change on the fly to represent a real time ramp up/down of a fan or pump for visual reference. I've set it to run off a timer lasting X seconds, the fan uses the Timer.ACC for reference, set the expression range to read from tags so the min/max reads off of a PID PV value. it looks from the manual that the 'Read from tags' only reads from the tag once it's opened, and not constantly with updates. I was hoping to get a gauge style indicator type of movement from the animation rotation, but it just won't work this way.   is there a workaround for a real time animation speed update using rotation or linear movement visuals?