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  1. Ancient QuickPanel

    I can tell you about a year ago I dealt with the same issue on a QPJ similar to that. it appeared that it was dead but you could hear it change screens and work still.   The contrast was shot on it. someone somehow messed with the contrast. the best thing you can do is try to change it blind. I think pressing in the bottom corners of the screen at the same time will pop up the contrast adjustment, and you can pick a square at the bottom after that to change it. I probably have some pics here somewhere I can put up to give you an idea of what it looks like.
  2. Not sure how you control the operation on this, but the last system I saw use this did a check based on current angle and tested it against another value to see which direction it should go. so the one I did would be homed in a center position (0), and to the left or right were positions it could go to. select 1 and it goes positive, select 4 and it goes negative. but you obviously don't want it going in circles, so you need to determine where it is, and where it wants to go, and do some math to determine whether it should go positive or negative move to get there (either as the shortest route, or because you can't go full circle)
  3. L18ERM 16#0203

    you probably want to make sure that you have the right number of IO in the configuration as well... considering its the embedded IO that can't be detected properly.
  4. Changing a PowerFlex 753

    If you do change them out, don't run Firmware 14.XX if you plan to use P163 [DI RUN] and P162 [DI FWD/REV]. There's a bug with firmware 14 that causes a conflict of parameters even though there is no conflict when using those input settings to determine forward or reverse direction on the drive.
  5. Upload from ABB PM5630 PLC to Computer

    I ran into this same issue with a pm564eth. Customer needed help on an abandoned project. There was nothing on the SD card and each time i tried to upload i would get an error.   It seems unless they specifically store the project to the SD then you can't simply upload to your PC like Allen bradley (which i normally deal with)... And i thought just not getting comments was annoying! Youll need the original project, if you get it, everything should be set up including communications they used to get online with it. Once i had my original project in hand, i was able to go online with the controller like normal.
  6. ACD file to PDF

    Not sure what reports you chose, I did a simple print routine to try it first and it printed fine. then generated a report and made sure to unselect everything... then only chose ladder and tags. The AOI in it are just doing small conversions.
  7. ACD file to PDF

    Here you go, let me know if thats all you need or not. ladder.pdf
  8. update the revision of your drive to the latest and match it in the studio project. 6.001 or 7.001, there is no 6.1 on the site for download so it may not be supported anymore and logix is detecting that?
  9. This is what happens for sure. 3 and 6 aren't landed in the c13 cable. I probably didn't outline that enough in an earlier reply when I mentioned not to use a crossover cable!   Reminds me of when I was a floor technician and got called to a machine where an engineer attempted to connect to a 5/03 directly to the ethernet port on his laptop, the entire line was down until we found out what happened. I was a little wary of touching anything with the 'fakernet' ports until I read up on it and realized what happened.
  10. https://twcontrols.com/lessons/rslogix-500-allen-bradley-rslinx-harmony-files-deleting-to-fix-browsing-issues
  11. The black UIC device in the link is just a third-party device.    have you tried deleting the harmony files for rslinx?   
  12. I take it you don't have a second UIC device to test against?    maybe try these steps also.   https://twcontrols.com/lessons/how-to-configure-the-1747-uic
  13. This driver used for dh485 uic device    
  14. Here's a list. basically it just needs the 1747-uic device (Make sure the switch on it is clicked to the right position, otherwise it will be trying to use the DB9 instead of the rj45). then go to a standard rj45 (ethernet) cable. use the 1747 uic device driver which only asks for the comm port needed, it shouldn't have an auto-configure button on the driver needed.   Whatever you do, just don't use a crossover cable with the RJ45.... things may burn up at that point.
  15.     It's the likely guess. not sure if there is even a way around this... I may just end up using bridged and working around the difference in connection if ethernet/ip driver is needed to discover devices.   I could always just use that handy SIM IPE tool to discover them when no IP is listed too!!