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  1. Mitsubishi A0J2 diagnose I/O on Melsec Medoc

    GX Developer will program or monitor the A0J2
  2. alarm AL_E9 in servodrive mr-j2s-70a

    Missing mains voltage at 2 terminals.
  3. They're pretty bullet proof those FX0s's  You need to connect and read the fault code.
  4. To be honest, I've not done much with eeproms so I don't really know where the data is stored. You really need to go online and see what is happening.
  5. More information needed...But is the run light on, on the plc?
  6. Mitsu FXos-16MR-UA1/UL trigger

    If you can't be bothered to give a full explanation of how you are going about this - and what you have done so far, I can't be bothered to help you.
  7. Mitsu FXos-16MR-UA1/UL trigger

    Ah right. It's an 110V ac input plc. The proxy's should be ok to give a signal to the plc but if not you will have to put interface 110Vac relays, triggered by the proxy - then 110 through the relay to your inputs. 1 wire going to the motor control unit?? How is it controlled now?  That wire must have something to turn the motor on and off. You will have to find that out. The ladder will come later when you have sussed the controls    
  8. Mitsu FXos-16MR-UA1/UL trigger

    Does the 2 wire proxy work with 24dc, they often don't (usually it's 3 wire proxy) Anyway, the plc has an on board 24v dc supply marked 24 and 0v 24 is your supply and the switch wire goes to an input. Also put a wire between 0v and the ss terminal or your inputs won't work.
  9. PLC Mitsubishi - Air low control with sensor

     d200 > k4090 mov k4090 d200
  10. more than one output?

    Actually when I said bad practice - I did mean NEVER But as usual, there are exceptions and that's where I meant bad practice.   If using mitsi's own brand of drum sequencer STL and you want the same output to be on through several stages, you can double coil through it as only one STL step at a time is scanned. But that would mean you couldn't use that output outside of the STL sequencer.  You would use M relays instead of the output and control the output outside of the sequence with those M relays
  11. more than one output?

    Not good practice. If you want an actual output to appear in two separate lines of code, put an M relay in place of one and a n/o of the M relay to operate the output
  12. Having the Problem while Opening hte old backup.

    Looks to me like some have been saved in Medoc and some in gx-dev (going by the folder name) The green one should open. When installing GX-dev, there is an option to import medoc files but you have to tick the box or it doesn't install it.  
  13. Shihlin Electric Model SEPLC PLC

    The shihlin plc is not exactly a re-badged Mitsi as GX works2 will not communicate with them. You get a strange message when trying. GX developer will though.  
  14. How to connect + Program wire encoder

    glavanov is right - you bought the wrong encoder
  15. FX2n incorrect latch range

    Did you read from the eeprom?