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  1. E1061 HMI through access FX2N plc

    If you have the right cable - yes
  2. E1061 HMI through access FX2N plc

    Bottom left corner main screen 'Connection Destination' then - 'connection1'  top left corner Click yellow 'plc module'  tick 'transparent mode'  
  3. Outputs/Coils will not turn on

    There are so many reasons. Post your program here and it will become obvious to the pro's
  4. E1061 HMI through access FX2N plc

    Get the right cable. You'll need to look it up CAB19 rings a bell. Then use transparent mode in communication settings
  5. GX Developer - Can't edit instructions properly

    Insert/overwrite. Insert is selected. Press the keyboard insert key to change back.
  6. FX32 software and cable

    Gx developer will work fine. The cable is called an SC09. If you buy the cable from ebay, make sure it has the 25 pin plug with it
  7. FX1N sprinkler system control.

    Ok, so you have understood the time and date registers. You now have to choose what time of day you want the actions to happen. You then put a line of 'if = '     ie  You want the sprinklers to operate for the 30 minute period at  10:15 at night hour=k22 and minute=k15 SET M0  M0 run timer T0 K18000 M0 turn on Y0 (sprinkler output) T0 reset M0 Use a different M relay to turn on Y0 with each run sprinkler event Have a go at turning that in to code.              
  8. Knock-Off FX PLC Serial Communication Problems

    Change plc type to fx2n
  9. Mitsubishi FX2N Battery Error

    This reminded me of a story. 20 years ago I built a panel with an hmi and fx2n for a lorry washer. They washed their huge fleet of lorries with it.   In that time, the company folded and the washer was bought by a bus company. They got my name from the drawings and asked me to supply the program. I had used the special relay to inform them on the hmi that the battery was low. They said it had been saying battery low for 6 months.   Now it won't work at all.   They were not too far away but wouldn't hear of me coming to site. They wanted me to supply the program as an attachment on an email.   They actually had no idea how they were going to get the program in the plc. Said they'd work it out ???   I told them I would supply a new battery and install the program for £300. That is a good price,,, no I'm a rip off.   I lost patience at this point and ignored later emails.   I have saved every program from the last 30 years.   They eventually phoned me, told me off for not answering emails and tried to barter the price. They were employing someone to wash busses.....   I made them do a bank transfer before I would come.   I was on site 30 minutes - up and running.   The boss was still not amused and told everyone I was charging £600 per hour. More than a queens councillor he said. Lol.        
  10. Simple programming cable for Mitsubishi FX

    The images are all still there.
  11. Wireless programming fx3g

    I have one. Not used in years but I did post here about it. I needed it because the panel was in a corridor where heavy carts went past all day with no room for me. Of course, I can't find it but it was like a dongle that plugged in the plc and a usb into the pc. I programmed from about 15M away.   Edit. I got it from Amazon but they are no longer for sale there. Maybe they are for sale elsewhere but they do or did exist. worked perfectly  
  12. Mitsubishi A0J2 diagnose I/O on Melsec Medoc

    GX Developer will program or monitor the A0J2
  13. alarm AL_E9 in servodrive mr-j2s-70a

    Missing mains voltage at 2 terminals.
  14. They're pretty bullet proof those FX0s's  You need to connect and read the fault code.
  15. To be honest, I've not done much with eeproms so I don't really know where the data is stored. You really need to go online and see what is happening.