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  1. It's a common practice to label things controlled by the HMI as HMI-START BUTTON etc It's for clarity as to where the signal comes from.
  2. That is correct. Place your cursor where you want to add the extra contacts etc, hold Ctrl  and Insert keyboard buttons together and everything will shift over. Put your extra bits in and when you press ;write F4 the K0's K1's will be automatically created.
  3. Automatic sub

    You need to add far more detail. Analogue? Voltage/current . Many types of valves. Too vague to answer yet.
  4. F2-40 Replacement

    So what am I thinking of? I remember in my early days of programming we had a black box that plugged into the front of the F2 (or am I thinking of the F1?) Then a few adapter cables (that changed the protocol i think) then plugged into the PC that ran windows 3.1 (or something like that)   From there I could program with medoc. I never used it much as we we moved on to the massive FX plc's and ooh the lovely A series.
  5. F2-40 Replacement

    You can't  just swap it for another F2. There is a unique program inside for that machine. You are going to have to find someone that has the connecting leads and adaptor. Good luck.  
  6. F2-40 Replacement

    That plc model is at least 30 years old so as you can imagine is long since obsolete. An fx3s 40mr would be a suitable replacement but there is a problem. Getting the program out of the F2 needs special leads that are very rare these days.
  7. FX5U error code 33E7 with STL RETSTL

    I've never programmed an FX5 but done lots of STL sequences. So yes, RET will be the same as RETSTL You use OUT instead of SET for the breakout STL so that both routines can run within the RET or RETSTL instruction The OUT is only used to start the breakout STL routine - from there the same STL rules apply to the new sequence.  
  8. A2NCPU PLC Error

    Yes, the whole program is corrupted. Probably the battery failed or was removed during the repair.  Either way, the program is lost.
  9. FX5U error code 33E7 with STL RETSTL

    And as an addition to my last post: The extra STL routine must be started by a normal coil ie not set.   -----------(S140). Not  [SET S140]   OUT S140     not SET S140
  10. FX5U error code 33E7 with STL RETSTL

    You can only have 1 RET instruction. Your breakout stl must be within the first stl and the ret.
  11. how to use function (prun)

    I can't think of case where I would use PRUN Meaning parallel run -  copies the value of a range of inputs to M relays of the same number using octal base on the M relays.
  12. You have my sympathy. We've all been there. Change something on a perfectly running machine and it goes into error and wont run. Meanwhile, management look at you as if you don't know what you are doing. It's hard to spot the error while under this pressure.  
  13. STL Instruction

    I said simple explanation - so he could maybe understand his program. I will explain further if he's having trouble.
  14. STL Instruction

    A quick simple explanation is The STL is a way of doing steps one at a time where only one step is active at a time (the rest in the sequence is not scanned until they are active.) Each step has the line -----------------------[STL S20] before it, meaning the start of the next step S20 and so on --------------------------[STL S30] And the instruction ----------[RET] at the end to define the start and finish of the STL sequence. It's usually used for a repeating automatic sequence.
  15. I cannot Install GX3 Program

    Do you have a D drive?