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  1. None payment demand.

    This was a one-off Panic and I would never advocate it. I thought about the repercussions later on but at the time I was new in the game and couldn't take the hit. I never worked for them again and they are long gone. It just reminded me of that story with this project.
  2. Yep, The old E series HMI's are starting to fail regularly now. But some are very old in electronic terms and have been brilliant workhorses.
  3. None payment demand.

    Of course there are Inntele. Time bombs are a touchy subject - but I have done it only once in 30 years of programming. And that was because I was warned by another contractor that they were very bad at paying. He had been owed £18000 for over a year.   I had been paid 50% before the job and the rest to be paid on completion (then I was warned by the contractor) I was upfront with the customer and told him the machine would stop in 2 weeks if I had not been paid - they assured me I would be paid (I wasn't, even though I phoned them a few times) It was amusing to me in a way because I set it for Friday morning and it would be triggered when the auto-stop button was first pushed. I expected a call around 09:30 after their 09:00 tea break but no call. Finally, at 11:00 they called. They were panicking as they had rush orders. I made them transfer the money to my bank and then told them how to take the trap off.  
  4. None payment demand.

    A strange answer with no knowledge. The equipment was 25 or so years old and was never rented. They laughed when I told them about it   I found it unusual and quite funny so posted it here
  5. None payment demand.

    An unreferenced block with a trigger of D502? Here's what was in it. (and I have edited it as it contained the rudest word)  
  6. None payment demand.

    I am in the process of upgrading an E300 HMI to the E1000 range for a customer The old HMI keeps failing and going blank. I managed to get the old program out while it was working for a short while. A nice little job sat at my desk replicating the program.   I came across this block  
  7. memory error

    It means you don't have a coil for those 'bits. Nothing to worry about.
  8. Even the pro's often get fooled by that one
  9. Index registers were my first thought too.
  10. GX Developer project does not open

    You are missing a file.   In Resource/others/ There should be a file called MAIN.wdv.   It's not there
  11. M Bits in GXWorks 2 with SFC

    The fact that Y20 will come on but not M100 could be a myriad of reasons. Too many to guess. So many instructions that can address M100 without actually seeing it in the code.   We need to see your program to solve it.
  12. If Else or Similar

    You need to do inline comparisons. LD <= D0 k1999 ----red Lamp Then 2 inline compares. First equal or greater than K2000 then equal or less than K2499 ----amber lamp Then of course equal or greater than K2500 ---- green lamp 
  13. GXWorks2 Insufficient memory

    Before starting GX Works, try using Ctrl Alt Del and start Task manager. Shut down as many running processes as you can and try again.
  14. fx1s-20mr-001

    You could repair it. The output relays are replaceable. If you have another unit you can de-solder a relay from one to the other.
  15. It's a common practice to label things controlled by the HMI as HMI-START BUTTON etc It's for clarity as to where the signal comes from.