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  1. Old FX series

    I checked that and the list was missing too or filled with NOP's I couldn't clear the memory or anything.
  2. Old FX series

    No high temperatures or extremes of anything. A nice bedding company, a Printers, a cosmetic bottle-filling station and so on. Red error light flashing. I could get partial code out of some but with missing logic and yellow pages but none would allow programming or a new one to be downloaded. I even opened some PLC's to see if there was anything in common but they all looked perfect inside. I have one of them here on my desk - an FX1n 40mr. It looks brand new but even after a few weeks of sitting there it has the same fault and starts to communicate, then stops.   I agree, 20 - 25 years is a good run but it's causing chaos with factories that don't back-up.a
  3. Old FX series

    Has anyone else noticed that a lot of old FXnn plc's are starting to fail? By old, I think 20 - 25 years old.   It's just that in the last 12 months, I have had to attend about 10 FX plc's with the red error light and unrecoverable programs. Only one FX (you know, one of those big square things) was a flat battery that had never been changed. The rest were battery-less models. That is, apart from one FX2n - but the battery was fully charged on that one. Not only was it impossible to recover the program - they would not accept a program or allow a fault diagnosis.   Same fault across different industries.   Maybe take it as a reminder to back-up aging FX models. They are coming to the end of their life cycle.  
  4. FX-10GM software

    There is a link to the software on this page It's still active
  5. Need a simple 1 second pulsed output with button push

    You'll have to explain more...   Do you want a 1 second on, one second off output, when an input is on? Or.. an output on for just one second when an input is on.
  6. upload program from E100 HMI Beijer

    I mean you will get warnings that the versions do not match. Ignore it and upload anyway.
  7. upload program from E100 HMI Beijer

    I usually let sleeping dogs lie with version and firmware updates. If they were working perfectly before I came - they'll be the same versions when I have gone. Probably because I once 'bricked an E300 doing an unnecessary upgrade.
  8. upload program from E100 HMI Beijer

    You start at the beginning. Check your pc has a usb to serial port showing - and what com port number it is. If you do, open a blank E100 project and go to Transfer. select Recieve and set the Com port to the same number.  
  9. FX1S Coils Not latching

    Of course - it can be confusing but Tim has now said he understands the double coil rule. So I thought it fair that there are exceptions. :)   
  10. Automatically Adjust for BST

    Unless you have a HMI connected - I wouldn't bother. The Mitsubishi internal clock is next to useless. It can gain nearly an hour over 1 year Probably why the past engineer did it manually.  
  11. FX1S Coils Not latching

    You can actually double-coil in certain circumstances. If they are within an STL sequence. Even then though it's better to use M coils and a bit of that M coil to operate the Y output outside of the STL sequence.
  12. None payment demand.

    This was a one-off Panic and I would never advocate it. I thought about the repercussions later on but at the time I was new in the game and couldn't take the hit. I never worked for them again and they are long gone. It just reminded me of that story with this project.
  13. Yep, The old E series HMI's are starting to fail regularly now. But some are very old in electronic terms and have been brilliant workhorses.
  14. None payment demand.

    Of course there are Inntele. Time bombs are a touchy subject - but I have done it only once in 30 years of programming. And that was because I was warned by another contractor that they were very bad at paying. He had been owed £18000 for over a year.   I had been paid 50% before the job and the rest to be paid on completion (then I was warned by the contractor) I was upfront with the customer and told him the machine would stop in 2 weeks if I had not been paid - they assured me I would be paid (I wasn't, even though I phoned them a few times) It was amusing to me in a way because I set it for Friday morning and it would be triggered when the auto-stop button was first pushed. I expected a call around 09:30 after their 09:00 tea break but no call. Finally, at 11:00 they called. They were panicking as they had rush orders. I made them transfer the money to my bank and then told them how to take the trap off.  
  15. None payment demand.

    A strange answer with no knowledge. The equipment was 25 or so years old and was never rented. They laughed when I told them about it   I found it unusual and quite funny so posted it here