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  1. FX1N sprinkler system control.

    Hi Ron, Thx your help! I already suffered from this problem before raising the issue. Turns out I was lame :) Even though I typed the command correctly, it doesn't work. The problem was that I didn’t select the square brackets. :) :)  
  2. FX1N sprinkler system control.

    Hi, thank you your answer. :) I know the program and I found the time, the date registers... I just got stuck with the next steps. I don't know how to operate an output or a mercer. I tried a lot of things that can be found on the internetnet, but I was not successful. :(  
  3. FX1N sprinkler system control.

    Hello!  I have an FX1N PLC that I want to use to operate a sprinkler system.  It should have two functions.  1. 1x30 minutes of operation every day.  2. 3x10 minutes of operation every day.   Thanks for the help.