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  1. Beckhoff CX5020 PLC program not work

    When you activate your configuration, a dialog display an option "Autostart PLC Boot Project". You must check it.  
  2. What I do is adding a button "Enable" and "Disable" beside the RecipeViewer in a dialog box. You can select the recipe in the RecipeViewer and push the button "Enable" to confirm the selection. Your "Enable" button must have a event calling subroutine like this : Sub EventEnable RecipeEnabled = True WriteRecipeToController(RecipeViewerSelector.SelectedTemplate, RecipeViewerSelector.SelectedRecipe) End Sub Sub EventDisable RecipeEnabled = False End Sub  
  3. Read section  "9-8 Error- and Warning-related Objects" of  "1S-series with Built-in EtherCAT Communications User’s Manual (I586)". Register 4000.81  Error Full Code  Gives the error number of an error or warning which occurs in the Servo Drive. Register 4000.82  Error Code  Gives the code of the latest existing error or warning which exists in the Servo Drive.
  4. The Sysmac Studio documentation have a section named " Commands Whose Shortcut Key Assignment Cannot Be Changed". The Bookmarks is in this section.  
  5. I don't understand your problem. Can you explain details please? I'm using "RecipeViewer" and use a button to enable or disable a recipe. On enable, I use "WriteRecipeToController".
  6. SNTP omron plc

    I always use UTC in any device and convert to another timezone if display is necessary.  
  7. SNTP omron plc

    The most simple method is to use the Automatic Clock Adjustment Function on each ETN21 card. You can broadcast using FINS command GET CLOCK or SET CLOCK (Check FINS Command Reference Manual).
  8. I supposed you can read this register with EC_CoESDORead.
  9. You can use Excel or LibreOffice Calc to import XML file, here with Excel : Click Developer > Import Remove no interesting columns Click on Data > Remove duplicate Save as a CSV
  10. My Sysmac Studio version is 1.55 and have 2357 EventInfo, yours have 2220 EventInfo.
  11. String seem to be static. Sysmac Studio have directory to store definition : "C:\Program Files\OMRON\Sysmac Studio\ErrorDefinition". Definition is XML file about 3Mb, one for each language, for English is : "SysErrDef-en-US.xml". You can search the error code in this file and get the EventName string. Not very simple!  
  12. Hi pturmel, Just in case someone found this link, it's a complement! Not tried Read Modify Write Tag Service Request (0x4e).  You can read/write User Data Type structure with Read Tag Service (0x4c) and Write Tag Service (0x4d) in the limit of connection.
  13. For Ethernet/IP tags read/write you can read this manual : https://literature.rockwellautomation.com/idc/groups/literature/documents/pm/1756-pm020_-en-p.pdf Works fine with Omron NX.  
  14. Omron NA5-7W001

    This works for me : Image0.Source = "\User\SysmacHmi\inspection_" & ImageIndex & ".jpg" or Image0.Source = "\\Computer\Share\Inspection_4.jpg" Thank you realisator for sharing!  
  15. NA5

    See https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/36275-na-hmi-operating-system-mismatch/