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  1. That's why Omron recommend me using 32 bits version. My 64 bits version is unable to display 3D view. If you want buy another license, good!
  2. I have 64 GB of RAM and it's slow! Omron now recommends using the 32-bit version because the 3D display does not work in 64-bit.
  3. I have big project and Sysmac slow down to compile and manipulate objects.  The trick is : close the project and reopen and the speed is correct now. C# problems!
  4. You can use "DataLamp" to do that. Create a DataLamp object; Change design to Image and select your default image in "DefaultImageFile"; Create many "ColorRanges" and choose "ImageFile" for each color range; Add "Expression" to choose the right recipe; Choose recipe using "DropDown" Object; Done!  
  5. Omron NA Copy Files from USB to FTP

    Here an example to copy file received on NA5 FTP from external client to NA5 program: Sub FTPCopyFile(filename As String) If System.IO.File.Exists(filename) Then System.IO.File.Copy(System.IO.Path.Combine("\User\SysmacHMI\FTP\", filename), System.IO.Path.Combine("\User\SysmacHMI\", filename), True) System.IO.File.Delete(System.IO.Path.Combine("\User\SysmacHMI\FTP\", filename)) End If End Sub To specify a device with an absolute path, place "\" before the name. (eg. \UsbDisk\Sample.csv) Name Supported version Description UsbDisk V1.00 Signifies the USB Memory inserted in USB Host Port 1. UsbDisk2 V1.00 Signifies the USB Memory inserted in USB Host Port 2. SDCard V1.00 Signifies an SD Memory Card. FTP V1.03 Signifies the folder that can be accessed externally via FTP.
  6. Data monitoring

    You can transfer the CSV on the FTP Server of NA5. Client can get from there; You can use OPC Server/OPC Client and get tags from controller (some OPC Server can dump to database); You can push data from controller to client with socket; Client can get data from controller with FINS protocol or EtherNet/IP; You can publish data from controller with modbus; You can publish data from controller with MQTT; You can make a web server (and REST API) on the controller and the client use a browser to see data, example chartjs (It's my approach for HMI); If your a developper, you can make a service (Windows) to listen socket and dump data to database of your choice (It's my approach for database); You can use Scada software and viewer;
  7. I recommand to you using NTP settings for all your equipments. If no NTP server is available you can setup a computer (Windows 10 for example) with NTP server.
  8. Omron France example : https://www.support-omron.fr/details/programme_exemple.php?id=2019-02-05%20-%2010-51-12%20-%20519147987 If you have problems, ask.
  9. Aliasing possible in Sysmac Studio?

    You can use a structure with BOOL fields?
  10. FINS Communication with C++

    The data byte order is Big endian in CP1L. You must swap by 16 bits words for a PC.
  11. I'm using only US English default language. If I close SYSMAC STUDIO and reopen my project, the FONT is there and all seem OK. But changing HMI pages and the FONT disappear on other objects on other pages! 
  12. Sysmac Studio crash sometimes, often when copying things like color palettes, string in the Output Window, etc. It's always with NA not NX. I have a corrupted project because Sysmac Studio crash and save the project. NEVER use this file, restarts with the old file is better. The text fields does not appear on all objects on the HMI and it's never the same object each time your download to HMI! Check images below. Font is "No Value". Do you know how to resolve this problem?
  13. It seem working when the object have property "Expression" not property "Variable". DataDisplay have a property "Expression" and working fine, but DataEdit have property "Variable" and not working. Example working for DataDisplay with DataType Text : NX_JXC_AXIS(HMI_AXIS_INDEX).Cfg.Name Example working for DataEdit with DataType Numeric : NX_JXC_AXIS(0).Cmd.Pos Example not working for DataEdit with DataType Numeric :NX_JXC_AXIS(HMI_AXIS_INDEX).Cmd.Pos
  14. ETN21 FINS (udp) 1 PC running 2 applications

    First, what you need to know is FINS protocol use a node number and associate it with IP address end part as default in Address Conversion Mode Dynamic. The PLC must use SEND and RECV command wich is WRITE and READ FINS command protocol. When the PLC receive a command in this mode, it generate an internal table with node and IP end value. If another program use same node and same IP, there is a continous change of internal table. You can use a different mode like Address Conversion Mode Static. You must care because the CP1W-CIF41 have many restrictions (CP1H Dip Switch #4 ON on left port or CP1H Dip Switch #5 ON on right port). You must configure the CIF41 using ""    
  15. ETN21 FINS (udp) 1 PC running 2 applications

    With UDP FINS protocole each app on the PC must have a different node. By default app use IP end as node. Use routing table in the CJ Ethernet card to register nodes.