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  1. CP1L-E communication with ethernet / ip slave

    I answered IO_Rack's direct question. I never said that slaves can talk to each other. Neither did I say the CP1W-EIP61 is a scanner.
  2. CP1L-E communication with ethernet / ip slave

    But can be a slave with CP1W-EIP61 board installed.
  3. Function block and INI inside

  4. CP1H with servo motor

    Alnpco, 1. The PLC outputs are isolated, and the voltage for them must be supplied to their COM terminals. There is no such wire on your diagram. 2. Why are you applying 24V PMW signal to the motor 5V input? You need a voltage divider between the PLC and the motor input.  
  5. Adding font to PanelView Plus7

    Created and successfully tested a project on PC using the Bahnschrift font (chose it for having condensed and semi-condensed versions). The physical PanelView Plus7 display substitutes the project font by Arial which does not fit the display objects. Downloaded the Bahnschrift font to the display via the Transfer Utility. It is now present in the display Windows directory, but the objects still use the Arial. What am I doing wrong? And BTW, what are the "font links" in the display System Menu? Should I create one? If yes, what should it be?
  6. MSG alternative to acees BOOL type data?

    Michael, your suggestion violates the initial condition: reading a BOOL tag should not require in the target controller any preprogrammed procedure specific to the tag name. pcmccartney1, the same, plus the MSG instruction still will not support boolean datatype, arrayed or not.
  7. MSG alternative to acees BOOL type data?

    Michael, I said any tag created by the standard procedure, so it exists. But it is a base type BOOL tag, not an alias nor member of UDT.
  8. MSG alternative to acees BOOL type data?

    The problem is that it should not require any preprogramming (program code, data type, aliasing, etc.) that refers specific tags. The solution must be tag name- independent and work with any arbitrary BOOl tag created by the standard procedure.
  9. Since the CIP MSG instruction supports only numerical data types, is there an alternative way to read/write booleans in Logix5000 processor? Base boolean tags, not aliases to numerical data type tag bits.
  10. Negative RLO bit

    Inline instruction "NOT" inverts the rung preceding logic result.
  11. Can i use peripheral port to transmit data ?

    Does the TXD instruction help mention that port as destination? This will be the answer. By the way, specifying the PLC model along with the question is a good practice.
  12. I am trying the Fins Color Coded Messaging Tool While successful with CJ2M, never could make it work with CP1W-ETN61 on CP1H. What should be the network, node and unit numbers in such case? The unit number is the most unclear. 
  13. ZCP Instruction

    Two inline comparisons in series give the same result, but execute 20 times faster (in CP1H).
  14. Conversion

    DBLL converts a 32-bit signed binary value to double-precision (64-bit) floating-point data. Not UDINT.
  15. Bits on Contactor

    The CP series does not support addressing individual bits of data registers. The CJ series does, but only for D registers, not C or T present values. If you need to monitor a bit in the counter present value, copy the value to W or CIO word, and use the bit from there.