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  1. Hold the value of High Speed Counter in CP1L-EM

    CP1L7Performance Specifications●CP1L CPU Unit (EM/EL Type) Memory backup Flash memory: User programs, parameters (such as the PLC Setup), comment data, and the entire DM Area can be saved to flash memory as initial values. Battery backup: The Holding Area, DM Area, and counter values (flags, PV) are backed up by a battery. Battery service life: Service life expectancy is 5 years at 25C, less at higher temperatures. (From 0.75 to 5 years depending on model, power supply rate, and ambient temperature.) According to the above, the counters are battery-retained. Do you have "Clear all memory on power up" or something similar activated in the PLC settings?
  2. Hold the value of High Speed Counter in CP1L-EM

    The precision of such registration will be limited to the value at the end of the last scan. Whatever count since- will be lost. I would do this in an interrupt.
  3. Install CX-One software in Win10

    I have installed CX-One 4.29 on Windows10 Home and updated it after. No problems.
  4. The project was working and being developed, but at some point... wtf?
  5. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    2..4 are only suggestions. They were not deemed solutions of your problem. N-type CPU supports the ORG instruction.
  6. Stepper/Servo Pulse Latching

    1. What is your PLC CPU type?     Do you intend to search origin or set it by the program?    The ORG instruction is not supported in E-type CPU.    If supported in yours, something may be wrong with the origin search method or sensors    (do you have the home and home proximity sensors connected?). 2. A276 is 32-bit value, so use LMOV instruction. 3. You are using odd register numbers for 32-bit frequency value in the SPED instructions.    This is not forbidden, but it is a good practice to use even registers for 32-bit. 4. You may want to use PLS2 instruction, as it also features acceleration and deceleration,    while the SPED changes the frequency instantaneously.
  7. I use Yaskawa Sigma-7 EtherCAT drives (equivalent of Omron R88M) with NX102. The MC_Reset instruction resets servo drive errors but not 9xx warnings. Once appeared, a warning stays on the drive display until the drive reboots (by control power cycled). Is there a way to reset the warnings programmatically?
  8. Move function block help

    I wonder why FB for such a small and simple task? As long as the program memory allows, I would simply rewrite it as many times as necessary, in the main program. FBs are data memory and scan time significant consumers.
  9. Aliasing possible in Sysmac Studio?

    Well, better than nothing. Thanks. Definitely, aliasing should be added to improvement requests.
  10. Aliasing possible in Sysmac Studio?

    That's very sad, as very often there is a dilemma between a variable individual meaningful name and being a part of array/structure/union.
  11. Aliasing possible in Sysmac Studio?

    This is not aliasing, neither its emulation even for the simplest example I gave.
  12. Rotary axis truly infinite?

    I mean a rotary axis. Yes, from the program point of view it means cyclic position value. But what happens internally in the system for the axis position reading? Does the system create a true ring counter with position reset in every modulo cycle? If so, it will never overfill/rollover and the axis is truly infinite. Or the counter remains linear and only is recalculated into cyclic position? If so, it will overfill sooner or later, and this is exactly the moment I am aware of.
  13. Rotary axis truly infinite?

    This is what I suspected. My concern is the rotary axis behavior at this moment, if it is moving forward in NoDirection mode.
  14. Is a rotary axis truly infinite? Can it move infinitely in the same direction, without overfilling something eventually? I have not found any mentioning of rotary limits in the manuals, but still...
  15. AutoHotkey does not work within Sysmac Studio window on my PC (Win 10). Specifically, automatic substitution of typed text. Does anybody have it working?