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  1. CP1L-EM

    I would try Start code (( (0x2828) and End code )) (0x2929).
  2. Issue Converting to String

    STR8 converts a 8-digit hexadecimal number to ASCII string. Convert DINT to BCD first, using BDSL instruction.
  3. OMRON CJ1W-ETN21 Node Number

    ANdrejP, If you are connected to the PLC, its IP address is known. If the NODE selectors are in discrepancy, PLC is in error. If no such error, the NODE selectors are set exactly to the last octet of the IP address, keeping in mind that the IP address is decimal, while the selectors are hex. For FINS node number, which is typically the same as the last octet of the IP address, but not necessarily, open I/O table, double-click the unit, upload the port setup from the unit and see the IP address table under the FINS/UDP tab.
  4. Average value

    The OP clearly mentioned INT. And since this is signed 16-bit integer, it tops at (2^15-1)=+32767. Unsigned 16-bit would top at (2^16-1)=65535.
  5. Average value

    Every time the summarizing register reaches certain threshold (the larger, the better), just divide it and the seconds by 2. The average remains the same, the measurement resumes correctly. The register will never overfill.
  6. cx programmer

    I will repeat Pturmel's question: Why are you using BCD? BCD was useful during the era of 7-segment indicators and thumbwheel switches, and is supported by Omron for backwards compatibility with old projects or PLCs. There is no reason nowadays to use BCD representation. Go binary mode.  
  7. Since there are no SBN/GSBN instructions in ST?
  8. Sysmac Studio Data Types list?

    In the W501 Software User's Manual, section 6-3-5 "Data types".
  9. setting my counter to a specific starting number

    This sentence makes no sense to me. If all you need is to force a counter to specific value, do it by MOV instruction.
  10. day counterdown

    The question is not clear. Do you need to calculate a date that is 365 days before a set date? If so, use CSUB instruction and subtract 8760 hours, which is 365 days.
  11. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    These are improvement requests, exactly as the topic name says. Exactly because I am perfectly aware this is not possible now.
  12. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    PLC program: - If cross-reference is done on indirectly-indexed variable, its directly-indexed instances are found, but not vice versa, - Local/global selection should exist when a new variable is created automatically during online edit. - Allow deleting unused variable while online.  

    I am very curios of why at all one would need to know that.
  14. Urgent please help^CP1L

    Did you try increasing the responce timeout value in the Network Type in CX-Programmer?
  15. How to Reset a Timer in CX Programmer

    Other possible methods: - Use CNR/CNRX instruction. - Write desired time preset value to the timer present value, e.g. with MOV instruction.