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  1. GOT 2000 with Symbol LI4278

    R/All Need to connect GOT2000 HMI with serial comm to barcode scanner. Tried all methods & settings. But dont know whether serial cable is mismatching or setting. Though able to get barcode data in PC/Laptop with Serial data reading software viz. putty, serial reader etc. Need header & termonator settings for above barcode scanner in GOT2000
  2. R/All I want to ask whether its possible to connect Siemens PLC & drive in labview w/o OPC drivers.  Or any alternative (free) to connect it in labview software. Thanks in advance.
  3. Another Newbee Question

    I have simple question regarding this issue. Is there only way to have logn's table values to add value beyond 32767 as a counter?  Or can I make any counter with long values.