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  1. Ethernet Issue

    Are you able to ping the remote devices over the wireless network? I would start here. Is it feasible to link the devices physically as a testing measure? Does the PV+ communicate with all 5 of the L32's, or just the 1756 CPU? Can you setup the PV+ to point to 1 of the L32's to see if this changes things. Whilst there are 'known' issues with certain firmware revisions, I would start with the wireless....
  2. Weird Error when editing ST Online

    Really? Well, there was no on else connected to this PLC or doing online edits. But, there is a local touchscreen & scada communicating with the PLC, perhaps this caused it?
  3. CP!L PLC UM protection not set from memory cart download

    1. Do you have a specific reason for wanting to protect the PLC program with a password? 2. You cannot write to the system area directly, CX-Programmer gives an error. 3. I can't find in the manuals don't specify how to set the password apart from via CX-P, it has to be there somewhere... 4. I have a thought on what may be able to do it, but don't have any hardware to test at the moment, will do so at the end of the week.
  4. Intouch with OPC server

    Can you post some screen shots of your intouch access name & kepware configs?
  5. CitectScada (HMI version) OmFINS ethernet issue

    For this to happen, it is assumed that both PC's are on the same network, which then leads me to ask the question, why not run the IOServer on 1x PC only, and point the 2nd PC to the IOServer on PC1. I have not used Citect, so am not sure if this is possible, this is the way WW & iFix do it. I have had similar issues however, and think it is to do with Ports etc. If you could set 1 PC to be UDP, and the other to FINS/TCP, then this may work, but is a bandaid to a larger problem, I think anyway.
  6. CP1L-RXD Problem - Please Help

    If you post your CX-P file, it may be easier for everyone to see what you are doing, and what you have configured. Including mnemonic descriptions is fine some of the time, but for what you are asking, you need to post you config settings as well.
  7. An answer was given here... http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?showtopic=18177
  8. Definitely seems long winded, what are you trying to achieve? 1. If the Real value is 231.45, then FIX'ed, this will be 231, 2. If the Real value is 231.55, then FIX'ed, this will be 231. If you add 0.5 before the FIX, the Real will become 232.15, which when FIX'ed, = 232.
  9. Have you tried the FIX instruction, this converts the 32-bit Floating Point value to a 16-bit Integer, without the decimal place of course. Bear in mind, that this always rounds down, if you want it to round up also, you may have to do the old 'add 0.5' trick...
  10. Communicating with PLC

    Why so? I know of a lot of other brands where things are not as obvious either....
  11. cp1l serial port setup in logic

    Could you post where these errors are, so that they can be corrected, and that others will become aware. Based on these settings, if makes what PP posted incorrect for this application. The 2nd shot shows the settings if using Serial Gateway, or any other mode that uses all of the available Baud Rate settings.
  12. cp1l serial port setup in logic

    Pp, In your FB, you are setting the 1st word to #0008. This makes sense, as the 1st word is the baud rate, and 38400 is the 8th selection in the list. I thought that this may of been the case, but could not find any reference that confirmed it, and did not have any hardware to test. Is the setup parameters documented somewhere?
  13. Set all CP1L settings to factory settings

    Have you tried removing the power source and disconnecting the battery?
  14. ONS vs OSR

    This doesn't explain actually how Omron handles the one-shots, but it does show the variety of options available. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?showtopic=11451&hl= I would have to delve into the manuals further to check the exact operation, but I would be reasonably confident that they all operate the same in every platform... and that they do not trigger if they are not required to on 'pre-scan'.
  15. Problem with c200 motion controller

    Goody, Attached manual for unit in question, sorry I dont have time just now to go through with you, but I suspect you are correct and that you need to download the motion program to the unit. But if the problem was only intermittent, then the original unit is probably ok, then the problem is elsewhere in the system? From the look of the error codes & messages that you have posted, there is corrupted data being sent to the MC? Are you in a position to identify if there have been any changes to the system code/structure? Do you have a version of the code before any changes were made? Most of the manuals normally refer to the memory areas that are dedicated/exchanged with the CPU unit, this may help to isolate what is being sent/received, and where the problems may be? Motion Perfect, as far as I am aware, is a trio package that is re-badged to for certain Omron motion controllers. Sorry I cannot be of anymore help just now... W903_E2_02_C200HW_MC402_Operation_Manual.pdf
  16. CX-Designer improvement requests

    How about being able to assign alarm groups indirectly like we can with Unit scales?
  17. PC Keyboard OPerations

    Why can you not use CX-Programmer? This would be the easiest way, and use a watch window, then you can monitor as much as you want...

    Is the Reception Counters value (A393) receiving data? To be even more simpler, does the modem have have comm activity indications? Does the SMS message actually go through?
  19. quick help with DA041 please

    Can you post a copy of your IO Table? From the address's you have quoted above, it sounds like the DA041 has a MACH no of 2? This MACH no dictates the memory areas you need to configure to write to the module, to enable the output to output data. If your MACH no is 2, then ch 1=2021, 2=2022 and so on. 2020 is the setup word, that enables conversion to happen for the particular channels that you have enabled. From the values you have mentioned, most of it looks correct. When you are looking at the IO table with CX-Programmer, you can also see what the memory address's allocated are (see attached, note that this uses MACH 0.)
  20. PanelView over ethernet

    My intention here was to highlight the need to have the 2 managed my their own skill sets, with interaction when required. I have heard of numerous occassions where corporate IT fiddle, or change things without the appropriate notification etc, and things stop working...
  21. PanelView over ethernet

    This is not a revelation. To simplify it for an IT guy, the pV+ is a touchscreen device. Almost all of the touchscreen devices that I know of are not view nodes, and cannot be linked together. An industrial PC with touch display is a different matter however. The PV+ can log to a network location though, but I suspect the point limitations are still an issue on this. Automation is a completely separate field to IT, the advance's in ethernet & SCADA technologies have made the 2 a lot more closely aligned, but you will still find that it is most peoples preferred practice to keep automation separate from IT, for numerous reasons. Some companies allow this, some do not, there are numerous posts about 'corporate policies', and how to integrate them into automation.
  22. PanelView over ethernet

    You need Factory Talk Studio, Machine Edition, or at least that is what I use. The PV+ uses RSLinx enterprise, which is onboard the PV+. You can also add OPC IO Servers I believe, such as Kepware. The PV+ is a nice terminal, with some good features, and some irritating 'features' as well. Give some careful thought to the size of your application, since these units run Windows CE, they are susceptible to windows memory issues. There is tech-notes on this, and it is mentioned in the manuals, but is a lot harder to determine this when developing, as opposed to a production environment.
  23. CJ1 & Modbus RTU

    There are many options.. 1. You can create a command string for each node using CX-Protocol, then call the command from ladder 2. You can create a common command string, and substitute the node no from ladder 3. there is more, maybe some others will suggest some. Creating the command strings in CX-protocol is easier than ladder, IMO, and you can store them in the SCU, as opposed to using up ladder memory. What VSD's are you using, I can provide some assistance if you want to look at the PMCR option?
  24. CJ1 & Modbus RTU

    May I ask why you want to use Serial Gateway as opposed to PMCR? Is that so you can add/subtract nodes without having to add to the CX-Protocol file??
  25. Omron Decimal/Math issue

    What do you mean the code breaks? There are numerous ways to achieve decimal place accuracy; 1. Some present the value as a multiple of 10 in the PLC, then in the HMI, divide by 10, and display a decimal place. This is the way it has to be done in the older processors 2. Use floating point math, this is the better way IMO, but there are tricks you need to watch out for. Since you are using a CJ1, you should be able to use Floating Point, that is what I would be doing. If you can post what you have done so far & a bit more about how the ml is recorded, we can have a look and correct do get you going. From the sounds of it, you want to know how much H20 has been dispensed after so many seconds? You must have some sort of flow totaliser coming in?