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  1. Thanks, but the settings for NATing the HMI appear to be disabled. I believe if the Use NAT check-box on vijeo-designer was available to be ticked and so also if the ports and public IP address of the router were configrued, we would have seen it on the local netework
  2. I am attempting to download a Vijeo designer application to a remotely situated Magelis HMI over the cloud by means of a VPN. Vijeo designer's built-in help indicates that this is possible and has provided an example.  BTW, I am using Vijeo Designer basic v1.1 & the HMI model is GXU3512.   However, I find the fields for router IP and TCP port nos. all deactivated. How to get pass this roadblock? I'll appreciate any suggestions.   Thanks a million
  3. Hi,   I am attempting to download a Vijeo designer application to a remotely situated Magelis HMI over the cloud by means of a VPN. Vijeo designer's built-in help indicates that this is possible and has provided an example.  BTW, I am using Vijeo Designer basic v1.1 & the HMI model is GXU3512.   However, I find the fields for router IP and TCP port nos. all deactivated  
  4. Dear Sir,

    I am well versed with Allen bradly PLC, but very new to MODICON. I work in a power plant. I am looking to create a CAM Timer for Air Drying Plant of our compressed Instrument air system.  I know someone asked this question in this forum long back but the answer was not clear, so i am re-iterating- Does MODICON have a Retentive On-Delay Timer like AllenBradly? I fNot what is the way around. Also, in any Timer of Allen bradly we can call the Accumulated timing value(Integer) using .ACC extension after the Timer name. So my question is how to call the current timing value in integer for in MODICON?


    Warm regards,

    S. Moitra

    Senior engineer

    Budge Budge Generating Station

  5. Hi rajsiyer 
    I'm sorry for annoying you 
    but I have a question and hope you can help me
    I using read_var in unity pro software and connect to 9 devices
    I want away or a bit to indicate statue of communication to show in HMI to make an Alarm in case of lost connection with any device.  

    I try to use communication report of Management parameters and make an IF statement to compare it's value to zero and if it remain to Zero for 2 seconds it mean connection OK, and if communication report value change to any value except Zero it main connection fail.

    but it doesn't work well. 

    any suggestions please.


  6. Byte order (Little/Big Endian) on ABB PLC PM564-ETH

    Thanks for looking in Dan. You are right in every bit of what you say. However till date, I haven't found the byte order selection setting in the OPC server we're using for Iconics.. As you say, Indeed we're looking for it. Meanwhile we had to add a few rungs of code in the PLC to swap the problem variables that have to be shown on Iconics. Thanks
  7. Hi Fellas,   Has anyone played with this ABB PLC and taken out data on its Ethernet port. The scene is like this.. This PLC communicates with a slave device on Ethernet and is also connected SCADA on the same network. (OPC on Iconics v9.32).  The slave device is a big endian. So we have set the ethernet port on the PLC to talk Big-Endian so that correct math can be done on the slave's data within the PLC. So far so good. Now the OPC server for Iconics does not have the Byte-swap feature. When we connect PLC to Iconics, it is displayed as swapped! So the question begs.. When a ethernet port is connected to an f Big endian slave and a little-endian Scada at the same time, how does one proceed?   Thanks a million for looking in and will appreciate any help/advice   Raj S. Iyer  
  8. Hi

    My name is Wong from Singapore. Have view your comment and I too having problem to install RS5000 V19 on Window & as it .Net 1.1 end prematurely. May I know how you solve it.


  9. Ni Hao a062549 Thanks a million. What I now understand is that Schneider has a small application created in C/VB that runs in the ibackground. However, in my case I was able to solve the problem by changing the firmware of the meter so that another address retained the value as 32 bit real. Thanks and all the best
  10. Hi friends, The scene is like this... I have some 200 energy meters whose readings are continuously logged at 15-min intervals into a logging table. The meter does not have any other value logged. Let's consider these readings as analog tags. However these tag values are continuously increasing to ever larger numbers. Thus we have a problem for display on trends. Customer now requires that the Citect shows usage trends for any meter for a specified period of the past. That is to say, the meter that he wishes to observe is selected - along with a period typically between 2 dates (perhaps also with a sampling period) - and the trend must appear. So in other words, given a single trend object, how do you make values appear for any selected tag on this trend. Perhaps this can be overcome by some genie/super-genie mechanism. My approach to this is...For the selected meter, I use SQL to query the 15 minute logged values (also taking into account the required sampling period) taking the reading on starting date as initial. All values thereafter are subtracted -within the SQL query- and the result of this query is kept in a 2 dimensional array(x for time, Y for value) or a new database table so that the trend displays values starting with zero. This much I can do with Cicode. After this, I need a method to display the values so obtained in a trend object. Essentially this is the same as feeding a trend object with a set of X & Y values that I have in the form of an array or in a database table. I shall greatly appreciate any help to meet the above objective. Thanks for looking in. With best wishes.
  11. In my present project, I have to interface an energy meter that has its kWh count in 64 bit Double format. Now that Vijeo citect hasn't a facility to create tags of the "double' type I am looking for a work-around to this problem. Thanks for any help/advise in this matter
  12. Hi friends, I have about 60 on-off valves each with about 6 signals in my current project. Recently, I have learnt how to make a face-plate for this and connect the face-plate's property interfaces with tags needed for each valve. Now I wish to make a single pop-up screen to control these valves. When I click the face-plate of a given valve, its tags must be assigned to the pop-up screen that will have switches/lights for its control & status. Thanks for looking in and I shall appreciate all advice for implementing this.
  13. Hi friends, I am a little new to WinCC. I am using a WinCC RT Advanced license within TIA portal v13.1 I need a little help in my current project as described below. I am attempting to create a faceplate of a solenoid valve,, The "Valve" is a user-defined data-type with the following 4 elements 1. Cmd - or command. - Bool 2. Cls_Fb - or Closed -Feedback -Bool. 3. Aut - or Automatic Mode -Bool 4. FTC - Fails to close -Bool. I tried the following procedure as described in TIA portal help.. Method -1 1. I created a User-defined data type called Valve comprising of the above 4 bool elements. 2. In the graphics I made a image of solenod valve with one rectangle (solenoid) and one polygon for valve body. 3. Under the Faceplate Properties (See figure attached) I inserted a property ang gave it the data-type Valve as above. However, when I drag a property from the 'Contained objects list' to the interface side, it is not getting substituted. such as the Rectangle_1 's background color I try to associate with the interface property Valve.Cmd. It does not get assigned when dragged. Since this does not work I tried another approach, Method -2 I attempted to declare a variable tag of UDT type 'valve' in the faceplate's tab Tags. I found that it is not possible to declare a local variable of User-defined types here. Please guide me how to proceed. Thanks for looking in and best wishes for your success. Regards, Raj S. Iyer
  14. Hi friends, Can anybody tell me when to use a local-Static variable and when to use a Local Temp variable whilst creating a Function-Block in S7 -1500 using TIA portal. Thanks for looking in. Best wishes.
  15. Sinamics G-120 Drive on Profinet

    Jendha, Dobry Dehn. (The Slavic Dehn you use is the same as our Din in HIndi..) Good hindi, Actually I speak many languages though my mother tongue is Tamil in which I am illiterate! Actually, in my application I need only start/stop and speed control of pumps. Additionally, on SCADA/HMI I need to display the other things such as voltage and current. All said and done, I think using the technology objects and function blocks MC_power + MC_Movevelocity would be enough for the control of the pumps; For the display of voltage/current/power I think I have to configure a telegram on SW Starter/scout. There is another question that I've posted for you. Thanks