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  1.   The hmigx series from what I can find is a special series for the Indian market..And that market gives you some special code to unlock that HMI on Vijeo desinger....Vijeo designer prorgams it which is the same as most oldish hmi's from Schneider or Telemecanique. If you have vijeo designer there is some ways of programming printouts(Depends on the outputs you have...or ports). If you know the old line printing codes then it would be ok.. In vijeo there is a line feed printer section under the forms and reports section. Its still a pain to get it to work...because I dont know the the print per line.that well. But I have done some printing direct to zebra or brother printers over ethernet with schneider hmi's . Schneider technical staff dont even know it to do it... Im sure some does but the rest I spoke to for 6 months dont know or dont care
  3. The tm221 uses somachine basic which is not a complicated software. With the little bit of info available I would just write a different value to the analog output depending on the cam position, and I would do it via operator blocks   I tried to paste some pictures but website doesnt allow it for some reason  
  4. Vijeo Designer is used to program the HMI. There is a few options. If you have the software you can simulate from vijeo designer which will give you full control as directly on the hmi. You could enable the webgate which will give you access from any pc via web browser. PS...This uses JAVA which can be a pain these days on some browsers. Last option is to enable vijeo air or vijeo air plus. Then you can download the app for phones or tablets and have full control via phone or tablet. Obviously for this option you would need to have the gto on local network with some access point for phone to connect or if you can give it access via internet then you could use the app from anywhere
  5. Secomeas sitememanager is very easy to setup. I wouldnt focus so much on what plc you have. You can gain access remotely to any device. Are you connecting to the sitemanager via ethernet or is it a serial device?
  6. Havent done it for a while. But we normally would use modbus tcp/ip to a gateway and the gateway would be modbus rtu to the different power meters. 
  7. Hi Heres a link to the lists
  8. modicon

    Did you change the battery while the controller was on? or did you switch off the power. If you switched off and then changed the battery then you lost the program. Does this plc have a memory card installed? And is it a tsx micro or Premium
  9. yes normally with a hardware change you need to stop the plc
  10. Also to add to quant you must specify in the port config if you are talking rs232 or rs485 etc before communicating to the printer. Normally this will be rs232 and as Quant suggested use the Print_Char function block
  11. Lee

    Yes this is a standard feature for all string display or number display. You just enable input
  12. We can do this for the positive and negative argument
  13. What do you mean it works then turns off? Does it accelerate then after 10 seconds decelerates and shows rdy on the display? Also what power supply do you have for this system? Normal or Generator or something?  
  15. You will always get a drift in time when using a timer in any plc to do something like this. Either install a real flow switch in the field or if you have to use time the get a RTC (Real Time Clock) and deduct the times from starting to stopping off each other to be more precise