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  1. TIA Portal V17 Spare DBs

    If you right click on the cpu in the project tree then select assignment list. A new window will open which on the top right has a few tabs. Most info can be found under those tabs
  2. Siemens hmi

    From what I understand there is no way of doing this. Definitely cannot open the backup in TIA portal
  3. Not getting great info on the web for this. But in theory you should be able to Create an OPC UA server in the tm241 and communicate that way with the comfort panel
  4. Just one question. You mention Using terminal expert but this is software for the schneider hmi
  5. 263 is 26.3 degrees You can copy the %mw1 into another register with a operate block and divide the new register by 10 
  6. I havent seen this myself but from what I found on the internet it looks like you are running Unity Pro without administrative priviledges.
  7. Connection to a remote well

    Since you are in Denmark I would use a Secomea Sitemanager for the link and a Siemens Logo. The new logos have a webserver where you can graphically create custome webpages. Then the secomea will give secure acces via simcard to the logo which you can view with any device that can go onto the web
  8. Hi I have to agree with IO_RACK here. If you are on a vpn to the network then nothing is needed on the hmi side. You should be able to ping the hmi regardless of NAT settings. I have a lot of schneider hmis that i connect to remotely (via secomea sitemanagers) and the only issue sometimes when downloading is  if the internet is a bit slow or the file is very big then it may take 2 or 3 tries to get it to download. The secomea system is almost like a vpn. Did you enter a gateway address in the hmi?
  9. TSX PSY1610

    In your 1st photo the run led is on, in the second it is off. So I presume the Run led is flashing. This means there is no program loaded in the plc, or it could just be in standby mode. Have a look what the diagnostic leds will show when a cpu is in standby mode
  10.   Hope this helps
  11. Generally you will need to use timers as not to create multiple reads and writes at the same times. Normally a quick timer will trigger a read to a device...once the done is received it will trigger another and so on. 
  12. Have you checked in your cpu if your real time clock has an actual value in it?
  13. Is this when you are online with the zelio? if so isnt it just indicating that the timer coil is on? If this is not the case maybe its indicating that the timer has been activated and is busy timing but the coil is not yet switched on? I dont see the same behavior on my zelio soft
  14. It is a normally closed contact of Timer4
  15. Well we will need to know what plc model you have