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  1. Lee

    Yes this is a standard feature for all string display or number display. You just enable input
  2. We can do this for the positive and negative argument
  3. What do you mean it works then turns off? Does it accelerate then after 10 seconds decelerates and shows rdy on the display? Also what power supply do you have for this system? Normal or Generator or something?  
  5. You will always get a drift in time when using a timer in any plc to do something like this. Either install a real flow switch in the field or if you have to use time the get a RTC (Real Time Clock) and deduct the times from starting to stopping off each other to be more precise
  6. You can choose to use the same firmware or upgrade it or downgrade it once you open the application
  7. Just to be clear did you format the sd card with this procedure or did schneider do it for you? Connect to M580 and make sure the Unity project is “Equal”, “Run” and “Built” Stop the PLC Open SD card door and make sure LED is ON Open the “Animation Table” Window Add system word %SW93.0 and %SW93.1 Turn on the “Modification” button Enter value “1” for %SW93.0 (This will start the format of the SD card then that value will change back to “0” and the value of %SW93.1 will go from “0” to “1” to indicate the format has completed successfully), (Formatting a standard SD card takes about 30-50 seconds) When completed enter value of “0” for both %SW93.0 and %SW93.1 Start PLC
  8. So i presume you cannot do a download to the plc? Because the download will install to the sd card and on power up the plc will load from the sd card. I have never done it this way, but I would suspect you should do a backup save while online. just copy the program from cpu before you do this
  9. what ports do you have on the m221? Ethernet?  I have recently just played around with node red and modtcp/ip and a m340. I could read and write to the m340 via node red.  From node red you can send the data to whatever you want (Well mostly) If the m221 has ethernet you can also use the mdtcp/ip node and collect the data from the m221
  10. Ok my bad then. Machine expert is the latest version of somachine so I thought the same would apply but they obviously incorporated this hmi into it. Its just that in my stand alone vijeo designer I cant get that model.....anyways will dig around a bit more
  11. I dont understand how you can use vijeo designer for a HMIG3U. I thought you can only use Vijeo XD or Ecostructure Opertator terminal expert for that type of screen As stated in this Schneider FAQ Can SoMachine controller communicate to a HMI program with Vijeo XD V3.0 Published date: 15 November 2018   Issue: How do I setup communication between the Controller and HMI and link the variables. Product Line: M238, M241, M251, M258  HMIGTO, HMIG3U Environment: SoMachine V4.3 Vijeo XD 3.0 Resolution: Vijeo XD V3.0 is not integrated with SoMachine V4.3 You have to create a separate SoMachine application for the M251 controller and a separate Vijeo XD V3.0 application for the Magelis HMI. In Vijeo XD, use the SoMachine Network driver under Schneider Electric.  Copy the Node name from the SoMachine application. Create a symbol link and browse for the application name XML file to import the tags from SoMachine to Vijeo XD.  This file is created during a download in SoMachine.
  12. Configure Modbus

    Normal Modbus Rs485 is a serial communication and doesn't use IP addresses. You will use read and write_var function blocks to handle te communication on the Unity side. Get the ATS48 modbus manual to see to which registers on the ATS48 you have to write to control and from which registers to read to get status and readings
  13. you need to change the time base of the timer to seconds. Then you must use operation blocks and do calculations to to convert to minutes and display that calculated value
  14. You should be able to use the read_var function block to read variables from the different meters Have a look at the following thread