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  1. Control Net Problem

    There has to be a message block in one of the two processors. Either the PLC-5 is reading, or the CLX is writing.  Since when the PLC-5 was in it's prime, CLX's did not exist, it is easier to configure a write to a PLC-5. In the CLX program, open the controller tags, there is a column for data type, double click on it and it will sort by data type, then look for a MSG. Then, if you find a MSG, highlight the row, then right click and select cross reference to find where it's located in the logic.  
  2. Help improving a product

    In today's market, all the big boys use NetSuite or SAP, you need built in hooks for those to compete with other middleware companies.  Plus your market is not going to be PLC/DCS programmers, your target is bean counters, and you should mention  to them that it integrates with most control systems via OPC.  They will not know what that means, but maybe they will ask the local control people.
  3. 1783-NATR Modbus TCP

    Bob, I think you meant 502, that is the Modbus default port.
  4. Stratix 5700 parameters problems

    Ports Lose Connection when Connecting or Disconnecting Device on Stratix Switch 5400/5700/8000/8300: Changing Spanning-Tree Mode
  5. Stratix 5700 parameters problems

    I believe, by default, the switches freeze all traffic upon detection of a new connection. This is supposed to prevent issues caused by duplicate IP addresses. So...even though you are not using them as managed switches, you need to turn this feature off. . Assuming all 3 switches are networked together, when one unit is powered down, then up, the other connected switches freeze traffic for a few seconds. 
  6. If you run in manual via the HIM, does the speed go to setpoint?
  7. At my last employer we did several APACS to Siemens PCS7 migrations.  ( I can give you contact information if you need it.) Siemens migrations allows you to keep the existing MTA's (Marshalling Termination Assembly).  But...sooner or later those MTA's are going to die a slow death too. But...We had a couple of customers that said  Siemens left a bad taste in their mouth. One went to Control Logix, and the other one Delta-V, had to rewire everything.   Siemens bought Moore around 2000 or so, and stopped parts production in the last couple of years. Many folks are now looking to migrate.     
  8. MPI Connection problem

    Does it matter if the termination resistor is on or off?  Have you tried another cable?
  9. communication of hmi and plc

    WinCC Basic supports an Ethernet/IP channel, so it can easily communicate with various Rockwell PLCs. What version of WinCC are you using?
  10. PCMCIA Card (CP5512)

    These folks have an adaptor that may work for you.
  11. Encountering my first Siemens PLC

    The 414 was the smallest version I think. We are running 417's and 410's at my current employer. But we are using them with PCS7, not your plain Step-7. If they were programmed in Europe, good chance it's all Statement List (think Machine language). If in the USA usually mostly ladder with a few function blocks.  We do have a LOT of S7-300's running around here, most have been migrated to TIA porta, but some are still at Step-7 classis.  Bob, do you have a PC with a Siemens comm card in it? OR is it a Siemens PG (Siemens laptop for programming, has Profibus port built in)? Based on the age, there is a good change the 443-1 comm card communicates with the program PC/laptop using ISO, not tcp/ip. ISO is a Siemens protocol that communicates over ethernet, but uses MAC addresses.   The last/latest version of Step-7 classic is 5.6, but 5.5 was around for a long time.    If you get on line, we can talk about Object Blocks (OB's) the difference between Functions and Function Blocks. And you will get you first exposure to Data Blocks. Siemens is different, but allows a lot of customization, you can do almost anything with them, but they do not have as many built in instructions as the newer CLX's do. Also, for standard machine control, with mostly discrete inputs/outputs and logic. The Siemens units are much faster than the PLC-5's.   Edit: Almost forgot, the S7-400's have an accumulator, so anytime you read or write data to another device, the bytes are swapped.   Also all addressing is in Bytes.  
  12. industrial surplus

    Do you have a profibus cable tester?
  13. Depends on the size of the system. How many stations, how many plc's?
  14. PLC-5 BTR setup screen for manalog input module

    You are on the right track. Way back when... there wasn't any setup screens. You read the manual, and typed in the configuration to various words of the Block Transfer. Later, Rockwell made the software nicer and added the software setup screens, and gave you the ability to add the ladder logic. So..if you have an older application that was written before the software enhancements, good chance the hardware  configuration was never setup.     I have never did one on the fly, but I think you should be able to do it. Just make sure you enter in the information exactly like it is listed in the Block Transfer.