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  1. SCADA (Oil Pipeline) Support Needed.

    I, 2nd ignition. 
  2. I have used the Rockwell clock tool with PLC5/25's through a ethernetIP/DataHwy Bridge, so Micrologix should be a piece of cake. I used a one hour update and the PLC-5's via the gateway were off about 200 milliseconds, close enough for my task.   BTW, I find the tool works best on a server class machine, it does not run as a service, so you can't log off and have it work, on a standard PC. 
  3. Slow Dell Laptop

    Many many years ago, I wanted a 286 luggable to program plc's. Management said no new computers. The desktops are all we need. So....I had the vendor quote me a PLC programmer, management approved.   If you can get funds for parts, and pieces, maybe you can get a new programming device. 
  4. Siemens TiSoft Dos version

    Hi Manez, None of the TiSoft versions worked via ethernet, serial only.  While ethernet card were developed in the 90's, the software was never updated.  A third party has developed software that runs on Windows and can use the ethernet port.
  5. Error PLC S7-300

    Check the backplane connectors
  6. Connection between S7-1200 1212 and 1214.

    What is the firmware of your CPU's? Are you creating a Multiproject, with both CPU's in the same project? Have you enabled S7 communication to the CPU? Enable S7 communication to the CPU With the S7-1200, enable S7 communication to the CPU in the CP. In order to release the function of S7 communication with the assigned CPU and the S7 routing. If you configure an S7 connection that runs via the CP of the S7-1200, then you have to activate this option. 1. In the Device view or Network view of the “Devices & networks” editor you mark the CP in the S7-1200. 2. In the "General" tab, under "Communication types" you enable the "Enable S7 communication to the CPU.     Also, in your DB's that you use for communication, make sure you disable "Optimized block access"
  7. reverse PID action

    Sounds like instead of inverting the action, you inverted the output, your loop is now set up to control a fail open valve instead of a fail closed valve. Not sure about the Cont_C block, but in other Siemens platforms, setting the gain to a negative value inverts the control action, (direct or reverse).
  8. CCW V13.0

    I am still on version 12, I would try re-installing.

    Highlight the Omron DP symbol, usually when you add these type devices, you assign them memory addresses. Then you just use the addresses in your logic. The DP master takes care of the send/receive logic. The manual for the Omron I/O should have the I/O mapping you will need.
  10. I recommend you spend the money and purchase two CP-443-1 modules. I see you are using CP1613 cards in your server, which implies you are using Siemens ISO for communications, not sure how well this plays with other *TCP protocols.  I know Siemens does not support Modbus and ISO mixtures.
  11. CPU 315-2PN/DP for Software Redundancy

    Sorry, no help. I have never encountered Redundant S7-300's anywhere. Not sure it was ever supported. I know S7-400's were/still are supported, but they use special redundancy modules mounted on the CPU's. In the PCS7 world, you have to start your project as redundant, you cannot "convert" an existing simplex system to duplex controllers.  You can do a simple experiment, in Simatic manager, see if you can start a new redundant project with S7-300 controllers.
  12. Need help with s7-300 and omron NX102 communication

    It means you will have a PC in the middle, may not be the most reliable solution.
  13. Yep, I think I got that same response.
  14. PCS7 remote access options?

    Contact your Siemens person. Siemens has webserver package (Called Web Navigator), that you can setup via a firewall on a stand alone machine and allow your business people to view the process. Our business users have read only access. Siemens also has a historian and information server package that can use historical data to produce reports and such.  
  15. Bob, I did an upgrade like yours a few years ago. The application manager was not added until a later version.  I had to do it piece by piece, one server at a time.   There are a couple of gotcha's with VB scripting also.