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  1. NQ HMI and C200HE

    Hi! I'm integrating one of our machines into an old line with plc C200HE. I have on my machine CP1H and NQ HMI comunicating though NT-Link. I need to get the current recipe from the line to make a recipe synchronization. I saw that NQ has a second port that I can configure with Hostlink. Then I have to choose one PLC type. What type should I choose, because none of the C200H series appears in the list? I think I can choose CQM1H which is the closest like memory map. I really need another opinion. Regards, Sorin.
  2. Omron CPM2A serial communication failure

    Hi! I've done this couple of years ago. I was using 2 barcode readers and a CPM2A on both communication ports. Your cable is ok. The comm switch (yellow) should be off. I've attached the program. Just look at the settings and for RXD instruction. Sorry for coments, they are not in english. Sorin. inspectie coduri final Rev
  3. File memory instructions on CP1H

    Hi everyone! I need to integrate a CP1H into a enterprise network for production reporting. I've done it before with CJ1M, ETN21 and memory card. I was saving reports on memory card and then the database software on the server uploaded these reports using FTP. Now I have to do it with CP1H. Since this one dosn't have memory card I am thinking of using the 64KW file memory instead. I've tried to get some info about it, but it seems there is a lack in the manuals. I do not find any info on FWRIT(701) and FREAD(700) in the W451-E1-03 CP series programming manual, but in CX-Programmer shows that these functions are supported on this CPU. Does anyone worked around this? Otherwise I need to find another solution, maybe using OPC or FINS/TCP, but working on a enterprise server is scarry me. Regards, Sorin.
  4. Makeing a retentive counter with 1Count 24V 100kHz ET200S module

    Thanks for advice! Now I am using one power supply for CPU and ET200S instead of PS307 and auxiliary 24V P.S. But I had the same issue. The date was retained at power up, counter initialized correctly, but when I activated the software gate all counters were going to zero. Then I have looked in module parameters and found this parameter "Gate function" = Cancel counting procedure. Step 7 help on "gate function" parameter: So, I've changed to "interrupt counting procedure" and the counter remain unchanged when I am activate software gate. Regards, Sorin.
  5. Hi! I am working on a project involving six counting modules 1Count 24V mounted into a ET200S rack with S7-300 master. The counters get pulses from relative encoders for monitoring rotary position. I need to maintain counters values during power off and these counter modules don't do that. I have created FB for reading/writing values from/to module but I do not know how to save counters values at power off. I've tried to copy the counters values to a retentive DB each cycle, but after restart the DB data is all zero. In OB100 I have programmed an intialization routine of the counters with the saved DB. After initialization I enable again the transfer from counters to DB. Any ideas how to make it work? Regards, Sorin
  6. NT3S Touch terminal

    Hi! for those who are using NT2S and have newly discovered the NT3S, I really want to recommend upgrading these units with at least NT21 or NS5-MQ because they are low quality products. I know that the NS5 is far more expensive than these low-cost units, but in contrast, you can get NT21 at the NT3S price + aprox. 100 Eur. With NT21, you will have bigger screen and functionality and the 10 year MTFB guaranteed by Omron. Also, NT21 has multivendor support as the NT3S, but cant support inverters and other devices, except for PLC. To use the latest functions of the NT series you will need NTST 4.71. I'd rather use NT21, even though it's more expensive. (Also see a similar product with NT3S: GT01 from MEW (Matsushoota Electric Works) good quality, less money) Bye.
  7. 3g3rv-p10st8 Communication problem

    The aplication is a pump sequencer and the inverter output is separated from the motors by mean of magnetic contactors. I have no ideea how to screen these wires. Reducing the carier frequency is a good ideea... Regarding the AC/DC reactors, I am sorry but they are not available at Omron in Romania. Sorry... Anyway, thanks for the advices. It will help me a lot!
  8. 3g3rv-p10st8 Communication problem

    Hi! I am trying to solve a simple problem: how to eliminate the noise produced by a CIMR-F7 inverter on the serial connections of the plc option board 3g3rv-p10st8-e. On the RS232 port I am using a NT2S-SF121 with a custom serial cable (RS232) and on the peripheral/RS422 port there is a RS422 connection with a SCADA program. The SCADA transmision type is RS422 and converted back to RS232 using a serial convetor Omron K3SC-10. When the inverter (22kW) is stoped, everything is working just fine. When the inverter is started the comm. with the NT2S is stopped and the scada is giving time-out messages and then restore the connection. All the components are earthned properly, all the cables are screened and connected at one end to PE. The NT2S cable is 1m long and the scada boudrate is 9600bps. The RS422 link is terminated with 120Ohm/1/2W resistors and the distance is 50m (aprox. 150feet). The only one thing that I didn't do is that I did not use input and output filters at all. What else should I do? Ferite breads, filters............... change the solution? Please help me!

    Hi! The -FLK termination means that E5_N has factory default the RS485 board inside. You can use without any problems the RS485 option board with E5CN. Do not use CJ1W-CIF11 with NS. Try to use NS-AL002 if the RS485 network distance is grater than 50m. Regards!
  10. Modbus Master With C200hg

    Hi! you can use a communication option board C200HW-COM03-V1 which has to be inserted in the option slot of the CPU (C200HG-CPU33 to 63). This board has a RS422/485 port that can be programmed with the CX-Protocol software. The board has multiple protocols, including a Protocol Macro function. By defining your own protocol you can emulate a Modbus master function. In Cx-Protocol you must to setup the port to Macro protocol mode, with the Gefrans's controller parameters (boud speed, data bits, parity, etc). Then, you will create a protocol with some transmision/reception messages which have to be called by a comm. sequence (the sequence has a number). After you created the protocol you must download it in the PLC. In the PLC program, the comm. sequence is called using the PMCR instruction, having the sequence number and data pointers for transmission and reception data areas as parameters. The data transmited/received to/from controller is vehiculated throu the data areas pointed by PMCR instruction. You must be carefull using the comm. board flags (Macro execution in progress, macro function abort, end of macro execution). The data from the receive buffer must be used just after "end of macro execution" flag is ON. Otherwise, you will get some junk data. I can send you some example of PLC program and Modbus RTU master protocol for CJ1 PLC's by Monday. Regards, Sorin.
  11. Help For S3d-8 Sensor Controller

    Hi everybody!! I need some documentation for S3D-8 sensor controller in order to make some modifications of the program. I also have a programming console S3D-P. Thanks, Sorin.
  12. Sample Pid Program

    Hi! I looked over your program and I've made some modifications. First of all, all the PV, SV, MV of the PID controller are binary values (ie. UINT). You have selected 12 bit PID range for input and output, so the values are from &0 to &4096. The analog I/O of CJ1/CS1 are also 12 bit, but the actually range is smaller (ie &0..&4000), allowing you to override the 4..20mA input span. So each analog I/O have to be scaled to the new range. Other mistake that you did, was the use of BCD data instead of binary (for ex. you used BCD data for PV and SV values). The PID output is at maximum value because the loop is not tuned. You can start by setting P=10, I=9999 and D=0. In this way you can see some changes in output without autotunning, just modifying the SV. I am sorry, but I have no time for the instance to modify the code I sent to you to suit your application. Kind regards, Sorin. PID.cxp
  13. Sample Pid Program

    Hi! here is a sample of a heating PID loop with autotunng of CJ1M-CPU11. Enjoy! Regards, Sorin. Exemplu_PID_Eng..cxp
  14. Hi! I'm new in Modicon PLS's. In this group are also treated the Schneider Electric's Telemecanique brand name PLS's problems? If yes, please help me with a PL7-2 DOS software for download the code from an old TSX 27 20, "serie 7", Telemecanique brand. Thanks, Sorin.